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Forward Casper Member Spotlight: Stateline No. 7
CAEDA Cocktails 9/26/13
Casper College Offers Free Training in Process Technology
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Casper was named Wyoming's Google eCity for 2013. Find out what that means here.

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Casper Area Economic Development Alliance, Inc.
   Volume:1      Issue:9
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Forward Casper member spotlight features Stateline No. 7 Architects

by Carrie Gomez

 Congratulations and kudos to Stateline No. 7 for a recent move to their new location at the T-Square Building in downtown Casper on 444 S. Center. The renovation of the old Casper Supply warehouse began in 2011 after principal architect, Lyle Murtha, purchased the building that had been vacant for nearly a decade. The removal of multiple layers of paint reveals the original red brick and further restoration showcases the fluted concrete molding of the entryway that displays the original Casper Supply engraving. The interior of the building celebrates its initial warehouse style with its display of the original exposed beams, trusses and electrical and mechanical systems. This building clearly portrays the talents of its designers. Lyle hopes it will serve as a testimony to the endless possibilities that can come from the repurposing of existing buildings as an affordable investment though a sustainable, efficient process.



Stateline's architectural presence is scattered throughout our Casper community, they are currently working on the renovation of the County Annex into lofts for downtown residential space. One quick review of their website (www.stateline7.com) reveals the vast array of the firm's experience from automotive, educational, restaurant, industrial, residential and medical designs.


Thanks Stateline No. 7 for filling our city with some of the most aesthetically pleasing structures around, both new and renovated. We wish you well at your new location and we look forward to more projects to come! 


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CAEDA Cocktails: Wonderful World of Fiber Optics 

Thank you to all of those who came out to the first CAEDA Cocktails on September 26th! This quarterly event was focused on how technology and fiber optics are connected to pretty much everything we do, both personal and professional. Attendees answered and engaged in round table discussions around the following questions:

1. How do you use the internet in your personal and professional life?
a) How critical are communications (Internet, Phone, Etc) to your personal and professional activities?

2. What methods help stimulate economic growth?
a) How does communications (Internet, Phone, Etc) play a critical role in the economic growth in Natrona County?

3. What items help the creation / fostering of new businesses? 
a) How does communications (Internet, Phone, Etc) play a critical role in business growth / relocation and new business development?

4. You can create new jobs in two ways, new businesses or industries can spring up or move in, or you can have growth in existing businesses and industries. 
a) Does communications (Internet, Phone, Etc) play a critical role in business?

5. Why is population retention important to economic growth and what ways can we help retain our population? 
a) Does communications (Internet, Phone, Etc) play a critical role in population retention and attraction, growth or attraction of new businesses?

6. In what ways are lifestyle and quality of life connected to economic development?
 a) How does communications (Internet, Phone, Etc) play a critical role in quality of life and lifestyle?

7. Why is diversification of industries important to the economic viability of the Natrona county?
a) In what ways does increased access, bandwidth, and reliability would aid the diversification of industries? How does communications (Internet, Phone, Etc) play a role in industry diversification?
Overall participants enjoined the change of format and would like to see other quarterly events modeled in the same fashion.
Do you have any comments or questions? Give us a call and we would be happy to chat with you.

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A Casper College Press Release 
A new certificate program in process technology will be offered at Casper College beginning on Monday, Sept. 16, 2013. Students will be able to participate in the new certificate program at no charge thanks to a Pre-Hire Economic Development Grant.

According to Dick Burnett, power technology instructor, the initial certificate program is designed to be completed in a condensed 11-week, Monday through Friday format. Participants who successfully complete the program will be issued an OSHA General Industry 10-hour card. "Students also gain valuable knowledge in mechanical, electrical, and process technology areas. In addition, all students who successfully complete this program are guaranteed an interview with the Casper Sinclair Refinery," said Burnett.

The goal of the program is to provide Wyoming's petrochemical industry and other related businesses with well-trained team members who have the skills and conceptual knowledge needed to enter the field. "Students in this program will complete a series of technical course work and have the opportunity to visit the locations of our partner industry and other businesses, including Sinclair Refinery and the Dave Johnson Power Plant," Burnett said. "Participants will be partnered with current employees in our business partner's refinery so that the student can participate in one-on-one training experiences," noted Burnett.

"A career in process technology provides excellent pay and employability. It is the first step in a pathway that will lead to higher paying jobs and career satisfaction," said Burnett, adding, "High demand is expected for process plant operators as the existing workforce retires and the industry expands in Wyoming."

For more information or to register, contact Dick Burnett, power technology chair, at 307-268-3066 or email.