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September 2013 Newsletter 
Letter from the Director

Dear friends of Seeds of Light   


I want to let you know that my time as the Director of Seeds of Light is coming to an end.  I feel very drawn to go back home to the U.S. and begin the next chapter of my life. When I leave South Africa in early February, I will have been here 5 years to the day.  

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Letter from the Director
New Child Sponsorship Program Coming Soon
Acornhoek Leaders Amaze!
New Dawn Center Comes Alive
One Hat One Heart Knitter tops 1000!
Seeds of Light Shows up for our Partners
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I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to lead Seeds of Light, to invest my heart and energy in the community here, and to really learn the meaning of Love in Action.  It has been the greatest adventure and blessing of my life.  

I feel like I am giving an award acceptance speech, and want to make sure I thank everyone before the music starts.  I feel such deep gratitude to Leslie, Brad, Victoria and Mona at CoreLight for their faith in me, and their undying support. Thank you to my right hand man for the past three years, Nick Vorono.  You have been a Godsend to me every day.  My sincere love and appreciation extends to all of our partners, and to the countless community members in Acornhoek, who welcomed me, laughed with me, and forgave me my missteps.  


While Seeds of Light has grown over the last five years, there is still so much more to do here: so many orphans who desperately need our loving assistance to help them grow into strong, healthy citizens; so much that needs to happen to make sure that children have their basic needs met--clean water, fresh food to eat, a safe place to stay at night.  Stay with us friends. My heartfelt thanks to each of you for the many ways you have supported our work and me personally over the past 5 years. It has been a true joy and delight to my heart and soul.  


With love,
Becky Harmon, Director Seeds of Light


One of the Children at Ekurhuleni Center
New Opportunity to Support an Orphan Child 
Coming Soon!

Seeds of LIght and Ekurhuleni Center for Orphans and Vulnerable Children are partnering to create a child sponsorship program.  Through this program, you will be able to have a personal relationship with one child, and to lend your love and support to them ensuring they have food to eat, clothing to wear, and other special needs are met.  As soon as all of the details are worked out, we'll let you know how to sign up.  Watch for our announcement coming soon!
Garden beds at Ekurhuleni Center
More exciting news about the Orphan Center!  The first garden beds have been planted and they are harvesting food for the children's meals.  They are also growing chili peppers for a local chili sauce maker, which will generate income for the Center.  It's all hands on board as all of the staff and children add their labor and love to the garden.  
Nick Vorono and Walter Sibuyi, our art teachers extraordinaire, are now offering a weekly art class at Ekurhuleni.  There are some very talented children there and we look forward to seeing them develop their artistic skills and express their creativity.  It makes them so happy!  
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Try (in purple) and Suzan (next to him) with care team and Angelina (sitting)
Seeds of Light Leaders Inspire Great Work
After Trygive and his wife Suzan attended the weeklong Seeds of Light Leadership Development Forum in April, they went back to their community to "teach back" what they had learned.  48 people showed up at their small church.
Eight women from Try and Suzan's church, who were inspired by what they learned, started doing home visits to elderly people in their village--cleaning their houses, washing their clothing, cooking a little something for them--because they wanted to give something back to their community. Above is a picture of Angelina. Before the ladies came to visit her, she stayed in her little house with the door locked all the time, as she was too scared to come out. The day we visited with the community members, she danced out the door. This is truly LOVE IN ACTION!
A big thank you to Stella Horgan, for the beautiful support she has provided to the leaders. And our deepest gratitude to Neil Orr and David Patient, of Empowerment Concepts, for their generous and brilliant mentorship of the leaders. In our next newsletter, we'll share more with you about what other group members are doing in their villages!  
Caregivers with Baba Rooizok (seated)
New Mapusha Weaving Studio
New Dawn Center Comes to Life
The gorgeous new Mapusha Weaving Cooperative studio is built and the weavers have moved into their new space.   Mapusha is the anchor for the multi-generational complex, featuring the Weavers, the New Dawn Creche (preschool) and the Seeds of Light Children's Community Art Center.  The women are thrilled with their new space.  Judy Miller did an amazing job of being the project manager for the construction of the new studio.  Thank you for you loving dedication Judy!  We are so excited to see how this unusual and beautiful space comes to life! 

Relatives of Judy's asked for wedding donations and used them to build a play structure at the Creche.  It is now up and in heavy use.  Most of the children had never been on a piece of playground equipment before.  They are having a blast!  And after a 33 month process, of tireless dedication on the part of Creche staff and Nick Vorono, the New Dawn Creche is finally registered with the government and eligible for reimbursement for the children's care.  
In addition, three of the women in the Leadership Forum are working to establish a community garden plot at the site, for the poorest of the poor women in the village.  This will allow the women to work and earn some money by selling their harvest.  
New Dawn Creche
One Hat One Heart Knitter Tops the 1000 Mark!
Learners at Makgahlishe Primary School with hats
Jean Marshall-Giroux, from Canada, began knitting hats when the One Hat One Heart project started.  In August this year, Jean, her daughter, and her granddaughter all got together to put tags on hats, and shipped 186 more hand-knitted hats to Seeds of Light. This brought Jean's total number of donated hats to 1001!  We are so grateful to Jean and to our other amazing knitters from around the world, for their beautiful, colorful warm winter hats. The children LOVE them! Thank you Jean!  You are amazing!
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Seeds of Light Steps up to Support our Partners



Zingela Ulwazi Books Arrive at Ekurhuleni Center 


Seeds of Light has been supporting the development of a new non-profit organization, Zingela Ulwazi (hunt for wisdom)  Their mission is to establish excellent libraries in South African schools and to produce children's books in indigenous languages by running story-telling workshops with communities.  They are establishing their first library at the Ekurhuleni Center for Orphans and Vulnerable Children.  Stella Horgan, who has also been working part-time with Seeds of Light, is the visionary and director of Zingela Ulwazi. The first shipment of books arrived last week and there was great excitement among the children!  We look forward to a continued partnership as Zingela grows!  


Seeds of Light's Nick Vorono and Shirley and Vicky from Blyde River Canyon Lodge

Seeds of Light joined the Blyde River Canyon Lodge team to support our partner, Hlokomela, at their Herb Bush Party, an annual fundraiser for the organization.  The event was held at Thornybush Game Lodge.  It was a beautiful evening with wonderful entertainment, amazing food, and great deals on auction items.  Just look at some of the delicacies that Nick and Johnny Mittan prepared.  The best of the night!  

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Nothing can be more heart-rending and in need of urgent attention 
than the case of AIDS orphans.
~Nelson Mandela~
Children Being Fed and Loved at Ekurhuleni Center

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