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JANUARY 16, 2013 

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Critical Access Hospital Physicians Billing Method II

Now Eligible for Physician EHR Incentive Payment 


By: Brian Bertsch


CMS just clarified this month that Critical Access Hospital Physicians Billing Method II will now be eligible to receive the physician electronic health record incentive payment. Previously, CMS indicated these physicians would not be eligible except for those Medicare covered charges submitted on a CMS-1500, with the exception of site of service inpatient hospital and emergency room. The rationale for not including CAH Method II physicians was due to system limitations by CMS that could not identify the appropriate physicians and covered charges in order to calculate the EHR incentive payment.


Based upon this clarification from CMS, these Method II physicians can begin to participate in calendar year 2013. However, CMS needs to complete system changes in order to recognize the physician identifier and claim information in order to process the EHR payment. Therefore, these physicians will not be able to attest until January 2014. Those physicians that begin participation in calendar 2013 will be eligible for a maximum payment amount of $39,000 should they continue to meet meaningful use in future years.


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Brian Bertsch 

Brian Bertsch

Health Care Consulting Sr. Manager


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