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September 2016

How are you currently tracking your bills? Do you have a paper or electronic calendar where you enter all of the due dates as bills come in? When you see one coming up, do you then write a check or schedule an online payment? Then, I'll bet you store all of your paid paper bills in file folders in case you have to look back at them, correct?

It's probably pretty clear to you that this isn't the best system. You occasionally miss payments because a bill was lost in transit or for some other reason didn't make its way to you. Or you were out of the office for a few days and didn't look back on deadlines you missed.

QuickBooks Online can help keep bill-payment running smoothly and improve your vendor relationships.  Here's how

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Bill & Pay -  Free Trial:  Improves cash flow, automates collections and reduces A/R time and costs.
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QBox Free Trial - Share your QB or other files without remote access.
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No need to sync to other devices.

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Intuit Announced a price increase which will take effect October 15, 2016. If you signed up with SBS, you will still receive our 35% off discount on the new monthly prices. If you would like to discuss the new pricing, please call Jerie, 256-337-5200.
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