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Often Jackie and I feel like we just started practicing and teaching yesterday, despite our combined 30 years of practice and 23 years of teaching. One thing we have learned for sure,  it is not as important how long one has practiced but how they have practiced during that time. Our physical approach and mental intention has everything to do with the outcome of our practice. Whether you are speaking of a single asana, your daily practice, or 30 years of committed practice, one must maintain a clear intention and an intelligent approach. The individual practitioner should be seen as a pathway of yoga; whether a teacher, a teacher of teachers, or a student, the practice simply moves through us and beyond. As your practice deepens and matures you must sharpen your mind and body. Hatha yoga practice, in time should create greater awareness and ease in your mind and body.  


While practicing during her second pregnancy, Jackie has become even more aware of the importance of  ease and awareness. Whether you are going through a pregnancy, dealing with an injury, an emotional life event, or whatever it may be, we encourage you to approach your practice with ease and awareness. Ask yourself, 'What do I want from my yoga practice?' 'Are my intentions for my practice in the right place?' We encourage you to strive to improve your yoga practice by improving your form and your intentions, all while approaching your postures with a greater awareness and ease. Listen to your body. It will tell you what it needs.  


"Yoga is an ancient art based on an extremely subtle science, that of the body,mind, soul. The prolonged practice of yoga will, in time, lead the student to a sense of peace and a feeling of being at one with his or her environment."            BKS Iyengar


Warm Blessings to you and yours! 

Jackie, Alex, and the teachers and staff 

of Bikram Yoga Sandy




Jackie Pregnant Triangle  

In celebration of our newest yoga baby to arrive any day now, we would like to share with you a page we created on our website for pre/post-natal mothers to reference.

 Click on Jackie's picture above to check it out.  

Alex might be a bit busy in the next few months changing diapers, up late at night with a new bundle of joy, and chasing the Boone-man around. He would still love to help you and your personal practice.


Have you practiced yoga for awhile but have unconscious patterns that seem to create imbalances and leave you a bit confused as to how to approach your practice? Perhaps a private class with Alex will get you back on the right track.  Alex recently returned from a second training with Tony Sanchez  (a celebrated student of the Bikram/Ghosh Lineage), where he readily absorbed many of Tony's teachings and applied them to his own practice.  Alex can help you become aware of your unconscious patterns, helping you to realign your body and your life. 


"Your initial approach is magnified in the full expression of your pose.....it is best to take the right first step." AW


For inquiries about a private class with Alex, email him at



Alex with Tony Sanchez 



Our Bikram Yoga Sandy Community has the opportunity to

GIVE BACK to our local Community!

  • Every Friday at 6:30pm
  • Cost: $10 Drop-in (We now accept all forms of payment.)
  • Your regular class package will not apply to the Give Back Class.
  • Join us in supporting our local community!

During the month of February and March all proceed will be donated to the Utah Avalanche Center.


The Utah Avalanche Center's mission is to keep people on top of the Greatest Snow on Earth by giving winter back country travelers the tools they need to stay alive in avalanche terrain. Their efforts include daily avalanche forecasting, know before you go classes, field day avalanche education, community resources & professional support.


For more information  click on the link below.


  "The universe operates through dynamic exchange...giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe and in our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep abundance of the universe circulating in our life."    -Deepak Chopra
The man behind this yoga lineage and practice. What do you think?


We want to hear from you! Bikram Choudhury continues to be a controversial figure head in the hatha yoga world. He has chosen a grand path; to change the world via yoga.  He recently was interviewed on ABC Nightline and showed his many colors. Jackie and I have always been thankful for his teachings but we do not always agree with his approach. The practice of yoga moves through yoga  teachers as they simply are vehicles of information. Watch his interview below and tell us what you think. For us it is always important to separate this wonderful practice from any one person. 




Have you read the recently published book , "Hellbent" by Benjamin Lorr? In this book he eloquently provides insight to the Bikram yoga world. Although much of what he expresses is not how we aspire to run our studio, his information is very observant.


Let us know your thoughts by replying to this email. We would love to hear from you.



We would like to welcome back Vonni to the studio. Vonni was our very first massage therapist at Bikram Yoga Sandy and we are so pleased to have her back.


Vonni Tomlinson has over 2000 hours of training and has been in private practice for over 12 years. While most of her work is concentrated in Deep Tissue Modalities, Vonni uses a variety of bodywork and movement techniques, including

arch and floor work, as well as Pilates to help her clients experience greater freedom in their bodies. She is dedicated to helping those people who are willing to help themselves and take an active role in their own process of change.



Vonni is excited to become a part of the Bikram Yoga Sandy Studio and would like to extend a special offer of

$15 off for New Clients in the month of February.




Please call Vonni at 801-718-3407 or email her at vraltom@gmail.com for an appointment.



 For more information about Vonni click here to visit her website.



Introduce your special someone to Bikram Yoga on

Valentine's Day!

If it is their first time to Bikram Yoga Sandy, their class that day (Thursday February 14th) will be FREE.



Do not leave valuables visible in your car during class. Especially early morning and late nights when it is dark outside. Full parking lots are an attraction to those looking.


Teacher Schedule now posted on Bikramyogasandy.com

Check it out! You'll see special holiday schedules, class additions, and which teacher is on the podium.   


10% Off on Towels/Mats for Local Intro Students Purchase a towel or mat during your first month of practice and you'll receive 10% off retail.


Account Purchases  Are you looking for an easier way to make small purchases? We have a new 'money on account' program. Give us a credit and/or debit card to keep on file and we charge your account in $25 increments. When your account reaches $0, your card will automatically be charged $25 without bringing in your card! With your email address on file you'll automatically receive a receipt for the transaction.  


Leave Your Towel OR Clothes Behind? Wet clothes and towels go back into the laundry room, so if you don't see what you have left behind ask our friendly front desk staff and they'll help you find your lost friend.


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Class Schedule


Community class is at 10am on Saturday, February 2nd and on Saturday March 2nd.



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8:00am  *  10:00am  *  2:30pm  * 4:30pm  *  6:30pm


** GIVE BACK CLASS: Cost $10
Regular class package will not apply. All proceeds go to charities listed on our website.




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~ If you're on a class pass and practice twice in one day the second class is free?
~ If you bike commute to the studio we provide you with a complimentary mat and towel?


~ If you practice on your birthday your class is on us?


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Jackie & Alex

Bikram Yoga Sandy was opened in 2003 by Jackie & Alex Wheeler. Combined Jackie and Alex have practiced  for 30 years and taught consistently for 23 years. Much more importantly Jackie and Alex continue to grow and learn as practitioners and teachers daily. We welcome all of you to our studio and hope you enjoy your journey to a better you!

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