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NEWS FROM OUR YOGA COMMUNITY                              July 2013                 

"You must understand the whole of life, not just one little part of it. That is why you must read, that is why you must look at the skies, that is why you must sing and dance, and write poems and suffer and understand, for all that is life." 

                                              J. Krishnamurti



As the second half of the year 2013 is upon us, you may find it helpful to look back to where you came from in order to fully move forward into the future. Maybe you had set some personal goals for yourself on the eve of the year. Now looking back ask yourself, have I realized these intentions?  Do these intentions still occupy my daily thoughts?  

Honoring our past experiences in life is often helpful in guiding us towards our future potential.  In this way hatha yoga practice is so very similar to life. As we move into any one  posture it is important to maintain a sense of connection to the  foundation of the asana, while experiencing outward expansion. Learning to nurture and tend to the roots and the blossoms simultaneously is essential to creating a balanced and healthy practice. In essence honoring the entire asana process without attaching to the perfect pose. The deeper one goes into the full expression of a pose it becomes exponentially important to maintain a connection to the set up and foundational aspects of the pose.

It is important as you practice, to move slowly and stay connected to your breath. Allow your breath to be your barometer, guiding you as to how to maintain a sense of stability and ease. Approaching your practice with this humility and intention will in time create a greater balance in your life.


Here at Mountain Yoga Sandy we feel blessed to be upon our 10th year of teaching all of you wonderful yogis.  Jackie and I are thankful for all the amazing challenges that have come with managing a yoga studio for 10 years, as they have helped us evolve into what we are today. As we move forward into expansion of our studio we are humbled by our beginning roots. We are excited to add an additional studio room and expand our lobby over the next few months. We will continue to expand our class schedule with pre-natal and kids programs. Also keep an eye out for more workshops, yoga posture clinics, and much more. 


We will continue to be committed to providing you the best of the Ghosh yoga lineage (our roots) while we expand into out true potential.




                            "A Grand Adventure is about to begin."

                                          Winnie The Pooh



 See you in class!

-Jackie, Alex, and the teachers and staff  

of Mountain Yoga Sandy


(minimum 5 students)



 Maximum 20 kids so reserve your spot today!

Also keep your eyes out for Kids Yoga Programs beyond October.


Our Mountain Yoga Sandy Community has the opportunity to

GIVE BACK to our local Community!

  • Every Friday at 6:30pm
  • Cost: $10 Drop-in (We now accept all forms of payment.)
  • Your regular class package will not apply to the Give Back Class.
  • Join us in supporting our local community!


- Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Cycle for Life Event

  What it Cystic Fibrosis?

Cystic fibrosis is an inherited chronic disease that affects the lungs and digestive system of about 30,000 children and adults in the United States. It clogs the lungs and leads to life-threatening lung infections, and obstructs the pancreas and stops natural enzymes from helping the body break down and absorb food. The predicted median age of survival for a person with CF is in the late 30's. Supporting the CFF helps find a cure!





In August Mountain Yoga is so very happy to support AFSP via our Give Back Class. It was 18 years ago this month that my close friend Sarah, more like a sister to me, took her own life.  She was my best friend's sister and my sisters best friend.  Our families have shared so many memorable days together.  Sarah's all too short  life  has been a great inspiration to me and many others.  Sarah was an amazing and dedicated athlete.  She was captain of the varsity field hockey, ice hockey and lacrosse team at Dartmouth college.  Although Sarah was at the top of her game...she was hurting inside to a degree that many of us cannot fathom. I will always remember her wild giggle and her passion. I will miss her always.



Locally here in Utah we live in a state with the nations 7th highest over-all suicide rate and the 5th highest youth suicide rate. Utah, Idaho, Nevada and Wyoming all rank in the top 10. It is referred to as the "suicide belt".

Most likely some of you have lost your Sarah D.  Please come to your mat Fridays at 6:30pm with your friends and family to honor your lost ones and help prevent it happening to another.


See you on the mat,  Alex


If you can't make it to class but would like to contribute you can DONATE HERE



-Stretch to the Cure. More details to come...


  "The universe operates through dynamic exchange...giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe and in our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep abundance of the universe circulating in our life."   
-Deepak Chopra
HELP WANTED                       
EXPERIENCED MASSAGE THERAPIST-We are looking for an experienced massage therapist to share massage space here at Mountain Yoga Sandy. If interested email Alex at alex@mountainyogasandy.com.
FRONT DESK HELP- We are looking for someone to join our friendly front desk staff part time.
Job duties include: Signing in students, selling class packages and retail, assisting teachers with class preparation, closing book, making copies, phone calls, etc...
Job requirements include: Great customer service skills and people skills, computer skills - experience with MindBody software a plus yet can be trained, good organization skills and attention to details, flexible schedule, must be available evenings and weekends, 1 year minimum commitment.
email resume to Alex at alex@mountainyogasandy.com
 NEW CLASSES AT THE STUDIO                            
Ghosh/Sanchez Intermediate Core-40 Class with Alex
Based on the classic
Alex with Tony Sanchez
al 84 asanas of the Ghosh lineage, this 90 minute  class includes 40 wonderful asanas. This class will include familiar and new postures alike. Warm up your body with salutations as you develop intention for your daily practice. Ground to the earth in the floor series as you explore the possibilities of your upper body with playful armstands.  Balance your spine and strengthen your core with some deep restorative stretches, twisting and abdominal work. This class will help you learn more about the importance of postural alignment. - Realign and redefine. All levels are welcomed. Regulars are encouraged. Practice is in a warm room.
Core 26+ with Julie 
Julie Merwin
The Core 26+ Class is a 90 minute class that utilizes the Beginner Hot Yoga Class as a foundation from which grow. Julie will lead you through additional postures that will introduce you to your upper body strength, deeper leg and back stretches,  hips openers and all important abdominal core work. Come practice with Julie as she guides you through the importance of form before depth and maintain your interest with infinite possibilities.  Class is practiced in a warm environment. All levels are welcome.



Do not leave valuables visible in your car during class. Especially early morning and late nights when it is dark outside. Full parking lots are an attraction to those looking.


Teacher Schedule now posted on MountainYogaSandy.com

Check it out! You'll see special holiday schedules, class additions, and which teacher is teaching class.   


10% Off on Towels/Mats for Local Intro Students Purchase a towel or mat during your first month of practice and you'll receive 10% off retail.


Account Purchases  Are you looking for an easier way to make small purchases? We have a new 'money on account' program. Give us a credit and/or debit card to keep on file and we charge your account in $25 increments. When your account reaches $0, your card will automatically be charged $25 without bringing in your card! With your email address on file you'll automatically receive a receipt for the transaction.  


Leave Your Towel OR Clothes Behind? Wet clothes and towels go back into the laundry room, so if you don't see what you have left behind ask our friendly front desk staff and they'll help you find your lost friend.



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With all of the exciting new classes being offered at Mountain Yoga Sandy, it is best to check our WEBSITE to see the schedule.
Our next COMMUNITY CLASS will be Saturday August 3rd at 10AM. Visit our Community Class page on our website for more information.
GIVE BACK CLASS is every Friday at 6:30PM. Cost is $10 (regular class packages do not apply.) 100% of proceeds go to charities listed on our website.


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~ If you're on a class pass and practice twice in one day the second class is free?
~ If you bike commute to the studio we provide you with a complimentary mat and towel?


~ If you practice on your birthday your class is on us?
Jackie & Alex

Mountain Yoga Sandy (formerly BYS) was opened in 2003 by Jackie & Alex Wheeler. Combined Jackie and Alex have practiced  for 30 years and taught consistently for 23 years. Much more importantly Jackie and Alex continue to grow and learn as practitioners and teachers daily. We welcome all of you to our studio and hope you enjoy your journey to a better you!