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News Blast July 30, 2015


 Council Wide Announcements & Calendar 

Sagamore Council 4th Annual
Distinguished Citizen Award Dinner

Tuesday, August 18, 2015
Dinner at 6:30 PM
Elite Banquet & Conference Center - Kokomo 

Sagamore Council Boy Scouts of America will hold its fourth annual Distinguished Citizens Dinner on Tuesday, August 18th at the Elite Banquet & Conference Center in Kokomo, Indiana. We will gather at 6:00 PM and dinner will begin at 6:30 PM. This year we are saluting Mr. Bob Hingst, an Eagle Scout and business owner in Kokomo.

The Distinguished Citizen Award is presented annually to honor an individual who has practiced selfless and tireless acts of service to this community. This individual must have shown qualities of leadership, dedication, and a willingness to improve the quality of life among his peers, neighbors, coworkers, and citizens of Howard County. Past recipients include E.P Severns, Rex Gingerich, Don Button, and Mike Stegall.

Reservations are available via phone at (765) 452-8253 or email Sherry Brady. The cost is $50 per person or $375 for a table of eight. Other levels of sponsorship opportunities are available; contact Sheryl Brady for more details. Seating is limited. Reservation deadline is Monday, August 3, 2015.

Sagamore Council
2015 Sporting Clay Benefit Shoot

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Izaak Walton League - Kokomo, IN

Come join the fun and safety on the ranges to help support the thousands of youth served annually in 16 north central Indiana counties. Shooting runs from 9:30 to noon; then after lunch there will be an auction of some fine items and a bucket auction as well. Contact Sagamore Council at 765-452-8253 for more details and pricing.

Shooting for Youth Education
Saturday, August 29, 2015 @ 2:00 PM
Camp Buffalo

Sporting Clays Shoot Open to Anyone
Fee: $50.00 per person
10 Stations 50 Bird Sporting Clays Course & Dinner  

Auction following meal 

Trap Shoot
25 shots /Ammo Provided - $20

Dinner & Auction Only
$20 fee- dinner at 5:00 PM


Open to anyone 11 years and older. Cash prizes paid for top three shooters. Bring your shotgun and shells for sporting clays. Youth 11-18 must be a member of BSA or 4-H and accompanied by a participating adult. No membership requirements for shooters 18 & over. There will be a special scoring and awards for Boy Scout Father & Son teams. All proceeds to support Camp Buffalo.  Advanced registration preferred. Please call the Scout Office at
800-844-0537 to sign-up.


August 27th Fall Recruitment Night

As announced at recent Roundtables, the Fall Recruitment Plan, a one-night recruitment, will be on Thursday, August 27th at all elementary schools in the council. The purpose of the one-night recruitment is to maximize the benefits of marketing resources.  We will be partnering with our neighbors to the south, Crossroads of America Council, and television and radio ads about Scouting and Recruitment Night will help spread the news and generate excitement.

As we go through the summer months, Cub Scout Packs need to accomplish the following in order to maximize their efforts and have a successful "Join Scouting Night."

1.  Select a Parent Orientation Night the Week of August 31st- September 4th, 2015. 

2.  Work with your Cub Pack Leadership over the Summer to develop and publish (for your unit):
     a.  Detailed Budget
     b.  Program Calendar
     c.  Leadership contact roster

Great Upcoming Council Events


There are many fun filled events coming up this fall. Please mark your calendars and watch for emails blasts of the event flyers.


August 29, 2015 - Shoot for Youth Sporting Clay Shoot & Auction


September 25-27, 2015 - Council Fall Camporee


October 16-18, 2015 - Webelos Meet the Troops weekend


October 23-24, 2015 - Cub Haunted Weekend Session 1


October 24-25, 2015 - Cub Haunted Weekend Session 2


November 14, 2015 - University of Scouting, Fall Semester   

Attention All Webelos Leaders!

The Trading Post at Kokomo still has Webelos awards in stock for those packs who have chosen to finish out their Cub Scout program with the old program. If we run out here, we will order from National as needed until they run out. Please keep this under consideration when planning for your awards program. It takes approximately a week to 10 days to get advancement awards back in stock when ordering from National.

In the World of Advancement


We would like to thank everyone who made our Summer Camps possible and successful--Day Camps, Boy Scout Resident Camp, Adventure Camp, and the Mom and Me Camp. As we wind down from this exciting time and remember all the fun we had and the memories that have been made, please remember to turn in the Advancements made by all of our Scouts. Even if your Unit is not going to have a Pack Meeting or a Court of Honor for a few months, now is a good time to review the summer achievements of our Scouts and turn in an Advancement Report, paper form or electronic. If you have any questions feel free to contact Tim Tully, Sagamore Council Advancement Chair.    


Opportunities for Service


With the National Day of Service coming up on September 11, we have a program in which our Scouts and Scouters can participate. This new program is called Soles 4 Souls. We will be collecting old used shoes for charity. They rebuild these shoes and give them to people in third world countries that cannot afford shoes. Please watch for information in upcoming email blasts.


If your Unit participated in the Scouting for Food and has not filled out the final report, please do so at your earliest convenience. Feel free to contact Doug Whitham, Sagamore Council Civic Service Chairman, with any questions.  


Working at Camp is more than Fun 


There are several projects to be done at our Camps. The Property Committee has set 2 work days for this fall. These are open to anyone: Scout, Scouter or any volunteer who loves Scouting. You can come for the day or your Unit can come and camp for the weekend. The dates are:


*Cary Camp Work-Day Saturday, September 19th - 8 AM to 4 PM


*Camp Buffalo Work-Day Saturday, October 3rd -  8 AM to 4 PM


Lunch will be provided at both workdays. Contact Mark Hildebrandt, Sagamore Council Property Chair with any questions. Units planning on camping overnight,  contact Chas Triplett


National Jamboree


Yes, it is Jamboree time again. The National Jamboree will be in 2017, just 2 years away. We are making preparations currently and will have sign up information out in the next month or two. Start making plans to register. This is a great Scouting life memory. Encourage your boys to attend.

Marketing Minute

Hard to believe that summer is almost over! In a few weeks we'll be hosting our council-wide recruitment night (August 27th in case you missed the memo). To get the word out now, please contact your district executive to get a hold of some great marketing materials including yard signs, book marks, door hangers, post cards, and more. You can use the labels on the council website here or find one you can download and customize here to stick on distribution items as well.


While you are recruiting Scouts, make sure you recruit a marketing/public relations person for your unit. Why? Why not! Parents are taking pictures of their sons anyway, so why not have them go one more step and send that photo and a paragraph to your local newspaper. Let's share Scouting's story with others and let them know how and why we have one of the BEST youth serving organizations in existence!


Meanwhile, the council marketing committee has had some success in our outreach.  Check out these two stories that the national BSA newsroom picked up from Sagamore Council:


High School Applauds 7 Eagle Scouts with Big Community Spotlight

How This Council is Integrating Marketing and Recruiting for All to See


Lastly, share your unit's success stories or camp fun stories with us on our Facebook page or by emailing them to  We love sharing our good news. 


Unit Support - Help is Available

All district program kick-offs have taken place, so it is time to plan and budget your program year so you know how many dollars you need  to earn to support your unit's Year of Scouting!  Any unit with questions about this activity may contact Sherry Brady via email or at 765-480-4630 to schedule an appointment to receive assistance.

Pre-Season Popcorn Sale Planning 

Our Popcorn Committee has been making calls trying to obtain a commitment form for the upcoming 2015 popcorn sale.  The completed commitment forms can be emailed to Sherry, faxed or mailed to Council. (765-459-5625 or PO BOX 865, Kokomo IN 46903)  Please get those completed and submitted by July 31st so we know to continue to send communications.  (All unit leaders will remain in eblast communication unless they "opt" out.)


The Show and Sell orders will be due to the Council by Friday, August 14th so we need to know if your unit is participating in order to continue to receive communications regarding the popcorn sale.  Please review the package options  here.  You are able to order multiple package options and additional popcorn will be available depending on inventory supply.  Please email your package order to Sherry by Friday, August 14th, 5:00 PM. 


Show and Sell Package Options 


If your unit is looking for a NO RISK fundraiser, then Show and Sell popcorn is the fundraiser for you.  Check out the package options to determine what best fits the needs of your unit sale and Sell, Sell, Sell!  Set up show and sell booths and canvas the neighborhood(s) as a unit doing show and deliver.  Your unit has the option to return any unopened, non-damaged containers to council by Friday, October 9th. The monies will all be due Friday, December 4th for both show and sell and take order so no risk up front to the unit!


Your unit's show and sell popcorn will be picked up at your District Popcorn Kick Off.



North Star - Tuesday, September 8th, 7:30 PM, Camp Buffalo


Peshewa - Wednesday, September 9th, 7:00 PM, Greentown Fairgrounds


Wabash Valley - Thursday, September 10th, 7:00 PM, Cary Camp


If your unit still has not designated a kernel, try using the Family Talent Survey to identify your parents' skill sets, engage a new parent or two.  Does your unit have an issue finding parents to step up and help fill this role?


"Ignite the spark of "Scouting" into your families and communities


Involve your families and Scouts in your program planning.  Ask the parents what they would like to see their Scout do or accomplish. Ask your Scouts what they would like to participate in, then begin to establish your  program plan and the budget.  Share that with your families, show them everything they and their Scout will get over the next year with the proceeds of popcorn. 

Studies have shown that the average time spent selling is 7-9 days of the 30 day sale period.  Excite them with a program they want to invest 10 days a year to finance! 


Your unit needs to incentivize your Scouts on a unit level also.  Implement a highest seller award, or 1st - 3rd highest or maybe incentivize each Scout by investing a percentage of their individual sales into a Scout account within the unit.


If your unit collects registration fees and unit camping registration fees along with other unit/district/council activities fees, then you need to sell popcorn in order to provide an affordable exciting program with no extra fees as long as they are invested in Popcorn Sales. The program you set should award your Scouts and their families the opportunity to experience many "first" experiences while they earn ranks and achievements that are academic, civic and sports related.  The Scouts learn to live the Scout Oath and Law all while teaching them self-worth, teamwork and leadership skills that will carry them into adulthood.


Once they see the program plan that has activities from their feedback and if they invest just 10 days selling "Popcorn to support Scouting," they can have a full expense-paid program.


If your unit needs help planning, presenting and getting your parents on board, contact Sherry and the popcorn committee can get scheduled to meet with your families about Popcorn and what needs to happen to be successful! 


Important Changes to Recharter Process

Effective January 1, 2015, the National BSA organization has been implementing a new Recharter Policy. A unit that has not renewed its Charter by the due date will be considered "separated" and immediately dropped from BSA's membership registration. There will no longer be a 60-day lapse period for units that do not renew their Charter on time.

Volunteers will retain access to MyScouting, MyScouting tools, Internet Rechartering and Internet Advancement for only 30 days after their unit has expired and become separated. Your assistance is required in preparing for this annual Renewal/Recharter Process change.

Our window of opportunity for rechartering will open on October 1st, 2015.  You will receive your access code from our Registrar, Laura Stanifer, by that time.  If you do not receive your access code via e-mail by October 1st, please contact your District Executive.

Tour and Activity Plans

Tour and Activity plans are very important.  They ensure that proper planning has been done for any adventures that your unit is preparing to undertake.  We are here to support your adventures!

2015 Camp Opportunities:
(Registration is via CampMaster website.)

Cub Haunted Weekend

Session 1:
October 23 & 24, 2015
Cary Camp
Session 2:
October 24 & 24, 2015
Cary Camp


                    AUGUST 2015
Cub Scout Leader Training - 9:30 AM - West Lafayette
Cub Scout Leader Training - 6:30 PM - West Lafayette
Property Committee Meeting - 7 PM - Cary Camp
Popcorn Show & Sell Orders Due to Council
14 - 16
OA Fall Ordeal - Camp Buffalo
Executive Board Meeting - 6:30 PM - Cary Camp
Distinguished Citizen Award Dinner - 6:00 PM - Kokomo
Commissioners Meeting - 6 PM - Cary Camp
Cub Scout Recruitment Night at Elementary Schools
Kokomo Sporting Clay Benefit Shoot - 8:15 AM Registration - Izaak Walton League, Kokomo

Shoot for Youth Event - Camp Buffalo - 2 PM
Aug. 31 - Sept. 3

Distribution of Show & Sell Popcorn Orders to Units


                    SEPTEMBER 2015
Property Committee Meeting - 7 PM - Cary Camp
LABOR DAY - Trading Post & Hingst Service Center Closed

Soles 4 Souls
Popcorn Sales Begin
Finance Committee Meeting - Hingst Service Center
Program Committee Meeting - 7:00 PM - Cary Camp
Executive Committee Meeting - 7:00 PM - Hingst Service Center
Commissioners Meeting - 6 PM - Cary Camp
25 - 27
Fall Camporee - Fair Oaks Farm



View Full Council Google Calendar


(The Council Google calendar includes both council and district events, meetings and roundtables in addition to Council events.)   


Applications for Financial Assistance

for Needy Scouts


Applications for Financial Assistance with membership registration fees for Needy Scouts should be filled out, signed by both parent and leader, and submitted to the council.  Scouts who request assistance for a uniform shirt will not be awarded this until they have received their first rank and this information as been turned in to the office. 



General information about Applications for Financial Assistance for Needy Scouts.    



 Wabash Valley District Announcements



Wabash Valley District Contacts:


    District Team Lead - Dylan Melling  765-639-4398

    District Executive - Mitchell Ahnert  765-469-3197 

    District Commissioner - Dirk Hilt  765-418-6278

    District Chairman - Mike Boebinger  217-313-7688  


Wabash Valley serves Benton, Carroll, Tippecanoe,

Warren & Northern Fountain Counties 


Eagle Scout Board of Review 

Boy Scout Leaders, please be sure to let your youth know that their entire packet must be turned in and completed 8 days prior to attending their Eagle Scout Board of Review. This is critical because it allows everything submitted to be reviewed before the Board, and allows for us to get copies of the packet to the members hosting the Board of Review. For example, the Board in August is scheduled for August 4th. This means that any youth wanting to participate needs to have his packet turned in to the Kokomo office by 5pm July 28th. You only need to turn in one packet, we make the copies for you. For any questions, please email Dylan Melling.   

Fall into Scouting

Remember that Fall into Scouting is right around the corner! As your new Cub Scouts are joining, please remember to encourage their attendance on September 12th! This will be a fantastic time for them to experience the fun of Cub Scouts, and to have the promises of BB's archery, games, rockets, and more fulfilled! Early Bird Registration ends on September 9th. For $12.00 participants will receive a lunch and dinner throughout the day! Registration will be available via CampMaster soon.


August Roundtable

Scouters, please make sure you attend Roundtable in August for information about the upcoming popcorn sale, events in the near future, changes to the Eagle Scout Board of Review process, and more! We look forward to seeing you on August 13th at 7 PM at Trinity United Methodist Church. 



Wabash Valley District Eagle Scouts
           Richard Caffee           Troop 338
           Masashi Fukada         Troop 335
           Michael Kern               Troop 348
           Blaze Rogers              Troop 348


 Peshewa District Announcements



 Peshewa District Contacts: 


     District Team Lead - Daniel Carbaugh - 765-480-3716

     District Executive - Chris Crow - 757-952-4341 

     District Commissioner - Don Harper - 765-860-4474

     District Chairman - Nick Pate  


Peshewa District serves Blackford, Grant, Howard, Miami 

 and Wabash Counties 


Fall Scout Joining Night

All Packs will be handling Fall Recruitment on August 27th for local elementary schools. Any pack that hasn't received packets to run their school nights needs to work with Daniel Carbaugh and Chris Crow to get those.  Each pack will be responsible for their school from which they recruit. If you need yard signs, door hangers, or bookmarks, we have those available upon request. Each pack will be given a few yard signs to post in their neighborhood.

On the night of the 27th, after the recruitment night has finished, there will be dedicated drop off points in each county. Packs need to turn their applications in that night so we can begin distribution of rockets/engines for Welcome to Scouting. Please note that all these drop off locations will be staffed until 9PM. After 9 PM you'll have to Contact Daniel or Chris to arrange drop off.

Howard County = Cone Palace in Kokomo
Grant County = Culvers in Marion
Miami County = Dairy Queen in Peru
Wabash County = Penguin Point in Wabash.


Pack Calendar
Pack leaders, don't forget to be working on your calendars. Please have your calendar turned in to Daniel Carbaugh or Chris Crow by August 1st. Anyone without a calendar will be contacted to create one after that date.


Blast into Scouting at Welcome to Scouting
Make sure you have September 12-13 on your calendar. This is our Welcome to Scouting weekend. This is when the new Scouts will be able to shoot off the rockets they received on recruitment night, so be sure to let them know about this event!

Welcome to Scouting will begin on Saturday with check-in at 2:30 PM, followed by several fun activities including rocket launches, sling shots, rope making, and more. We will provide dinner on Friday and breakfast on Saturday. We will have a campfire and night hike as well. Early registration is $10 through September 4th. Registration after September 4th will be $15. Registration is online at CampMaster. For more details on the weekend, please contact Daniel Carbaugh at the Scout Office.


Please mark your Calendar--Popcorn Kickoff for the Peshewa District will be September 9th at 7:00 PM. All Units selling popcorn should have their popcorn Kernel attend this meeting. There will not be a roundtable in September.


Peshewa District Eagle Scouts
            Phillip Gleason          Troop 498
            Dallas King                Troop 498       


 North Star District Announcements



 North Star District Contacts: 


     District Executive - Jason Revord - 765-418-7381 

     District Commissioner - Tressa Bowman 

     District Chairman -  Tony Schroeder    


North Star District serves Cass, Fulton, Jasper, Newton, Pulaski & White Counties 


Fishing Derby

Bring your Scouts out for a day of fun and fishing at Camp Buffalo!  This year's fishing derby will be held at the Buffalo pond from 10AM-1PM on Saturday, August 1st.  There will be prizes for those lucky enough to land a big one! We will also have a prize for the smallest fish! Join us for a day of fun in the sun August 1st. (Disclaimer: Sun may come in the form of liquid sunshine.)



Reminder that this season's roundtable sessions will be kicking off at Buffalo on Saturday, August 8th from 10AM-1PM.  We will have a presentation on Journey to Excellence for both the District and later for individual units.  Information will be made available as to the training needs of your unit, so leaders will know who to have register for Octobers roundtable where classes will be offered to raise our trained leaders in areas from committee members to den leaders and more.  For those of you that may have missed the June 27th membership meeting, Jason Revord will be on hand to answer any questions you may have for membership plan. 


Welcome to Scouting

The North Star Welcome to Scouting 2015 will be held at Camp Buffalo September 11th-12th.   This year's theme is Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)!  The Cub Scouts will be on the case to solve a mystery, learning science and having fun along the way.  Registration will begin at 5pm on Friday the 11th with the option to camp both Friday and Saturday.  Events will be held all day Saturday, and meals will be provided.  We will have a flyer at the August roundtable and will also send out an email blast in early August.  Registration will also be made available on Campmaster in early August. 


North Star District Eagle Scouts
             Dustin Hurst               Troop 167
             Erik Johnson              Troop 167
             Parker Reed               Troop 202


 Takachsin Lodge - Order of the Arrow



Order of the Arrow Takachsin Lodge Contacts:


    Lodge Chief - Lucas Bowman

    Lodge Advisor - Steve Bowman

    Staff Advisor - Chas Triplett  


Upcoming OA Events:

OA Fall Ordeal is August 14-16th at Camp Buffalo. This event is open to all members. Come join your brothers for all of the Fun, Food, and Fellowship the Lodge has to offer. This is another opportunity for those candidates to complete their Ordeal requirements to become members of the OA. It is also a great time for Ordeal members to pursue their Brotherhood. We have some special event patches for this event. Only 150 of these patches are being made so they will be quite collectable. The first 150 people to pre-register get a free event patch. Youth get a free event lodge flap for each ceremony they do. Contact Matt Bowman if you would like to do a Ceremony. Deadline for pre-registration is August 10th. The Banquet on Saturday is open to everyone. Pre-registration is a requirement for attending only the Banquet. Registration is available online through CampMaster, or pick up a registration form at Buffalo Trading Post, Council Office, next round table, or at the Lodge web page. No walk-ins for the Banquet will be accepted.
OA Fall Fun Fellowship is November 20-22th at Camp Buffalo. This event is open to all members. This is a totally FUN weekend!!!! This year's theme is Jedi Knight of the Sash. That's right, the Lodge has added a Star Wars twist to our Knights of the Sash event of two years ago. You will not want to miss out on this one so mark your calendars now!
Takachsin NOAC Patches
You don't have to be a Garfield and Odie fan to collect these great patches. Sales have been great and are selling fast. Proceeds help send the youth to the National Order of the Arrow Conference being held at Michigan State University. So far we have earned enough to pay $200 of the fees of each youth attending and now we are working on transportation cost. We will sell out of these patches at NOAC so if you want any now is the time to order. Order forms are available at the Lodge web page ,and thank you for supporting the youth of Takachsin Lodge.     


Takachsin Lodge Patches - Order Form Available


 Order Form for all 8 OA Takachsin Lodge Patches here     






New Trainings


There is a new Den Leader Training. The new Den Leader Training is code number C42. This training covers Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Den Leaders. The old Den Leader Trainings C41 and C61 will no longer be accepted.

This fall a new Merit Badge Counselor Training will be released online. This will be a required training. Current Merit Badge Counselors will need to pick it up, and once it is released, new counselors will not be approved without it.


The Trail of Training


There has been much Training offered this summer. If you have or leaders in your Units have participated in training this summer, please make sure they got registered in Scout net. Our leaders are generous enough to give their time to be trained; we want to make sure they get recognized for it. If you need help with this please, check with your District Training Chair, or Denise Chauret, Sagamore Council Training Chair.  


Adult Counselor Training for Catholic Religious Emblems

Saturday, September 12, 2015
Continental Breakfast / Registration 8:30 AM
Training Program 9 AM - 11:30 AM; Evaluations 11:30 - Noon

Access registration form here or contact Marcia Eckstein via email or phone (765-457-4747) for more information.  Deadline for registration is 5 PM Tuesday, September 8th.


Training Contacts:


    North Star District Training Chair - Sam Rance    

    North Star District Outdoor Leader Skills - Scott Grandstaff 

    North Star District Youth Protection - Mike Richardson 


    Peshewa District Training Chair - Randy Rusch 


    Wabash Valley District Training Chair - Ann Harding 


    Council Training Chair -  Denise Chauret


    Council Training Staff Advisor - Chas Triplett    


Training Records 


Please help us keep your trainings up to date. Look at your Training Records on, if there are missing trainings or incorrect training information on your record, please call Laura at the Scout Office at 800-844-0537. 



Service Hours

If your unit has done service hours this past year and you have not logged them on please contact Chas Triplett with your information. We know all units do service; it is very important that we log these hours. We are willing to help you with this if you don't want to do it on your own. 



Tributes / Memorial Contributions



In Memory of: Robert Gray

Donor:  Steven Gray


In Memory of: Jim Hoover

Donor: Gail Mitchell


In Memory of: Scott Jenkins

Donor: Dick, Jane & James Bishop



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