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Our CHS family of faculty, students and staff are nothing if not busy and engaged with work that sustains and improves the world around them. 

So many good things came out of the Sacred Lands and Spiritual Landscapes symposium in April;  one of them was our meeting Christine Grewcock, who came to us at the end of the weekend to inquire about offering her expertise as a reference librarian.  (interview at right)

Another example of the good work being done  -- longtime faculty member James Bianchi, J.D., has just been asked by John F. Kennedy University in California to develop a course in elder law.  That's Jim in the photo below (not how he looks in court, I dare say).  Jim also recently coordinated a meeting of Pagan leaders to discuss gender identity issues.

Our readers love to hear what's happening in the CHS community.  Please let us know when you have news, celebrations or announcements.
--- Holli
Brigit: Sun of Womanhood

The world suffered a great loss with the death of scholar and author Patricia Monaghan last fall.  Her last book, co-edited with husband Michael McDermott, and published by Goddess Ink, is an anthology of writings about one of the world's most beloved goddesses, Brigit.  More here 
Important Dates

For Students
Jun 16 Insights 1 classes end
Jun 17 Insights 2 classes begin
Jul 8 Fall registration opens
Jul 14 Insights 2 classes end
Jul 15 Insights 3 classes begin
Aug 11 Insights classes end
Aug 25 Summer classes end
Sep 9 Fall classes begin

For Faculty
Jun 30 Insights 1 grades due
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Aug 25 Insights 3 grades due
Sep 8 Summer grades due
Sep 14 Spring course proposals due
Welcome New Library Specialist Christine Grewcock

We are delighted to announce a new member of the CHS staff team, Christine Grewcock of Easley, SC.  You'll be seeing more of Christine around the Moodle "campus" where she has already been busy posting resources for our summer students (see box below).  Here's a recent interview with Christine:

CHS: We met Christine at the Sacred Lands Symposium; what made you inquire about providing library services at that time?

CG: I came to the symposium with my friend, Marla, who is an academic librarian. She told me that Cherry Hill was looking for a librarian. I was impressed with Cherry Hill at the symposium and wanted to be a part of it. Being an introvert I have found the best way for me to integrate into a group is by having a task to perform. Providing library services seemed like a good match with my skills and experience.

CHS: What's the oddest or funniest experience you have had as a reference librarian?

CG: One of the things I like about working in a public library is that I get all kinds of questions; I never know what to expect when I go to work. All the odd experiences become somehow normal, so it's hard to think what might be odd to someone else. One experience that probably qualifies is when a patron asked me if I could tell her where her boyfriend was if she gave me his social security number. His parole officer didn't know where he was and she was trying to find him. It's nice that she had such faith in our search skills, but I had to tell her I couldn't help her. I refrained from commenting on how frightening it would be if anyone could instantly know another person's location just by knowing that person's SSN. One of the funniest stories I have heard happened to a coworker, but it's worth sharing. A patron called her and asked if she would call one of our branches and tell them to bring some toilet paper into the bathroom. The patron was calling from the bathroom at that branch!

CHS: Pagans seem to be slowly coming out of the broom closet in S.C. Do you have any wisdom for others from your own life in the very conservative Upstate region of S.C.?

CG: I often feel very isolated living in a conservative area, so it's really important to connect with others of like mind or who are accepting of different belief systems. Outside of those groups I am careful what I say and to whom. I was fortunate enough to be Unitarian Universalist before I realized I was pagan. It helped a lot to have the support and acceptance of that religious community as I explored my path. It's a delicate balancing act striving to live my beliefs while getting along with my conservative friends and neighbors.
If you have questions for Christine, reach her at cgrewcock @

Stop in to visit the new page for Insights short courses.  We realized that the name "Foundations" was somewhat limiting and have relaunched this important program department.  If there is something you'd like to see added to the Insights web presence, please drop us a line     
New Board Members

Adding to the treasurehouse of capable and diverse individuals found on the Board of Directors, CHS welcomes two new directors, Byron Ballard and Marla Roberson

Byron, aka "The Village Witch,"
and founder of Mother Grove, comes to us from Asheville, NC.  Some of you will have read her 2012 book, Staubs and Ditchwater

And many of you know Marla, who lives in Greenwood, SC, from Covenant of the Goddess (a former national officer).  Our directors are behind the scenes of everything we do, providing invaluable support and guidance.  Please join me in welcoming both Marla and Byron!