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11th Annual Stroll 'N' Roll
Saturday, April 26, 2014
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Join us for our annual Wylie Center Fundraiser Walk at
Shamel Park
3650 Arlington Avenue
Riverside, CA 92506

 Special Guests:
Mayor Rusty Bailey
"Glee" Star and Wylie Center Alumna: Lauren Potter 



Bounce House, Train, Clowns Train

Health and Nutrition Activities  Sponsored by CSUSB Nursing Dept


Face Painting



Face-Painting by Assisteens of Riverside

Old-Fashioned Games and Races

Arts and Crafts

Crafts  Dance

Yummy Food sponsored by the Kiwanis Club
Pictures with The Back to the Future Delorean Time Machine
 Courtesy of Martin's Movie Cars
A Special Thank You to:
Don's Lock & Key, Inc.

Funds raised at this annual event support all of the program of The Wylie Center.  Tickets for activities and food will be for sale at a reasonable cost.  Donations of any amount will be accepted for the walk and are tax deductible. Nonprofits are invited to set up a table at no cost and give away one raffle item.  Our tax id# is 93-0670286.  This fundraiser is supported by community business sponsors.  If you know of a group or business who would be interested in a sponsorship opportunity, please contact Jacqueline Blanco (951-826-1728).


Your child's safety is our concern.  Parents will be responsible for supervising their children at all times during the walk and activities.  Assistance dogs are welcome, but no other pets, please.  

   A Note from the CEO


Dear Supporters of The Wylie Center:


Melody Amaral, CEO This year we have an opportunity to ensure that more families of children from birth to age three at risk of developmental disabilities are included in the Early Start Program through the California State Budget Process. In 2009 California changed the eligibility criteria so fewer babies would qualify for the Early Start program as a cost saving strategy. This has resulted in delayed service which then ends up costing more to remediate developmental delays. The state is realizing this is not saving money in the long run, not to mention causing stress to families. With the improved budget picture, the governor included a placeholder in the January Budget to address the costs of restoring the Early Start program to the 2009 levels.


ARCA (Association of Regional Center Agencies) is an advocacy group representing the Regional Center system. On the budget restoration issue for the developmental disabilities community, they are one of many stakeholders advocating restoration of Early Start as well as full funding for autism services and many other areas where funding has been cut to persons with developmental disabilities.


Other stakeholder organizations supporting this issue are:

The Arc and United Cerebral Palsy in California
Disability Rights California 
People First of California
The Alliance of California Autism Organizations
Family Resource Center Network of California 
Autism Speaks 
California Alliance for Inclusive Communities, California Disability Services Association 
Service Employees International Union 
Easter Seals 
California State Council on Developmental Disabilities
Autism Society of California 
The Alliance 
The California Respite Association and Infant Development Association 
California Supported Living Network 

 ARCA has created an easy way for families to let their voices be heard. Please click here and sign the petition requesting the restoration of Early Start Services.



 Melody Amaral, CEO 

   Riverside County Department of Public Health recognizes The Wylie Center 


The Riverside County Department of Public Health recognized

The Wylie Center as one of the 
inaugural Public Health Community Champions for 2014.  
Susan Harrington, Director of Public Health stated in a letter that "The Carolyn E. Wylie Center is an important resource for many public health programs as they work with families and children with sensory-motor disabilities, autism, and various emotional and behavioral and health problems.  [The Wylie Center] also hosts the Inland Empire Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative, and has worked with the Department of Public Health staff in developing the pilot Post-Partum Depression Support Group which is now the full-fledged Supporting Mothers in Life's Emotions (SMILE) program.  [The] center's availability to the community and their commitment to improving the lives of these children and their families, improves the health of those families and their communities." 


The honorees - one from each of the Riverside County supervisorial districts - were selected among several community partners working with the Department to promote and protect the health of Riverside County residents. The Public Health Community Champions' award were handed out on April 8, 2014 during the meeting of the County of Riverside Board of Supervisors.

Meet Connie Beasley
April is National Volunteer Month and The Wylie Center nominated Connie Beasley volunteer of the year for Community Connect's 17th Recognition Banquet. 

Connie BeasleyConnie Beasley was the Founder and Executive Director of the Children's Center which became The Carolyn E. Wylie Center for Children, Youth & Families. She held that position for more than twenty-five years. Connie stepped down from the leadership role but not from continuing to support the agency as a volunteer. For the past ten years, Connie has been our community liaison. Drawing from her experience and contacts cultivated during her previous role as Executive Director, Connie met with community members, service clubs, and government officials in an effort to spread the word about the good works of the agency. In so doing, she secured donations and volunteers for the agency.

Connie increased her role in fundraising by establishing the Beasley Family Scholarship which benefits children at the Wylie Center. Initially, this scholarship was supported solely by funding from Connie's family, but she reached out to and encouraged the community to assist in providing services to low-income families by contributing to the fund. Since then, the Beasley Family Scholarship has afforded dozens of children with special needs the opportunity to participate in therapeutic childcare, occupational, physical and speech therapy, the autism clinic and mental health services. Connie recruits volunteers to help her disseminate donation requests, maintain mailing lists and handle donor recognition.

The Beasley Family Scholarship fund has been vital to Wylie Center's ability to continue providing services to families who may have had no other recourse. It has also complemented our efforts to acquire much-needed funding for the programs we offer.

A member of the Kiwanis, Connie solicits their assistance with The Wylie Center's annual Stroll n Roll and the group has always responded by providing food for the event. In December her contact with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 440 resulted in 160 toys being delivered to our families. It also culminated in a visit from five of our elected representatives who toured our facility.

Not only is she active with The Wylie Center, but Connie also chairs the advisory board of the First 5 Riverside Commission, where her expertise in special needs continues to be invaluable in this volunteer position. It cannot be overstated that Connie is dedicated to the special needs children she has served throughout her life; she continues to volunteer in retirement. 

Brain Region Singled out for 

Social Memory

Article written by Stephen Siegelbaum and summarized by Wylie Center MSW Intern Cherie Ferguson


Brain Region Stephen Siegelbaum is a neuro-professor at Columbia University. He has become interested in how a certain region of the brain might be influencing the development of Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder and Autism. He hopes that learning more about this region might assist with developing treatments for these brain disorders. CA2 is a subregion of the hippocampus, responsible for social memory. It has a low number of neurons compared to other regions of the hippocampus. Therefore, there is a possibility it also influences social behavior.


To test his theory, Siegelbaum created a transgenic mouse. He then deactivated the CA2 neurons in the mouse's brain and put it under a series of behavioral tests. He found that the mouse did exhibit significant social memory loss, as it could not remember familiar mice that it had encountered previously. Yet the mouse could still determine the difference between new and familiar inanimate objects. However, the mouse did not show signs of autism because its social behavior was normal. This proves that social behavior and social memory utilize different areas of the brain. However, it is still possible that CA2 may impact behavior changes.


Siegelbaum plans to utilize his transgenic mouse to test for changes in mice models that have autism and schizophrenia. If there are changes in CA2 functionality, then Siegelbaum plans to test drugs that will improve CA2 functioning. From there, he will test for social behavioral changes in the mice. Results from that study will hopefully provide a new avenue for treatment of human individuals with schizophrenia and autism. 


For more on this article, visit the National Institute of Mental Health

The FBI's Child ID App 

Putting Safety in Your Hands


FBI Child ID App
The FBI's new Child ID app can be downloaded for free from the App Store on iTunes.

You're shopping at the mall with your children when one of them suddenly disappears. A quick search of the nearby area is unsuccessful. What do you do? 


Now there's a free new tool from the FBI that can help. Their Child ID app - the first mobile application created by the FBI- provides a

convenient place to electronically store photos and vital information about your children so that it's literally right at hand if you need it. 

You can show the pictures and provide physical identifiers such as height and weight to security or police officers on the spot. Using a special tab on the app, you can also quickly and easily e-mail the information to authorities with a few clicks. 


The app also includes tips on keeping children safe as well as specific guidance on what to do in those first few crucial hours after a child goes missing.


The FBI encourages you to share the word about this app with family and friends, especially during upcoming activities in your communities, to raise awareness on crime and drug prevention. 


For more on this article, visit the FBI's website.

The Carolyn E. Wylie Center
4164 Brockton Avenue
Riverside, California 92501




The Wylie Center believes every child, mother and family deserves a healthy and happy life free of stigma and pain.  We are making a difference in the Inland Empire by bridging the gap between services and people in need. These services include: autism intervention, medical therapy, mental health treatment, early intervention and parent and community education. We serve over 950 children a month.

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  Sensory-Friendly Films

By Press Enterprise Staff Writer Timothy Guy

For families with autistic children, a trip to the movies can be a stressful experience. Seeing a movie at a theater can turn into sensory overload: the sound is way too high and the social norm to be quiet can turn into an impossible task.  AMC Theatres has the answer to that problem: sensory friendly films. Once a month, at select theaters, families can watch a new film with slight changes such as reduced noise, no previews and the ability to make noise and not offend anyone.  The screenings take place once a month at 10 a.m. on Saturdays.  This month the film is "Rio 2" on Saturday, April 19.  Read more on 

 Wanna Be Cool?

 The City of Riverside has a chance to become California's Coolest City by participating in the CoolCalifornia City Challenge. Now through August 31st, sign up and commit to reducing your carbon footprint to help Riverside earn points and compete against other California cities.  Learn more...

 Project Heart Beat

Is a 10-week after-school Performing Arts Program open to all youth ages 11-18  and includes acting techniques, readers' theatre, theatre games, improvisation, creative writing exercises that include character analysis and development, and scene development. Students participate in a live public stage performance at the conclusion of the program and receive a certificate of completion.    

When: commences 

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Where: Arlington Public Library, 9556 Magnolia Avenue,  Riverside, 92503.

Cost: Free

See flyer for details.  

Read More...  

Anointed Vessels

  Riverside Arts Walk

held the first Thursday of each month from 6 - 9 pm, is a free community event that celebrates the diversity of arts and culture in Riverside and the Inland Empire. Visit over 22 downtown locations, including museums, galleries and studios, presenting an eclectic mix of visual and performing arts.  May 1st's event will feature an Aztec Dance performance and May Day Paper Garlands.

Learn more...

Riverside Arts Walk

Riverside Tamale Festival 

The Spanish Town Heritage Foundation is partnering with the YWCA of Riverside County to host the 2014 Riverside Tamale Festival in Riverside's beautiful White Park. Food, music, dancing and art will be center stage at the Festival as city residents join together to celebrate our communal culture.    
When: April 19, 2014

11:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Where: White Park 

3936 Chestnut Street

Riverside, CA, 92501

(Entrance Fee) 

 Click here for more info.

Riverside Tamale Festival

Girl Rising

is a groundbreaking film that promotes a powerful truth: educating girls in the developing world can transform families, communities, entire countries - and break the cycle of poverty in just one generation.  Around the world, girls face barriers to education that boys do not; educating girls can break cycles of poverty in just one generation.  The film presents the remarkable stories of nine girls around the world, told by celebrated writers and voiced by renowned actors such as Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway and Liam Neeson.  Film is in English with Spanish subtitles.

When: Thursday, April 24th,

6 - 8 PM

Where: UCR University Theatre, 900 Univ. Avenue, 

Section: 134-CPS-S92

Cost: Free.

Click here to reserve your seat and register or call (951) 827-4105. Click here to see movie trailer. Download flyer.

Girl Rising

  The Circus Is Coming To Town!

Join us this May as the Great All American Youth Circus ventures under the sea for their 74th performing season.  Creatures under the sea will take the stage to tumble, juggle, unicycle, build pyramids, fly through the air and so much more!

This year's show will be a showcase spectacle in a family-friendly atmosphere.

When: May 2 - May 18, 2014

Where: Roy Coble Gym, Redlands YMCA

Cost: $15/adult, $10/youth

Buy your tickets in the Redlands YMCA Lobby during normal business hours. Click here for more info.CircuSea Treasure