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Sale ends October 31, 2013

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 October 2013
You know fall has arrived when you walk out in the morning and need to put on that jacket to keep from shivering.  Knowing that you are outgrowing your version of QuickBooks may not be as obvious.  Here are some questions to ask to see if you need to move to a more robust QuickBooks product:
  • Do you need to add more users/licenses?
  • Is your software slowing down?
  • Would you like industry-specific report templates?
  • Do you need more control over inventory (using serial numbers, FIFO, etc.)?
  • Would you like to create a business plan and forecast sales and expenses?
  • Would you like to track your balance sheet by class?
If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, call us at 256-337-5200.  We have the answers.  Did you know that Intuit has several Aps that integrate with your QuickBooks?  Now is a great time to "add-on."

Business Owners - Do you know which critical reports you should be reviewing on a monthly basis to monitor the health of your business?  Do you understand how to interpret these reports?  If you need to learn more or just need a refresher, attend our QuickBooks for Business Owners Training Class, 21 November 2013, from 9am-1pm, location:  BizTech, 515 Sparkman Drive.  Cost is $147 for the 4-hour class, a QuickBooks workbook and snacks.  Class size is limited to (8) to keep the class small, and so that we can customize the class to the needs of the attendees. Pre-registration required--no walk ins.  At this low cost, seats will fill fast so call us today at (256) 337-5200 to register.   Join us for a fun 4-hours! 


Have a Fantastic Week! The "QB Bob" Team

Tune in this Wednesday, 10-23-2013, for Bob's Monthly "QB Bob on the Radio" show from 8-9am.  Don't forget to tune in each Thursday at 6:45am to "QB Bob" on the radio (WTKI 1450AM 92.9FM) for QuickBooks tricks & tips. 


Do You Need a More Robust Version of QuickBooks?


Maybe you just need to study your current version thoroughly. But it might be time to move up.

If QuickBooks were just one product, its appeal would be more limited than it is. Because there's an entire family of Windows desktop software applications (as well as five online versions and a Mac edition), the QuickBooks family has found a home in millions of small businesses, and it remains the market leader.


Though QuickBooks versions themselves are not scalable (able to expand as your business grows), you can move up to a more sophisticated edition when you outgrow your current version.


But how do you know whether it's time to upgrade or whether you're just not stretching your current version to its fullest capabilities? We can help you determine that, and we'll help you move into a more appropriate edition when/if that occurs.


Desktop Differences


There are three Windows-based versions of QuickBooks: Pro, Premier and Enterprise Solutions. They all let you:

  • Import and export data


 photo QBC1013image1_zps31759b0d.jpg   

Figure 1: All desktop versions of QuickBooks let you import and export data.

  • Track income and expenses
  • Build and maintain records for customers, vendors, employees and items
  • Create and send transaction forms like invoices, estimates and purchase orders
  • Download bank and credit card transactions, and pay bills online
  • Customize and run dozens of reports
  • Keep track of your inventory of items, and 
  • Add a payroll-processing service.

All three versions share a similar user interface and navigational scheme, so when you move up to the next level, you only need to learn the new features. The 2014 offerings make it even easier to learn and use QuickBooks, since Intuit completely revamped the look and feel for those most current editions.


QuickBooks Pro is the base desktop product, offering everything in the above list and more. But would you rather have access to 150+ reports instead of 100, including some that are industry-specific? QuickBooks Premier can provide that, in addition to charts of accounts, sample files and menus tailored to your company's industry. It also offers a business plan builder and the ability to forecast sales and expenses. 

 photo QBC1013image2_zps9faffb32.jpg 

Figure 2: QuickBooks Premier helps you create a business plan.



The biggest jump in functionality, though, occurs when you move up to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. You may want to consider this upgrade when you find that, for example:
  • Your system keeps slowing down and experiencing errors because your customer, vendor, item and employee databases have grown too large
  • You need to have more than five people accessing QuickBooks simultaneously
  • You've launched a second company, and/or
  • Your item catalog has grown to the point where you're having trouble managing your multi-location inventory.

Robust Accounting

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is well-suited to complex small businesses, and sometimes even larger companies, depending on their structure and needs. It solves the data management problems that Pro and Premier users can experience, thanks to its 100,000+ record and account capacity. 


Up to 30 individuals can use the software at the same time, and they have more flexibility than is offered in Pro and Premier. Multiple users can be on the system and still complete tasks like adjusting inventory and changing sales tax rates.


You can manage more than one business using QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, even working in two company files at the same time and combining reports. Reporting capabilities themselves are much more sophisticated: The Intuit Statement Writer helps you create professional financial statements, and you have much more control over customization of your output.

 photo QBC1013image3_zps58910e7f.jpg

Figure 3: QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions offers more sophisticated inventory management tools than Pro or Premier.


Inventory management goes many steps further in this sophisticated software. It supports management of multiple warehouse and trucks, and allows transfers among them. Finding specific items is much easier because you can track down to the bin level. FIFO costing is offered as an alternative to average costing, and you can scan items and serial numbers directly into QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, which tracks both serial and lot numbers.


More Power, More Support


There are many smaller features that make this application far more powerful than QuickBooks Pro and Premier - and also a little more difficult to master. When you think the time is right, we can help you move your current data file into QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and provide training. 


It's important that you have the right fit when it comes to your accounting software. So give us a call at 256-337-5200 to set up a QuickBooks Health Check and to see the new 2014 software.

               QUICKBOOKS TRAINING CLASS SCHEDULE                         
November 21, 2013, 9am-1pm:  QuickBooks for Business Owners, $147
December - No classes to be held
January 23, 2014 (Thurs), 9am-1pm:  Accounting 101, $147
February 20 & 21, 2014 (Thurs & Fri), 9am-1pm:  Advanced QuickBooks, $247
March 20, 2014 (Thurs), 9am-1pm:  Fundamentals of QuickBooks, $147
If you need a specific class, please call us.  We will do our best to modify our class schedule to accommodate you.  Pre-registration required--no walk-ins.  We keep our classes small in order to customize each class to meet the needs of the attendees.  Pre-calls will be made to each registrant to ensure we cover the topics that are of interest to you.  Discounts available for registering for two classes at a time.  CALL Jerie at 256-337-5200 for details, location and to register TODAY!