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February 2013


Just got back from an Intuit Conference for the "best of the best IPRs" in sunny California.  Did you know that we are one of only 186 Intuit Premier Resellers (IPR) in the United States!  Also found out that we are ranked in the top 1/3 of the IPRs.  While in CA, Bob completed his course work, passed the tests, and is now QuickBooks Online Certified.  What's that?  Cloud based QuickBooks where you are always working on the current version and can access your financials anywhere at anytime.  Interested? Call us. 
Th "QB Bob" Team is truly committed to our customers and in keeping their financials "healthy" with our QB Health Check  (a term that support plan clients hear during every visit).  For those of you who are not on a support plan, now's the time to call and inquire about our monthly, 
bi-monthly or quarterly plans--everyone loves saving money and keeping their books balanced.  Call us today at 256-337-5200 to talk about our plans or to schedule an appointment.
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Don't forget to tune in each Thursday at 6:45am to "QB Bob" on the radio (WTKI 1450AM 92.9FM) for QuickBooks tricks & tips.    Tune in on Thursday, 2-27-2013, at 8am for Bob's Monthly One-Hour Power Show.  Bob's special guest this Thursday will be Justin Givens, President of Image in a Box, a creative graphic and website development company.  Have you missed a show?  We post the past podcasts on our website under the QB Bob Community header.  Make sure to look around, there are some great tips for you, including monthly specials.


Thank you again for your support!  Please don't hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance!
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Hope to see you soon! 
The "QB Bob" Team
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Community Corner!
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Use QuickBooks' Tools -- and Common Sense Procedures -- To Prevent Financial Fraud
You work hard for your money. Strong internal controls can keep it from disappearing unnecessarily.
You trust your employees or you wouldn't have hired them. That's what everyone says as they watch a valued staff member being hauled off in handcuffs. But I trusted him.
Whether your accounting tasks are done on one PC or you have multiple users working on different screens, it's critical that you make use of all that QuickBooks offers in terms of internal controls. You'll also need to establish some common-sense rules.
First Stop: Audit Trail
An audit trail is very large report that displays every addition, deletion and modification of every transaction. In older versions of QuickBooks you could turn it on and off, but it's permanently on now.
Because of its size, you'll probably have to use QuickBooks' filtering tools to zero in on the user and/or date(s) you're looking for. Go to Reports | Accountant & Taxes | Audit Trail. Click Customize Report | Filters to set up your search.
Your audit trail won't alert you when someone tries to enter a prohibited area, and it won't detect changes to lists. Setting up permissions will help (Company | Set Up | Users and Passwords | Set Up Users), but you need more than that.

Figure 1: Be especially careful when granting user access to areas that contain customer, vendor and employee information.

Run the Right Reports
Other QuickBooks features can help prevent fraud. Review these reports regularly:
  • Closing Date Exception. Why were those changes necessary?
  • Voided/Deleted Transactions. Is there supporting documentation? Should you be reviewing these daily?
  • Expenses by Vendor Detail. Look for irregularities, especially multiple payments made to a vendor in a short period of time.
  • Check registers. Use the Balance Sheet for this. Go to Reports | Company & Financial | Balance Sheet Standard and customize the report for the correct period and -- if necessary -- for specific customers, vendors and/or jobs.

Adhere to Best Practices

You undoubtedly implement financial best practices in your personal life. You reconcile your accounts. You don't give your online banking password to anyone. And you glance through your recently-posted transactions on your financial institutions' websites.

If your company is large enough that you have multiple accounting employees, you probably can't be as hands-on as you are at home. But you can still set up internal control procedures.

Figure 2: Debit? Credit? Reverse the transaction? No one should be making General Journal entries but you. It's easy to err here; talk to us before using this feature.

For example, if your company has grown to the point where you're removed from the daily workflow, you may still want to have approval rights for some procedures, like bank balance adjustments, refunds and credits, printed checks (you should still be signing them), timesheets and expense reports.
It goes without saying that you should password-protect your QuickBooks company file and change the password regularly, even -- and especially -- if you're the entire accounting department. And protect yourself for external fraud. We can do a review of your security procedures and make suggestions.
Reinforce the rules

Figure 3: Anyone in your company who has access to accounting data should have a background check.

Know who your employees are (consider running background checks) and, if you can, rotate the duties assigned to accounting staff. If you have only one person managing all of your bookkeeping work, conduct an even more thorough background search: credit, references, criminal activity, etc.

Finally, make sure that all employees understand the definition and consequences of fraud. Let them know about the steps being taken to prevent it, but do some unannounced auditing on your own. Include a session on fraud in orientation and get current staff up in orientation and get current staff up to speed. Explain that this is necessary for their protection, too. Make it easy to report fraud anonymously, with no fear of repercussions.

This may seem like a lot of extra tasks in your workday, but imagine the time you'll lose tracking down fraudulent activity if it occurs. So spend a fraction of that time upfront.

If you have questions on this subject, or anything else Accounting or QuickBooks related, give us a call or email. We're here to be your partner.
QuickBooks Tip - Making Navigation Easier

If you are in and out of several screens and/or reports every day, here is a way to customize your Icon bar to make navigation quick and easy.  Go to the screen/report that you want to create a short-cut for (for example:  Enter Bills), click on VIEW in the top ribbon and on the drop down menu, select "Add enter bills" to the Icon bar.  Select an icon, label and description, and you're done!  Now you can simply click on your Icons to go directly to that screen/report to save you clicks and time.


Goodbye to QuickBooks 2010 Support

As of May 31, 2013, Intuit will discontinue support for QuickBooks Pro, Premier,  Simple Start 2010, QuickBooks for Mac 2010, and QBES 2010. You can continue to use these solutions, of course, but live technical support and add-on services like payroll, credit card processing, online banking and bill-pay are not accessible.  
Intuit will also discontinue technical support, online banking and bill pay for QB POS 8 & 9 on May 31, 2013; however, merchant service processing will still be supported. 
Talk to us about upgrading if you're using any of these products or services.
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