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Hopefully this email finds you with the attitude of gratitude! Personally, I find myself the most grateful for the very thing that is the most challenging in my life, which is my 4 year old, Boone. At times I am able to stay centered and calm and then at times I lose it completely! The space in between the calm and losing it is where I enjoy the sweetness of just being grateful for what is and it's offerings. I find this is similar to practice... it is usually the hardest postures that offer the most profound lessons, giving me the opportunity to grow as a person and to gradually shift suffering into joy.

 boone in the leaves

I invite all of you to practice letting go of your judgements and attachments to what is 'right', 'wrong', 'could be', 'should be', both on and off your yoga mat. May you also find contentment in simply being and develop an attitude of gratitude in the most challenging obstacles and joyful celebrations alike.  


"Not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance."    -Epicurus


 With Gratitude!

Jackie, Alex, and the teachers and staff of Bikram Yoga Sandy


Our Bikram Yoga Sandy Community has the opportunity to GIVE BACK to our local Community!

  • Every Friday at 6:30pm
  • Cost: $10 Drop-in  (minimum)
  • Your regular class package will not apply to the Give Back Class.
  • 100% of November proceeds will be given to the School of Rock Foundation.
  • Join us in supporting our local community!

"The universe operates through dynamic exchange...giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe and in our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep abundance of the universe circulating in our life."                                                                   -Deepak Chopra



1.  Funds a dozen full and partial scholarships for less advantaged students at the Sandy School of Rock.

2.  Their goal is to double the number of scholarships they fund in the next year, and expand their efforts to other after school modern music programs.

3. Monthly tuition for scholarship recipients ranges from $175-$225 (or $2100-$2800 per year.)


Let's make it happen to support a student for a year of furthering their music education!!


VERY EXCITING! December Give Back proceeds will benefit The Road Home Homeless Shelter in Midvale. .. Helping homeless famililes create a better future. Stay posted! We will also be doing a winter needs drive for them! 




Bikram Yoga Ogden Presents: 



United States Yoga Federation
United States Yoga Federation


Union Sherperd Bldg. 

The Wildcat Theatre




Adults $5

Children under 12 Free



There are many ways to participate in this community event:


1.  Being a competitor. It is appropriate to compete at any and all stages of practice to compete. It is an opportunity for personal growth and share your practice with others to inspire them to start or continue their practice.  Honestly,  I find the least experienced practitioners the most inspiring! If you are interested in competiting contact jackie@bikramyogasandy.com

2. Become a volunteer to help out with the event. If you have a skill or a desire to be an extra hand with the needs of the organizer please contact movingmantra@gmail.com

3. Donate goods or services to the silent raffle. All the proceeds will go to hosting the event and sending the regional winners to the national championship. If you have an item to donate contact movingmantra@gmail.com



 Kellee Bio photo

Hi, I am Kellee Morris and I am (one of) your yoga teacher (s) here at Bikram Yoga Sandy! I graduated from Bikram Teacher Training in the Fall of 2000 with Jackie, and can truly say, these years as a Bikram Instructor have been the best of my life. Life truly began with Bikram Yoga as, for me, the world unfolded clearly only after I accepted this yoga to be the pivotal foundation of my enduring lifestyle. I have taught all over the country, without interruption since I graduated and can honestly say, I have never taught a class I didn't love teaching!

Bikram Yoga has helped me overcome crippling fibromyalgia, depression and opened my life to the myriad possibilities of potential in overcoming circumstances, history, emotional issues and learning that when I can focus one spot on myself in the mirror, keep my mind inside my brain for 10 seconds, that I am capable of creating things I never dreamed of! Today I revel in the development of who I have become because of how this yoga showed me my own life path.

I love Bikram yoga with my whole heart. I didn't like it when I started it, it hurt, but I invested in the pain in order to overcome the tremendous suffering which had become a part of life which I liked even less. Today, middle aged, and happier than I could have ever imagined, I am a huge advocate of Bikram Yoga. I teach it with sensitivity to the individual.

My speciality is enthusiasm and positive energy with a focus on precise alignment and subtle adjustments within the postures to keep your body free from misalignment. I adore sacred geometry exhibited as we practice the postures.

As a senior teacher who has stayed close to Bikram and HQ, I am constantly learning and growing in my teaching.  I am always happy to listen and answer questions, always sincerely interested in the well being of my students and I look forward to embarking on this journey of your yogic unfolding with you. Namaste



In and Around the Studio



Happy Smiling Faces!  Yes, we have many happy, smiling faces at the studio and we've added 3 more. A warm welcome to Kristen, Katie, and Nikki the newest additions to our front desk staff!


Teacher Schedule now posted on Bikramyogasandy.com

Check it out! You'll see special holiday schedules, class additions, and which teacher is on the podium.   


10% Off on Towels/Mats for Local Intro Students Purchase a towel or mat during your first month of practice and you'll receive 10% off retail.


Account Purchases  Are you looking for an easier way to make small purchases? We have a new 'money on account' program. Give us a credit and/or debit card to keep on file and we charge your account in $25 increments. When your account reaches $0, your card will automatically be charged $25 without bringing in your card! With your email address on file you'll automatically receive a receipt for the transaction.  


Leave Your Towel OR Clothes Behind? Wet clothes and towels go back into the laundry room, so if you don't see what you have left behind ask our friendly front desk staff and they'll help you find your lost friend.


In This Issue
Give Back Class
Posture Clinic
Give Back Class
In and Around the Studio
Its so easy!
You Choose the amount, send them a gift certificate via e-mail and they can use their gift certificate for yoga and retail!
Holiday Schedule
Thanksgiving Day
6:00a, 9:15a, & 12:00p
Christmas Eve
6:00a, 9:15a, 12:00p & 2:30p
Christmas Day
Studio Closed
New Year's Eve
6:00a, 9:15a, 12:00p,
4:30p & 10:30p
New Year's Day
9:15a, 12:00p, 2:30p & 4:30p 

Class Schedule


Community class is at 10am Saturday, December 1st.



6:00am  *  9:15am  *  12:00pm  4:30pm  *  6:30pm  *  8:15pm



6:00am  *  9:15am  *  12:00pm  5:30pm  *  7:30pm



6:00am  *  9:15am  *  12:00pm  4:30pm  *  6:30pm  *  8:15pm



6:00am  *  9:15am  *  12:00pm  5:30pm  *  7:30pm



6:00am  *  9:15am  *  12:00pm   2:30 pm  * 4:30pm  *  6:30pm**  



6:00am  *  8:00am  *  10:00am  2:30pm  *  4:30pm   



8:00am  *  10:00am  *  2:30pm  * 4:30pm  *  6:30pm


** GIVE BACK CLASS: Cost $10
Regular class package will not apply. All proceeds go to charities listed on our website.




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Jackie & Alex

Bikram Yoga Sandy was founded in 2003 by Jackie & Alex Wheeler. Jackie began her Bikram Yoga practice in 1996 and graduated from Bikram's Yoga College of India Teacher Training program in 2000.  Alex began his practice in Oregon in 2000 and graduated from teacher training in 2003.