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Winter 2014
Kim Stetz
Thompson Square Park NYC Feb 2013 blizzardland

I find myself getting all sped up in December with organizing and planning my social and work calendar. I want to do it all, but yet, if it's all packed in there, and many of you know what I mean by this: dinners, parties, lunches, our job or work, home work, study, daily activities like grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, taking care of others AND taking care of our selves - I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Sorry for putting you, the reader through that!  We humans do a lot!

Something to remember or be mindful of when you feel like you're gasping for air is to actually notice just that - you need to take some deep breaths. This takes practice! The practice of mindfully breathing brings us into the moment and our body. We can't be elsewhere or wherever it is that we think we need to be. If taking a deep breath is challenging, then bring awareness to your regular breath via your nostrils. Feel the cool air come in and then the warm air go out. Do that several times. You may notice different sensations in the body like the shoulders releasing or your belly relaxing. Be with the feelings or sensations for a few more breaths and acknowledge how you feel. This isn't good or bad. It's just how you feel in that moment in time. Whatever it is you're feeling, also recognize that the feeling will change.

Nothing is permanent. One outcome from recognizing impermanence, is the arising of gratitude. Notice what you are grateful for. Why not right here, right now?

I encourage curiosity and self study and never giving up on yourself. YOU are whole, beautiful and have boundless love.

Please write if you have questions. I will help however I can. Change is happening. You can shape your future. I'm looking forward to 2014! Definitely will not be more of the same old, same old.

May all beings near and far experience peace and joy this holiday season and new year.

Maha love, Kim

HSL Happenings 

Improv 101 Class Show
Improv 101 Class Show    Nov 24, 2013 

I love that "don't kill your scene partner" is listed as a "helpful hint" in learning improv technique. Of course it's improv killing, with some kind of improv object, but if you kill your scene partner for whatever reason, say you don't like how the scene is going so you kill them, this isn't a good way to go about working in class and you don't want that spilling over out into the real world. 


January 24 -26, 2014
Friday 7-9 pm, Saturday 10-6 pm, Sunday 10-1:30 pm

Where: The ID Project 302 Bowery, NYC
Leading the retreat: Kim Brown and Lawrence Grecco

Yoga will be led by IDP instructor Kim Stetz. These brief stretch breaks are approximately 10-15 minutes long and are designed to be supportive of sitting meditation practice. No prior knowledge of yoga is required. 

Loving-kindness is a form of love that truly is an ability, and, as research scientists have shown, it can be learned. - IDP Lineage Mentor Sharon Salzberg

IDP Weekend retreats are a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the practices and teachings of the Buddhist tradition in the support of a group environment. The focus of this retreat will be the Buddha's original teachings on metta meditation and the Tibetan practice of tonglen. The retreat will include talks, practice instruction, in-depth meditation, short yoga breaks, and discussion.

For more information and registration click here.

Healing from the inside out

Itchy, Raw, Eczema! There is a holistic solution.

"Eczema that looked like a flesh eating disease is what brought me to my knees over ten years ago in wanting to figure out how such a healthy living yogini could have skin covered in open raw wounds."

Next 10 day HSL detox Spring 2014!
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Kim Stetz is an Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT), meditation teacher and a Certified Health Coach (AADP). Her dedication to health and wellness comes from her passion for yoga and nutritious food. From the very first time she stepped on a yoga mat in 1992, she knew her life was about to take the path less traveled. Kim has yoga certifications from OM Yoga NYC, Yoga For Two The Barnes Method, Relax and Renew Judith Hansen Lasater, and Anatomy Studies For Yoga Teachers with Jason R. Brown. Kim is also a  graduate of The Interdependence Project's Meditation Teacher Training and Buddhist Studies programs. For services please visit my website.

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