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Needed: Mentoring Scheme Project Coordinator: An idea arising from a recent meeting of our Advanced Clinical Discussions: Kink group (which is a termly consultation and supervision group for Kink-oriented therapists) was concern for the isolation experienced by many trainee therapists being the lone 'queer' on the course (I'm using queer here as a generic for LGBTIQQA and others who might identify as having Alternative Sexualities: kinky therapists, those in non-monogamous relationships, people who identify as asexual). Basically, those who feel outside the hegemony of heteronormativity and whom we've come to define as Gender and Sex Diversities.


We discussed a mentoring scheme whereby an experienced therapist would volunteer to offer time and support for a therapist in training, as a sounding board and collaborator in their mutual professional development. We anticipate Mentors will learn as much from the experience as their mentees. This is an idea we're taking from the Association for Black Counsellors who have been running such a scheme for a few years now.


We would try to match, where possible, people of similar gender and sexual Identities. Depending on human resources.


To progress this project, we need a coordinator, as this isn't something Dominic can take on in addition to everything else he does.  If someone has a tidy mind and a few hours a month to dedicate to such a project, please get in touch.  


When we have a coordinator, THEY can solicit and recruit mentors. So please don't volunteer yourself as a mentor yet!  This is a role open to anyone with good admin Skills.  You would do this from home and just need to be computer literate.  Just email Dominic with some information about yourself. 

European Diversity Awards

As promised, a photograph of Leah Davidson and Dominic Davies attending and looking fabulous at this year's European Diversity Awards at the Natural History Museum where Pink Therapy had been shortlisted for European Community Project of the year.  


West End Women and Girls Centre (based in Newcastle) won the award and their Director, Hufty took the opportunity to remind the very well turned out audience that her project has an allotment because many of their members don't have enough money to feed their families.  An salutary point to be made amidst such decadence and affluence where guest tickets to attend the event were 600.

PT offers accreditation schemes
(standard and advanced) for therapists who have developed knowledge and skills relating to Sexual Diversities. It could help boost your professional credibility with potential clients.  Click here for more.  

For those who are delivering CPD on Gender and Sexual Diversities, we're also offering a CPD Endorsement scheme which might boost credibility and help with recruitment.  Contact Dominic for further details.
USBAre you interested in increasing your knowledge about gender and sexual diversities?  Are you undertaking a project for your college course, or wanting policy documents to improve service provision?   We have extensively updated our USBs! A huge amount of information avaliable. Order: just click here 

 25 incl p&p

Editorial Nov 2014
Hello all!

It's been a month of recognition and with Pink Therapy's attendance at the European Diversity Awards which was opulence, grandeur and spectacle (see picture) plus a delight for me to be invited to attend the newly renamed Rainbow List party (formerly the Independent on Sunday's Pink List) which is becoming more diverse as the years go by, I feel that Pink Therapy is getting the recognition we need to grow.  I am really looking forward to seeing how diverse when the new Rainbow List is published at the end of November and I made several nominations of unsung heroes and heroines.

In terms of recognition I also want to congratulate to London Friend for winning the LGBT Community Organisation Award for LGBT at the National Diversity Awards.  

We're also seeing gender diversity being recognised and it's really brilliant to see Stonewall under the new leadership of Ruth Hunt beginning to reach out to the trans* communities to ask how they can bring their campaigning and research expertise to raise the issue of gender variance.  They've not yet got as far as updating their website or campaign goals for 2014/15 but they are having consultation meetings around the UK and have already begun a Tee shirt campaign updating their famous slogan to Some People Are Trans Get Over It!   

Speaking of trans projects worth supporting, two projects have just appealed for small amounts of money  Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl? is aiming to raise money to print a children's book around gender identity.  Check out the link for a kickstarter video.  They will make the small amount they need, but more might mean they can print a larger run and get this book out across the UK!  The second project is a community group to support trans men which started via Facebook.  Again help if you can.

Finally, hold the date for our next conference on Saturday 21st March.  This time the theme will be Alternative Sexualities which emerged from the evaluations of our very successful two day conference on Trans Issues last April.

Dominic Davies - Founder/Director


Advising Europe

We have just heard that Dominic has been invited to a meeting to advise the Council of Europe on Conversion Therapy! 

The Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, has a meeting in Paris on 3 December 2014, where they are planning to hold a hearing on "Gay to straight conversion therapy and regulation of psychotherapists.


It's good that Pink Therapy's expertise is being recognised in this way and the work we've been doing with UKCP and other therapy bodies on this issue will be able to influence European policy.

You're needed!

Gender clinic/travel cost effectiveness survey: UK Trans Info are looking for people that are attending or have recently attended a gender identity clinic in England to answer a very quick 5 minute survey regarding traveling to appointments and claiming back travel costs. This survey will close on 20th November 2014. All responses are completely anonymous.

This survey will provide evidence surrounding the effectiveness of gender clinic procedures for claiming travel costs. Please complete the survey even if you are not eligible to claim.

Pink Therapy Events
Developing of the self - reaching
There are seven modules in this course, you can do one or all modules The dates are: Sep 20/21; 27; 28; Nov 22; 23; Jan 24; 25.  The workshops are CPD endorsed by COSRT. 
Prepares therapists to work with a range of different sexualities. An Introduction to Psychosexual Therapy with Gender and Sexual Diversity Clients; An Introduction to BDSM/Kink; MSM Chem Sex; a Desire weekend: Working with gay/bisexual male sexual compulsivity and Asexuality and one on Understanding Polyamory and non-monogamies and another on Bisexuality.
Nov 27, 2014 120

The use of drugs to facilitate sex by gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men ('ChemSex') has become a concerning Public Health issue - it can also be a challenging issue for therapists. This course educates the harms,referral pathways and intervention/therapeutic techniques as well as safer sex/drug use practicalities. Therapists can also explore their own concerns. Course led by David Stuart. 

Nov 22, 2014, 120

BDSM (bondage and discipline, domination and submission and sadomasochism) is perhaps the most demonized form of consensual sexuality, still criminalized in the UK and pathologised as a 'paraphilia' in the DSM. Much training material for therapists and counsellors still perpetuates negative myths about BDSM practices, despite lack of evidence.


This workshop encourages participants to reflect on their own belief systems around BDSM. It examines the variety of 'kinky' practices, drawing on person-centred approaches to consider the multiple meanings these may have for clients. Common myths around BDSM are challenged and the most up-to-date research on BDSM presented. Attendees consider various case-studies to think about how they might work with kinky/BDSM clients, including those whose identity/practice is unrelated to their presenting problem. Relationships between BDSM and self-harming practices will also be explored.

Jan 24, 2015, 120

Gay men are sometimes concerned about their sex lives being out of control. In this workshop, we will offer some new ways of thinking about sexual compulsivity. We will explore how you can integrate some of these new concepts into your own therapeutic model. The seminar will be both didactic and experiential with opportunities to explore client and personal material.  The workshop is open to therapists of all genders and sexual identities.

Jan 17, 18, 2015 220

Although perceptions around the importance of youth in gays and lesbians have changed considerably in recent years - fear and anxiety about getting older remains for many of our clients (and therapists too). This workshop is intended to explore these issues personally and how we, as therapists, transmit this mature culture through the work with our clients.  

External Events
Loving Men at New Year '14

Bookings are already coming in for Loving Men's event at Buckland Hall, Wales.As well as the usual Loving Men mix of warmth, connection, and good company, there'll be a range of stimulating workshops to make you think, stretch and laugh. The theme this year is "If your life is a journey, who's in the driving seat?". Buckland Hall is set in the Brecon Beacons, with log fires, cuddly sofas, lovely ensuite bedrooms and wonderful food.

Click here for more info. Don't forget the Bursary Fund if funds are low.

Dennis, Tim and Alfred
The Loving Men Team
Alignment Workshop by Will Pike
29th of November, 10am-2pm; The Peel Centre, Percy Circus, WC1X 9EY

True health and fulfillment come from aligning our life with our own inner wisdom. Life and health mentor Will Pike invites you to reconnect with your body's intelligence and your heart's intuition, to get clarity on your current life situation and receive guidance towards the life you really love. The workshops for gay men combines elements of embodiment, 5 rhythms, movement and intuitive processes. For more info or to book, email 30 Low-waged / 40 Medium-waged / 50 High-waged
Edward Carpenter Community: Make the Yuletide Gay
December 20 - 27 2014, Christmas at Kench Hill, near Tenterden in Kent

"To give men a chance to spend the midwinter/Christmas week away from the ballyhoo that is the modern Christmas. We are aware that some may want a quiet, reflective space; others may want to celebrate or at least commemorate the season in their own sweet way; and others may think that Christmas is a lot of humbug. We will aim to accommodate these different priorities for the week. We have exclusive use of the Kench Hill Centre, a comfortable venue set in a rural location."

You can access the full details here.
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