2nd Quarter, 2014 Kinney Pike Report - In This Issue:

Kinney Pike Receives Nationwide Agribusiness Award


On June 9th, Nationwide Agribusiness recognized Kinney Pike Insurance with an award and dinner for reaching a milestone of new business placed through Nationwide Agribusiness, the nation's No. 1 farm and ranch insurer.  

Shown in the photo below are Emily Keggan, Nationwide Agribusiness Sales Manager, and Terrance Williams, President and COO of Nationwide Agribusiness. 



Hand-Held Cell Phones to be Banned While Driving
The Vermont Legislature approved, and Governor Peter Shumlin signed into law, a provision banning the use of hand-held cell phones while driving. 
The new law, which takes effect on October 1, 2014, levies a fine of $100 to $200 for a first offense. The Vermont Department of Public Safety will launch a state-wide public awareness program concerning the new law by August 1st.
Vermont already has a text ban law which carries a fine of $100 plus an assessment of two points against the operator's license.  
No Portable Devices in Construction Zones
Police are reminding drivers in Vermont to put down their electronic devices in construction zones.  It is illegal to use any hand-held devices - like cell phones, a GPS or iPods - in workzones unless the hands-free feature is enabled.  

The law took affect January 1, 2014.  If you're caught, you will be hit with a $230 fine and two points on your license.  Those penalties are more than double for subsequent offenses.  
 Sleep is Important to Your Health
Not getting enough sleep is frustrating and dangerous!
Lack of sleep can lead to increased levels of stress and decreased levels of productivity. The National Commission on Sleep Disorders estimates that sleep deprivation costs $100 billion every year in injuries, death and property damage.

Operating vehicles or other equipment when not fully rested can result in catastrophic events. Working late or night shifts can also create sleep disturbance and associated excessive sleepiness.
Sleepiness/fatigue in the work place leads to poor concentration, absenteeism, accidents, errors, injuries, and fatalities.

Shift-work sleep disorder is considered a disorder because of the frequency with which people suffer from sleep disturbance and excessive sleepiness in trying to adapt to a shift-work schedule.

These approaches can assist you in minimizing risks and staying safe:

Stay on schedule: If possible, be on a schedule and get to bed and wake close to the same time every day. Developing a regular rhythm for your sleep cycle will make you feel healthier and more alert during the day.  
Routines are good: Develop a set of practices to cue your body that it is time to shut down. Condition your body with a set of pre-bedtime rituals that will help your body recognize when it is time to slow down and rest.
* Use your bed for sleeping: Do not use bed as a work center. This will help your body to understand that when you lie down in bed, it is time to sleep.
* Watch what you eat and drink: Refrain from ingesting caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol at least 4-6 hours before bed. Many substances found in everyday foods can inhibit sleep. 
* Do not operate equipment when sleepy: If sleepy, take proper action to prevent an incident. If you can't fall asleep within 20 minutes, get out of bed and do something relaxing until you feel sleepy. 

Fatigue and sleepiness impair reaction time, judgment and vision; cause problems with information processing and short-term memory; and decrease performance, vigilance and motivation. 
Source: National Sleep Foundation
Community Corner


Welcome to the busy summer season!  
We're finishing up our Water Stations at five Relay for Life events across Vermont, as well as the (always popular) Quechee Balloon Festival. Next stops are The Prouty in Hanover on 7/12, the Swanton Car Show & Concert on 7/26 and the Harpoon Point to Point Bike Ride on 8/9!

Congratulations to our 2nd Quarter raffle/prize winners!

* Linda-Lee Tavares and Jay Moody 
  won our hot air balloon rides at the 
  Quechee Balloon Festival.
* Tracy Coolidge of Milford, NH was 
  the recipient of a $250 donation to 
  David's House of Lebanon, NH, for 
  entering her name in our drawing 
  at the Quechee Balloon Festival. 
* Shelley Dimick Kuehn won "Most 
  Likes" in our Facebook Photo 
  Contest and Vanessa Macia Maxham 
  won for the Kinney Pike favorite 
* SLAMDiabetes was awarded $135 
  for partnering with us for our May 
  Facebook Challenge!
Kinney Pike Celebrates
110 Year Anniversary!


It's been 110 year years since Kinney Pike first opened its doors in Rutland, where the Steven C. Dorsey Agency formed to sell industrial life insurance policies. The Pike Insurance Agency operated separately at the time, selling industrial health, accident insurance, and business property & casualty insurance.   Over the next several decades, the business names changed, the companies expanded, and in 1969 the merged agencies formed Vermont's largest independent property & casualty insurance agency known as Kinney, Pike, Bell & Conner.  Since then, we have grown tremendously, shortened our name, and expanded the depth of services and knowledge we provide our clients.  


We are very excited to celebrate this occasion with our clients and the community, and in an effort to help others, we will be hosting a blood drive in our Williston office on June 30th.   Stop by, give blood, and join us for some cake and refreshments!  And thank you for 110 years of loyalty and trust!  We look forward to helping you with your insurance needs in years to come.  

Be Ready for Weather Changes
The weather can change fast in New England!  Keep your yard free of dead or rotting trees and branches that can fall in high winds. When a severe thunderstorm warning is issued, go to a safe place in your house with a flashlight and battery-operated radio and wait for the all-clear.

Be prepared for severe thunder and lightning storms! According to the National Weather Service (NWS), there are an estimated 25 million lightning strikes in the U.S. each year. A single strike can damage or destroy your property, communication networks and other sensitive electronic equipment worth thousands of dollars.

While the NWS issues severe thunderstorm warnings for storms that produce damaging wind or hail, they are not issued for lighting. Lightning is to blame for $5 - $6 billion in large insured property damage. Consider the following to protect your property, equipment and other assets:

* Install and maintain an appropriate lighting protection system. 
  These systems are designed to protect a structure and provide 
  a specified path to harness and safely ground the super-
  charged current of the lightning bolt.
* Be sure the lightning protection system is in accordance with 
  accepted industry standards and meets National Fire 
  Protection Association, Lighting Protection Institute and UL 
* Include surge protection for electrical, telephone, cable or 
  satellite TV lines entering the structure.
* Make sure all equipment is UL-listed and properly labeled.

Source:  The Concord Group, Trident Insurance Services

Please contact our Personal Lines Insurance Specialist if we can be of help with your Personal insurance needs. 
Back at the Grill...

Food from the grill tastes great!  Here are a few reminders for your outdoor barbecues:
  *  Keep your grill at least 5 feet away from the house, shrubs
      and bushes
  *  Check the propane connection on your gas grill and never use
      a match to check for leaks
  *  When starting your charcoal grill, only use starter fluid made
      for barbecue grills
Get Rewarded for Your Referrals!
Earn up to $20 in gas cards! 
We value our clients and would like to reward you for your referrals, while thanking you for your loyalty and support!  
Here's how our Referral Program works:  
- Kinney Pike will reward you with a $10 gas card for every
  qualified referral that we quote on
- We will reward you with an ADDITIONAL $10 gas card for each
  qualified referral that becomes a new client!  
- The reward is for new personal, commercial or group benefits
  coverage for a NEW Kinney Pike client  
- A "qualified" referral is a prospect looking for the following
  types of coverage:
    * Home/condo/renter + auto insurance
    * Business insurance 
    * Life insurance
    * Any combination of the above

Thank you to all of our great clients who refer their friends/family to us.   We truly appreciate it!   
Questions?  Please email us, and we'll get right back to you!   
Client Feature
Magee.  Delivering excellence for over 60 years.
Whether you're an office of one or a company with hundreds of employees in multiple locations, your office supply needs are the same:  You want a huge selection, great prices, unbeatable customer service and you want it all now.  At Magee, that's no problem.
As one of the largest independent office supply companies in the Northeast, we understand that running your business is more important than running around trying to find the products you need.  Our goal is to make that as easy as possible for you, and we offer everyday low prices on thousands of items you depend on, along with free delivery from the Magee Fleet to make sure you have what you need when you need it.  That's because our company is built on a commitment to excellence that puts you first, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee across everything we provide.  For over 60 years we've been a locally-owned, locally-run family business, and we take each customer relationship very personally.
We measure our success by yours, and everyone at Magee will work to ensure you experience a level of service by which you define all others.  What we promise to deliver:
* Value and service which not only meets your expectations, but 
  exceeds them.
* Trust, integrity and honesty in every facet of our relationship.
* Total satisfaction with our performance, products and prices.  
Magee offers a wide range of services to help achieve your total satisfaction.  Just some of what they offer:
* State of the art product solutions
* Design/technical support
* Project management
* On-time, courteous delivery
* Professional installation
* Personalized customer service and communication
* Leasing programs
South Main Street Ext., Randolph, VT  05060
802.728.5521 - Toll Free 800.622.4552

The employees and owners of Kinney Pike Insurance would like to thank you for your continued loyalty, and we look forward to working with you again soon! 



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