May 2015
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Welcome new LCOE Employees

 Tracey Newell
Fiscal Specialist III

Tracey worked as the Coyote Valley Elementary School Secretary for 20 years. She has an accounting background and served on several district committees, including: 
the School Site Council and the Budget Action Team. 
Welcome to LCOE Tracey!

Early Child Educator Awards Ceremony
"Cause a little party never hurt nobody"
Early childhood educators party at roaring 20's themed awards ceremony.

The Lake County Child Care Planning Council held its annual Early Childhood Educator of the Year Award Dinner on Friday, May 8, at Marymount California University in Lucerne, offering recognition and award packages to 13 exceptional early childhood educators and team members.  Approximately 225 people attended the Roaring 20's themed event and many Lake County organizations, businesses and individuals offered significant support to make this event possible.  Lake County Department of Social Services; North Coast Opportunities; Lake County 
Darcie Schmidt of Darcie's Little Rascals won Family Child Care Provider of the Year. The award was presented by Brandy Perry of North Coast Opportunities
Office of Education, Child Development Division; and Yuba College were significant supporters, along with Dr. Laurie Daly and Mary Prather.  Many local dignitaries, including Annette Lee, Executive Dean of Students at Yuba College, Michelle Scully, Executive Director Marymount Lakeside Campus, and Gloria Flaherty, Executive Director Lake Family Resource Center, as well as LCOE Senior Director of Educational Services, Tim Gill attended the event, and presented awards to the honorees. The Kelseyville Rotary Club provided bar services as well.  "It is gratifying to see community, agency and higher education leaders of Lake County gather and recognize the investment early childhood educators are making in our county," says Laurie Allen, Coordinator of the Lake County Child Care Planning Council.

Riviera ASES Afterschool Time Travelers

One of the recent projects at the Riviera ASES Afterschool Program was "Time Travel." Students built a time machine and through extensive computer research they determined 
the dates and locations of their time travel adventure.

Students do extensive time travel research.
The Time Machine was built!

They also visited California in 1848. They were busy panning for gold when rival miners approached their spot on the river. The crew barely escaped with a few gold nuggets!

 The students traveled back in time 231.4 million years ago. They saw gigantic mushrooms and four different types of Dinosaurs. Luckily they got the propeller working just as a T-Rex was about to have them for lunch!

During their journey to China they were able to see the kite festival. They joined in to make beautiful bird shaped kites.
The final journey was a destination Egypt to visit Pharaohs, mummies and learn about. ...a sarcophagus!

Child Abuse Prevention Month Recognized 

Winning placemat displayed at local businesses during March and April.

Three local students were honored with a ceremony at Lakeport Taco Bell on Wednesday, April 22 as part of Lake County's Child Abuse Prevention Month. Students in LCOE's after school programs submitted artwork during the month of February on the theme, " Be a Hero, Protect Lake County Children",  illustrating  their heroes. The first, second and third place winners were honored by having their artwork featured on the placemats of Lakeport Taco Bell and the Main Street Bar & Grill in Clearlake during the month of April. Winning students also received a free lunch from Lakeport Taco Bell, gift certificate, and award package of art supplies.

Pictured right: 2nd place winner Oscar Valadez (left), 1st place winner Brittany Agoado, 3rd place winner Anthony Bowman. Pictured with County Superintendent of Schools, Brock Falkenberg.  

Farewell Rebecca Peterson


A retirement celebration was held for Rebecca Peterson at LCOE on April 22. Rebecca was a Fiscal Specialist and had been with LCOE since August 2007. LCOE staff shared their favorite memories of Rebecca on pink butterflies while enjoying a meal together.



 Burns Valley Nurturing Families 2015
Parents and students earn certificates.

Joan Reynolds Celebrated at Healthy Start Collaborative

After nearly 20 years, Joan Reynolds is retiring as the Director of Healthy Start. Joan has been a loving and dedicated advocate for Lake County children during her years of service. We'll miss you Joan! 

A retirement celebration was held at the Healthy Start Collaborative Meeting on May 13. Pictured here, from left to right: Lisa Gilmore, Missy Hill, Berdie Guerrero and Joan Reynolds.

2015-16 Teacher of the Year Announced

Elisa Prather, a seventh grade teacher at Terrace Middle School in Lakeport Unified 

School District, has  been selected as the 2015-16 Lake County Teacher of the Year, announced Brock Falkenberg, Lake County Superintendent of Schools. Ms. Prather will

 represent Lake County in the upcoming California Teacher of the Year competition.

Ms. Prather holds a Bachelor of Science from CSU Chico in Life Science with a Chemistry

 Minor. She has been teaching for 24 years, the past 10 at Terrace Middle School where her current project is the creation of a large community garden on campus. She has worked with students, staff and community to raise thousands of dollars in hope of creating a garden and outdoor classroom that will one day provide food to the cafeteria and a great place for hands on learning for students in all grades.


Lucerne Preschool Practices "Open-Ended Art"


Schools of Hope

Lakeport Elementary Schools of Hope is an early grade reading Initiative that helps children build critical reading skills to help them succeed in school and life. Tutors work one-on-one with Kindergarten through third grade students during the school day to supplement the work already being done in the classroom.

Tutors and students celebrated their last tutoring session with an ice cream party.
Schools of Hope Coordinator Betty Dryden
 with student.

2014-15 Schools of Hope Tutors
Hero Project Recognizes Principals

 The Lake County Hero Project honored principles on May 6 for their support of the Hero Project during the 2014-15 school year. Hero Project Coordinator Robyn Bera presented each principle with an honorary Hero Project backpack and official certificate recognizing them as a Hero Project Ally.

Each month the Hero Project distributes approximately 10,000 postcards throughout Lake County schools and through partnering organizations that feature real Lake County families who are committed to being their children's most important hero. 

Lakeport Elementary Principal Anita Swanson with Robyn Bera

 The Hero Project is on a mission to make sure that every child in Lake County has an adult in their life that's committed to being their number one hero.

 The Hero Project is currently taking spokesmodel nominations for the 2015-16 school year. Any family in Lake County that has a child aged 0-8 may be nominated.  Submit nominations by clicking here

Pictured above: Lower Lake Elementary Principal 

Tarin Benson with Robyn Bera

K-CORPS Students Help Save Lives

Kelseyville Community Organization for Rescue and Public Service (K-CORPS) is a 2- year program where students are trained in search and rescue techniques. Students are elected based on strictcriterion and academic abilities. They work with the Lake County Sheriff's Department and are on call 24/7/365. K-CORPS members meet daily to train. This student organization is often deployed by the Sheriff's office during times of need. Samples of K-CORPS duties include evidence searches, traffic control and missing person searches.


The members are trained in high angle rope rescue, map and compass, GPS, search techniques, evidence search and recovery, and are certified in Emergency Medical Response. Instructor and coordinator Joanie Holt says, "These students have self initiative, dedication, and commitment that is outstanding. I couldn't be more proud of the maturity and skill level that these young adults display. They take what they do very seriously and it shows especially when they are in service. It's impressive what they can do."  

2014-15 K-CORPS Members

Early Connection Preschoolers have Holiday Flashbacks!


Lakeport Holiday Flashback
Lucerne Holiday Flashback


Student Recites 1000 Digits of Pi

Teacher Andrew Vance, Superintendent of Schools Brock Falkenberg, Student Alex Hudson and Principal Gwendolyn Maupin-Aher

Alex Hudson memorized and recited 1000 digits of pi on Pi Day, March 14. Alex is only 13 years old and in 8th grade at Lake County International Charter School in Middletown. Pi is a mathematical constant and is used in many geometric formulas. It's defined as the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. The symbol π represents pi and it's usually abbreviated at 3.14159 although technically its decimal representation never ends.  Alex recited 1000 digits of pi two times, once in class and another time in front of the whole school at the Pi Day Assembly. Lake County International Charter School has a Pi Day event every year. "We usually start to prepare students 3 weeks in advance, but shortened that to a week and a half this year", says Principal Gwendolyn Maupin-Ahern.

Lakeport Early Connection Preschool Visits the CLHS Woodshop

Preschoolers visited the Clear Lake High School woodshop on March 4th. 
Woodshop students made vehicles that were given to the preschool. 

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Calendar Highlights

CPIN Alphabetics May 19, 2015  5:30PM - 7:30PM  |  LCOE Kesey Room, 1152 S. Main Street, Lakeport, CA 95453

Dark Side of the Full Moon Screening May 21, 2015  6:30PM - 8:30PM  |  Soper Reese Theater

Window to the Universe - Pluto and New Horizons May 23, 2015  8:00PM - 11:00PM  |  Taylor Observatory 5725 Oak Hills Lane Kelseyville CA 95451

Hero Project Hullabaloo May 30, 2015  12:00PM - 6:00PM  |  Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park, Cobb

Orión: A la Luna y Marte y lo Mas Allá May 30, 2015  8:00PM - 11:00PM  |  Taylor Observatory 5725 Oak Hills Lane Kelseyville CA

School Action for Safety and Health (SASH) Training June 25, 2015  9:00AM - 4:00PM  |  Lake County Office of Education, Kesey Room 

Window to the Universe June 27, 2015  8:00PM - 11:00PM  |  Taylor Observatory 5725 Oak Hills Lane Kelseyville CA 95451

Window to the Universe July 25, 2015  8:00PM - 11:00PM  |  Taylor Observatory 5725 Oak Hills Lane Kelseyville CA 95451

CELDT August 14, 2015  8:30AM - 3:30PM  |  LCOE Kesey Room, 1152 S. Main Street, Lakeport, CA 95453

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