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MIssed the Spring Symposium with Ronald Hutton?  You can still sport a canvas bag with the beautiful image from Sacred Lands and Spiritual Landscapes.

Each donor who contributes at least $30 through the month of November will receive a bag with our thanks.  After November 30,donations of $50 or more will receive a bag, for as long as they last.


We can't imagine a world without Cherry Hill Seminary.  Will you help keep us strong by making a gift during this season of gratitude and reflection? 


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If you want it, better tie a bow on it - let's wrap up 2013 in style!


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Spring 2014 Courses Posted

Tie a bow on 2013!

$5000 can fund tuition for one semester for:

*  2 master's students 

  2 certificate students

  10 Insights students

  A full Pagan Life Academy set for 2 prisons

Highlights of 2013
On the Horizon
Certificate of Leadership
Rhizomes cluster for groups
Intensive Scholarship Endowment
Installment payments for tuition
Univ. of S.C. collaboration
DoD equivalency application
Pagan Life Academy (for incarcerated Pagans)
Certificates of Soma, Psyche & Spirit, and Spirit of Creativity


Cherry Hill Seminary is the leading provider of education and practical training in leadership, ministry, and personal growth in Pagan and Nature-Based spiritualities.  Visit us online for more information, or contact us with questions.