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May 2013 Newsletter 
Letter from the Director

Dear friends of Seeds of Light   


Wow! Great things are happening in Acornhoek, South Africa! 


Phase 1 of Ekurhuleni Center for Orphans and Vulnerable Children is complete! They have two activity centers, a kitchen and dining hall, 22 toilets and a laundry room. We have started on Phase 2 which includes adding a multipurpose sports court, a soccer field, and an outdoor kitchen, grading the property and establishing garden beds. Look for more on Phase 2 below.  

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Letter from the Director
Phase 2 of Ekurhuleni
Center Begins
Acornhoek Leaders Amaze!
Permaculture Education Empowers Gardens
One Hat One Heart
Warms Heads
Children Love Art Classes
South Africans Support Orphans
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In April, Seeds of Light, in conjunction with Empowerment Concepts, launched its first year-long Leadership Development Forum. 16 leaders in the Acornhoek area participated in a week-long intensive workshop that changed their lives. They will all be supported and mentored for the next year as they go back and teach in their communities and provide leadership to community initiatives. Incredible group of leaders!!


Our quarterly Permaculture Gardening Education classes are changing the face of gardens at the 8 Seeds of Light primary schools. All of the school gardeners are using their new knowledge to create more beautiful, productive, healthy gardens. And they are EXCITED about learning!


With the onset of winter, the One Hat One Heart project has started its hand-made hat giveaway, providing warm hats to hundreds of very poor children at Seeds of Light schools.


And... the children's art classes have resumed after the school holidays. The children are creating beautiful art pieces and are having fun in the process. Nick Vorono is doing an amazing job helping the kids find their inner creative spirit and bring it forward into form.


We are so grateful for your support to be able to uplift the Acornhoek area in these many ways. Thank you for all you give and for your love.


With gratitude,
Becky Harmon, Director Seeds of Light


New sports court at Ekurhuleni Center with
Activity Center in background (R) and toilets (L)

Phase 2 Orphan Center Construction is Underway!

With the completion of the core buildings, Seeds of Light is now focused on adding special features that will really make the Ekurhuleni Center come to life - sports fields, garden beds, pathways, and lots of trees. There will also be an outdoor kitchen for those special times when they want to have a braii (barbecue). The sports fields will be shared with children in the community who do not quality for services from the Center, but who would benefit from after school sports leagues.

If you'd like to fund raise for any part of Phase 2, please let us know and we'll help you! There is at least one more building that needs to be built - a life-skills and community center. Your gift will help keep the momentum going at Ekurhuleni!
Kitchen and dining hall Ekurhuleni Center
Leadership Forum Participants

Leadership Development Forum Lifts Off!
Seeds of Light and Empowerment Concepts have joined forces to train, mentor and support 16 amazing community leaders over the next year. We kicked off the year with an inspiring week long workshop facilitated by two of the most highly regarded trainers on the African continent, David Patient and Neil Orr. Each participant reported back that they were changed--that something very profound and life altering occurred. Each of them committed to teaching back what they learn in their communities. Not only are they doing that, but their teaching is inspiring others to give back to those who are suffering in their area.  
The group meets monthly for sharing and additional learning. South African, Stella Horgan has joined Seeds of LIght as the Project Manager for the Forum.  In this role, Stella will mentor and provide group and individual support to the participants. Learn more about each of the 16 people on our Facebook page. Amazing things are happening already as each one teaches one (or fifty)!  
Neil Orr and David Patient from Empowerment Concepts
Permaculture Education Changes
the Face of School Gardens
The quarterly, seasonal Seeds of Light permaculture workshops are always a huge hit with our school gardeners. They learn new methods of creating a no spray, garden environment that is beautiful, healthy and thriving. They also learn about new types of plants that have high nutritional and medicinal value. And we even include education about the ecosystems unique to the local Timbavti area. There is always a lot of singing, dancing and celebration as they work together. The last question of every workshop is, "when is the next one?".  
Nick Vorono Teaches about Moringa Tree Pruning
One Hat One Heart Starts Winter Hat Giveaways
Mary Elizabeth Mason and Beretta School Learner
Mary Elizabeth Mason came to visit South Africa in March this year, bringing with her 75 hats that she knitted for the very poor children who need something to warm their heads. We went to Beretta Primary School as the first school of the year and made more than 100 children very happy! Thank you to our very dedicated knitters for the beautiful, colorful, well made hats they lovingly make for our children. You can see by their faces what joy it brings to them.
Children LOVE Art Classes
Clay is Fun

Every week, 35-40 children descend on the Seeds of Light New Dawn Art Center and are taught how to create art using many different media. The children love the chance to have a quiet space to let their imaginations envision something outside their usual experience, and to take something home that they are proud of.

It makes them so happy!

Mathewson Group and children from Ekurhuleni Center
Two South Africans Step Up
to Support Orphans at Ekurhuleni Center

Jamie Mathewson, one of the owners of Mathewson Construction Group in Hoedspruit, is serious about giving orphans an opportunity to have experiences outside their village, and wants to expand their world. He has committed to sponsor and provide quarterly trips and outings. On their first trip, Jamie brought his boat to a dam and took the children out on the water, followed by swimming and a barbecue.

The second trip was to Kruger Park where the children saw all of the Big 5 and much more! We are so grateful to Jamie and the Mathewson group. They are bringing so much happiness to the children!
MIchael Raal with Ekurhuleni Staff

Michael Raal came to visit Ekurhuleni Center and fell in love - with the staff, the children, and everything he saw happening there. He decided to add his love to the mix and bought many items for the kitchen, a new computer and printer, lots of office and art supplies and uniforms for the cooks. Whenever Michael visits, he plays soccer with the kids, though he has yet to have a winning team! Michael is an angel and is part of the Ekurhuleni family. 

Thank you to both Michael and Jamie for your generosity and your love.
How To Help


Not all of us can do great things.
But we can do small things with great love.
~Mother Teresa~
A few of the Children Supported by Ekurhuleni Center

If you are inspired to fund raise for our work, please let us know and we will help you. We have videos, brochures, stories, everything you need to make it a success. Contact Mona at (505) 424-8844 ext. 5 or write to us: If you'd like to donate today by check or online, please click here.


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