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The Update  

 March, 2013
THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING...Our 10th Annual Auction Fundraiser: "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"!



All attendees were mailed a statement detailing their purchases and an Auction Feedback Form. 


You may Click Here for the Auction Feedback Form.


We have included a few photos from this fun and profitable benefit for our school.  Click here to see the full Shutterfly Album.  



Take Me Out to the Ballgame Auction Team
auction  auction



home run
This year, our Auction raised approximately:


$62,000 Net

which includes $23,845 Fund-a-Need for roof repairs, campus improvement

and classroom supplies!


Although our Auction income this year was about $8,000 less than last year's, the amount we raised is an especially notable accomplishment.  With less total value in donations to work with and a smaller committee overall, the Auction Team produced BIG results despite these challenges.  We raised the highest amount ever in our Fund-a-Need which will go toward very practical necessities on our campus.  In addition, we had a great turnout with over 200 people in attendance. The room was filled with positive team spirit for CSWS. In these ways, the event was definitely a "home run" for our school.


THANK YOU to Sharyn Mairani, our returning Auction Chair, and our "All Star" Auction Committee of parents, staff and faculty who brought us a fun, well-organized and successful Auction.  Thanks to everyone's hard work and team spirit, the funds raised will greatly benefit our teachers, students and programs. 


There are still opportunities to purchase Sign-Ups and donate directly to our Fund-a-Need (which is 100% tax deductible), all which will still benefit CSWS. Please see below.


Lynn Morgan, Director of Community Development

SIGN UPS Still Available in the School Office through Friday, March 22

Reserve Your Spot Today (Checks Payable to "CSWS Parent Guild")



Spend an evening at The Painted Owl on Main St. in Placerville, creating a keepsake for your home. All materials will be provided. Wine and cheese will be served, as well as desserts. Class to be held Friday, April 26, 2013 from 6-9 pm.

Donated by: Heidi Leveroni; The Painted Owl

5 Spots left  $90/person



Design and create your own mosaic garden stepping stone. This creative outdoor gathering will be at the home of Cindy and Jimmy Stephens in Placerville. Includes all materials, appetizers, wine and sweets. Completed designs will be grouted in a neutral color and can either be picked-up (by arrangement) or will be delivered to CSWS. Party will be held on Saturday, June 22 at 6 pm for a maximum of 12 people.

Donated by Cindy & Jimmy Stephens

11 Spots left  $40/person



Come discover your creativity in a very hands-on and tactile way. Visualize your idea in the stone and carve away learning various carving techniques, then take home your beautifully polished creation. Lunch is included.

Donated by James Marquez

Saturday, June 29 from 10 am to 3 pm. For up to 15 participants.

11 Spots left  $30/person



Is your daughter about ready to wear make-up or could use some tips on application? I will show her how to create a fashionable yet youthful look. Each girl will take home a goodie bag to practice her skills which includes a full size mascara as well as lipstick and eyeshadow samples. Light refreshments will be served. Workshop is offered for up to 10 girls at CSWS Mom, Laura Hauge's home in Shingle Springs. Minimum age requirement is 12 years old. Donated by Laura Hauge. 

Saturday, April 13th, 2013 from 2-4 pm.  

6 Spots left $35/person



Intimidated with wine tasting? Let wine aficionado and CSWS dad, Mitch Foster educate and thoroughly entertain you for two hours as you learn about wines in a casual, inviting atmosphere at Synapse's tasting room on Main Street in Placerville. Cheese pairings will be included. Maximum of 8 people.

Donated by: Mitch & Lorrina Foster; Synapse Wines

Saturday May 11, 2013 from 3-5 pm.

6 Spots left  $20/person

Donations Are Still Being Accepted for our Fund-a-Need



Paypal Donate 

CLICK HERE to donate ANY amount to our Fund-a-Need which will go directly to paying for Classroom Supplies in the 2013-2014 school year. 


Donations can also be turned into the School Office (checks payable to "CSWS Parent Guild."


Thanks for your support.

Annual Giving - Second Grade is Leading the Way          


The 2nd Grade class stepped up their participation level to a whopping 94% of families!  The 3rd Grade is in second place with 67% participation.  8th Grade is close behind with 63%.  Help your class fill those thermometers to 100% by giving a cash or in-kind donation to our 2012-2013 Annual Giving Campaign. 



Our school participation is now at 53% of our current families.  Remember, when we can show that 100% of our families are contributing, corporations are more inclined to provide much-needed grant funds.  Give what you can - help us to reach 100%.


One of our recent donations was a block of Intel stock valued at $5250.  Thank you to that generous family and to all of the parents, grandparents, (even a great-grandparent!), alumni and alumni parents, and friends of CSWS!  Our cash donations have now reached $30,850; in-kind donations are at $13,190, thus bringing our total to $44,040, as of March 7th!  As our goal this year is $60,000, we are 73% of the way there!  Way to go, team CSWS!!!

easter basket

Spring Basket Craft Sales from the Seventh Grade


Check out the amazing creations our Seventh Grade has made for your Easter or Spring Baskets -- vintage, silk necktie, blown, dyed eggs and beeswax crayon "re-melts".  These items were created by our Seventh Graders with their Handwork Teacher, Jennifer Lacher.  


For sale to support the Class of 2014 on Friday, March 22 at 12:30pm after the Third Grade Play.


Eighth Grade Projects, Coming Soon!


Location: The Federated Church, "Price Hall", 

1031 Thompson Way, Placerville, CA 95667

When: April 11th, and 12th, (Thursday and Friday) seating at 5:45,

Presentations from 6-8 pm each evening


If you have never seen our Eighth Grade Project Presentations, you are in for a treat this year! The class of 2013 warmly invites you to attend their presentations.  We warmly invite all friends and family members as well as parents of middle school age children who will be working on this project in the not too distant future.

The projects were designed this year to create an emphasis on learning and understanding the minute details of a topic that they are interested in.  In the words of Michelangelo, "Beauty depends on purpose.  It is in the elements best suited to their purpose or aim that beauty shines forth most strongly" we have found a common theme or thread in which to take up study of a chosen subject.

 The question then is; what is the purpose of my work and what elements are key to understanding my subject?  The students have been hard at work, either working with a mentor, interviewing knowledgeable professionals, as well as practicing or understanding a new skill they may have acquired.  They will be explaining their topics and all the elements that make it interesting.  Not only have they been working hard at learning the "how's" but they have also been tasked with learning the "why's" and in some cases, having to come up with new solutions for existing issues. 

I remain in awe of this class's dedication to the subjects and their work ethic, and we are looking forward to two very special evenings of presenting their work.  The Seventh Grade will be providing refreshments for purchase during the event.


Presenting: April 11th

Aaron Phillippi - The Physics of Basketball

Fiona Rodriguez Drake - Underwater Photography

Curtis Regan - How an Airplane Works 

 Alex Rounds - Study of Music


Presenting April 12th

Joaquim Pedroza - Forensic Science and Crime Scene Investigations*

Kristen Niebauer - Plastics in our Environment, our Bodies and our Future

Jim Robinson - Computer Programming

Tristan Schaeffer - The Bass Guitar in Popular Music


* Note: due to subject matter, this topic is not suitable for younger children.


Please join us in supporting the fine work of this year's graduating class. You'll be delighted and inspired by them.



Lisa Morgan, Eighth Grade Teacher


Meet Our Graduates: CSWS Alumni Speaker Night Event


Have you ever wondered how Cedar Springs Waldorf School graduates fare as they transition to high school? Last month a group of upper grades students, parents and teachers gathered to hear recent alumni speak about their experiences. Many were very recent graduates - last year's eighth grade class - and some were further along into their high school years, and even beyond into college. A variety of high schools were represented, from Sacramento Waldorf School to local public high schools to private/charter schools. Even more important was the diversity of the alumni panel lending a variety of individual perspectives on their transition to high school.

        The evening was formatted as an open question/answer session skillfully moderated by current CSWS parent (and alumni parent) Heidi Leveroni. For about an hour and a half, the alumni provided candid, informative responses about their impressions, experiences and insights into the social and academic situations they encountered as young freshmen joining, for the most part, largely populated high schools.  When asked about which skills they learned here that helped them the most in high school, the overwhelming response was "social skills and public speaking!"

        As a parent, it was reassuring that all of the alumni represented felt well prepared from their CSWS education and many were able to jump into advanced placement classes in a variety of subjects - math, sciences, English, and Spanish. The final take home messages from the alumni to current students who will soon be embarking on their own journeys to high school included "don't worry, be yourself", create balance with school work by pursuing other activities such as music, art or sports, and be true to yourself - good advice for all of us!

        Many thanks to the alumni and their parents for the efforts put forth for this valuable, informative evening (and delicious refreshments, too). When this event is offered again in the next year or two, mark your calendars! Don't miss it - high school will come sooner than you think...


Celebrate Easter Naturally
Dyeing Eggs with Plants and Spices eggs

Waldorf Today has collected some lovely how-to articles and photos for dyeing Easter eggs naturally. Click here to learn fun, new ways of creating beautiful Easter eggs.

Hello CSWS Community,


       We will be bringing to you regular articles on the business operations of the school. The objective is to offer insight into the workings of the school that is not generally seen by our community.


       We all know it is enrollment season. A heartfelt thank you to all who have delivered their contracts and deposits. Compared to prior years, we have received a significant number of contracts...Nice Work! Remember that contracts and deposits are due by Friday, April 5.


      This is the time of the year when we communicate the needs of the school relative to tuition and enrollment to for the current year, and begin the planning for next year. Enrollment income is the greatest contributor to the financial needs of our school. The Finance Committee has begun the planning for next year through the creation of a planning budget. This budget predicts the enrollment levels and expected expenses for next year. As we progress through the enrollment season we compare the actual outcomes to these predictions. It is with great anticipation that we ask for all families to indicate thei intention so that we can make adjustments in our planning.


     Just as the school does, CSWS families take a hard look at the financial needs of the future. Certainly tuition is a major consideration in this planning. It is tax time. It is Deposit time. It can feel overwhelming! The anticipation we feel as a school is also felt in our families. Unlike most organizations in the bigger world, we take into consideration the personal needs of the families and work with them in the interest of supporting the needs of the children. I do not know if there is a nobler pursuit. Continuity of education in the midst of financial change is of the utmost importance to Cedar Springs. We all make sacrifices in the pursuit of the greater goal.


     With that said, we encourage all families to let us know what their intentions are for next year by returning the contract or letting us know of the challenges you face so we can work on them together. For those who have a demonstrated financial need please make sure your Tuition Support applications are in by the deadline of the March 22. These funds are limited and distributed on a first come first serve basis.

The schedule for Financial Planning during the next few months is as follows:



  • Prepare year end projections (2012-2013) based on actual income and expenses
  • Prepare the planning budget for 2013-2014
  • Begin the Tuition Support review and meetings
  • Receive contracts and intentions within the enrollment process
  • Review changes in Employment benefits. Medical, Dental, Insurances, etc.


  • Begin the preliminary Budget planning process for 2013-2014 (Approved first week of June.) 
  • Tuition Support meetings commence
  • Beginning planning for program offerings and operational expenses for 2013-2014
  • Begin planning of summer construction and facility work
  • Make preliminary decisions on employment offering to extend to employees
  • Prepare employment contracts for the 2013-2014 school year

       Our planning is a 12 month process that overlaps between years. Monitoring and adjustment are ongoing. Every dollar is spoken for in our budget that balances to net of zero. Unexpected change is difficult given that we do not have reserve to absorb increases in cost. Additionally, decreases in income are felt with the same weight. As I speak with other schools in the area, I can confidently say that our community is fabulous! The CSWS community is incredibly committed to their school and as a result, we do not see decreases in income. This is incredible in these times of uncertainty. Thank you for your commitment.


      If you have any questions please do not hesitate to talk with me...The door is truly open, and private.


Scott Krieger

Business Manager




Dates at a Glance


March 2013  


Spring Break - No School

March 25 - April 5

April 2013


Eighth Grade Project Presentations

April 11 and 12, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


All Community Work Party

Sunday, April 28, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

May 2013

All Community Work Party

Saturday, May 4, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm



Kindergarten Summer Camp - Sign Up Now! 


Monday through Friday

8:00 am - 1:00 pm (camp)

Ages 3 (potty trained) to Rising First Graders

(Note: 1:00-5:30 pm extended care, if there is sufficient interest)


Dates & Themes for Each Week

June 17-21 - Over the Hills and Far Away

June 24-28 - The Land of Elves & Fairies

July 1-5 - At the Water's Edge (camp held on the 4th)

July 8-12 - Noble Knights & Fair Maidens


Rudolf Steiner College Foundation Year students

present a theatrical performance of:


The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily

An adaptation of the fairytale by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


green snakePerformance dates:

Wednesday March 20th at 7:30 pm

Thursday March 21st at 7:30 pm



Stegmann Hall, Rudolf Steiner College,

9200 Fair Oaks Blvd., Fair Oaks, CA. 95628



No tickets are required.

(Recommended ages 9 years old and up due to theatrics and noise.)

Suggested donations may be made at the door. 


This play is an adaptation of the fairytale, written and first published in 1795, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.  A tale that is famously acknowledged to be the inspiration for Rudolf Steiner's first mystery drama of 1910.


Performed by the adult students of the Rudolf Steiner College Foundation Year, this play brings to life the story of the green snake and the fair lily, which revolves around the crossing and bridging of a river that runs between two worlds. 


Through 7 periods of time it follows character journeys through striving and transformation, chaos and enlightenment as they transition between the sense and spiritual worlds.

Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore May Sale


Save the Dates!
May 9, 10, 
and 11, Thursday - Saturday 

10am - 5pm daily. 

The Bookstore will hold its annual Spring Sale, with 15% off everything in the store (just in time for Graduation)! 

Rudolf Steiner College Workshops, Classes and Special Events


Click here to see the current activities available at Rudolf Steiner College.

Do You Know a Waldorf Alumni in the Field of Environmentalism?


The Association of Waldorf Schools in North America (AWSNA) is conducting interviews with Green Alumni - Waldorf graduates who are now working (or studying) in a field that relates to environmentalism in some capacity. If you would like to participate, please contact Sarah Hearn at sarah.hearn@gmail.com. The interview consists of a few short survey questions and can be completed via email or over the phone.


Warm Regards,


Sarah Hearn

(AWSNA Part-time Researcher)


KINDERHARP MISSING: Ms. Veronica and all her kindergarten children are very much missing the kinderharp (lyre) that disappeared from their classroom about a month ago. If you know where it went wandering, please help it find its way back home.


COIN LOST: Treasured coin lost on lower campus - about the size of a silver dollar, bronze in color, with a ship on one side. It has a small hole and was tied to a black cord. Please contact the office you have have found the coin!


The following items will be donated if not claimed by March 22:

GUITAR FOUND: Guitar found on campus last fall. Call the office to claim.

FOUND: Money found on 2/13 on the road. To claim, call office and tell us how much!

FOUND: US Air Force Wallet. To claim, call the office and tell us the color!

FOUND: Pocket knife. To claim, call the office and tell us the color!

FOUND: Small wooden dolphin.

LOST AND FOUND CLOTHING ON CAMPUS:  Please gather your missing items!


Experience a blend of hypnotherapy, polarity therapy, somatic emotional clearing and wellness coaching.


Call for your Free consultation today. 

Jennifer Jackson

(530) 417-3188


ORGANIC PRODUCE - CSA MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE:  Alumni Family (Dan, Jaz, and Jackie Moyer) invite CSWS families to visit the new  South Fork Farm at 941 Cold Springs Road (at the Wakamatsu Colony.)  CSA memberships now available with a weekly produce box for 6-months.  Delivery to CSWS will be available if enough families sign-up.  Farm Stand share also available, allowing a discount for purchases directly at the Farm.  Call (530) 417-2659 or visit www.southforkorganic.com


TWIN IKEA CHILD BED FOR SALE:  Perfect for younger child, slightly more narrow than a twin and low to the ground.  White scallop headboard and mattress.  $50 - all proceeds benefit the Seventh Grade.  Contact Cathy Reeb at (530) 306-7636


FREE OAK FIREWOOD: (you cut it) at White Feather Ranch in exchange for help in piling and burning the wood slash.  530-622-9302


SEEKING LIVE-IN HOUSEPARENTS AND COWORKERS: The Lukas Community, a Rudolf Steiner inspired community, serves the lifelong needs of developmentally challenged adults. We are currently seeking compassionate, hardworking individuals, couples or small families to live with and help care for our residents in our beautiful extended-family homes as well as to participate in our therapeutic programs. Click here for more information.



Find your authentic voice!  Have you ever wished to sing along with a group, but was afraid of what might come out?  Do you have a desire to take part in a singing group or musical theater, but not sure you have the skills?  Or would you simply like to learn to sing with more confidence and presence?  In a short time Jennifer can help you build confidence, presence, range, and musical skills!  In addition to piano lessons, former CSWS class teacher Jennifer Jackson is now offering voice lessons in her home for students aged 12-adult.  (Piano lessons to students 7-adult.)  A small number of after school spots are still available.  Call or e-mail Jennifer today at 530-417-3188 orLindyHoppinJen@aol.com for more information.     

Publication Information for The Update 


Submissions DUE                            Publication Date

APR 16                                                    APR 23

MAY 14                                                   MAY 21

JUN 18                                                    JUN 25

JULY 16                                                  JULY 23

AUG 6                                                     AUG 13


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