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New E-Verify MOU



On December 8, 2013, E-Verify issued a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The new MOU is automatically considered to apply to existing E-Verify companies and supersedes the MOU that was initially signed when the company became an E-Verify employer.


You are required to read the new MOU no later than January 8, 2014.


The good news is that there are very few changes in the new MOU, other than to re-write it in way that can be more easily understood and to use a new numbering system for the paragraphs so that they are easier to cite.


The few changes included in the new MOU focus on:


  1. Liability for losses
  2. Use of the E-Verify logo
  3. The use of contract staff by USCIS to conduct on-site evaluations.


While there is no way for the USCIS to verify whether you have reviewed the new MOU, they are requiring that it be reviewed no later than January 8, 2014, as its provisions will apply to existing E-Verify companies on after that date.


While the MOU was not released until December 8, 2013, it is actually dated June 2013.


You can find the new MOU at:


Please note that there are three separate versions of the new MOU; one for employers, a second for agents and a third for entities that are both employers and agents.  You need only review the MOU that applies to your company's designation (employer, agent or both).

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