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July 2013 Newsletter
Upcoming Events
The Wylie Center is offering Free Parenting Classes in July. Check our website for class information and to enroll.
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Free Activities in Riverside!


Visit the park! 

Take a walk on the park at our Fairmount park.


Visit Castle Park!
This is a family amusement park. Enjoy the rides and family activities. There is also an arcade and golf courses. Kids under 3 feet enter for free!


Visit the UCR Botanic Gardens!

Enjoy a hike or bike ride at the Box Springs Mountains on the East side of the UCR university with approximately 40 acres of scenery.

Have a Fabulous Day!
Summer is here!
Keep your kids safe while swimming this summer!
Childhood drowing is 100% preventable! Please help The Riverside County EMS Agenc keep you and your children safe! They are dedicated to preventing unintentional injuries to children in our county.


  • Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional or accidental injury-related death to children ages 1-4 years old in Riverside County
  • 86% of all drowning and near-drowning incidents occur in backyard pools or spa/Jacuzzi.
  • There are over one million backyard pools in California without safety features because they were built before the Swimming Pool Safety Act of 1998. One could be in your neighbourhood.

  • Drowning is a quiet event - no splashing, no screaming, and no noise at all.

  • A child can; drown in less than 1 inch (just enough to cover mouth and nose) of water, lose consciousness in 30 seconds or less, have irreversible brain damage after 4 - 6 minutes or survive a drowning with severe brain damage requiring life-long medical care.

  • Most children under the age of five have no fear of water and no concept of death. Water is associated with play.


  • SUPERVISE! Never leave a child alone near a pool or spa, bathtub, pond, toilet, bucket of liquid, or any standing water.
  • Assign an adult Water Watcher to keep their eyes on the water at all times.
  • Do not allow children to play near the pool or spa.
  • Place toilets lids down or install safety latches on the toilet lids to prevent toddlers from opening and playing in the toilet.
  • Empty wading pools immediately after use and store upside-down.
  • Floaties, inflatable water wings and water toys are not water safety devices and should never be used for that purpose.
  • The best safety option is a Personal Floatation Device (PDF) or Life Vest.  Only purchase a life vest that has a "Coast Guard approved" tag or stamp on the inside of the vest.
  • Never rely on devices or swimming lessons to protect children.
  • Never drink alcoholic beverages before or during swimming or supervising children.
  • Never assume your child is "drown proof" because they have taken swim lessons.
  • Swimming lessons should be on-going, from a well recognized program with staff that are certified in basic CPR, water rescue and first aid.


  • Learn CPR & First Aid
  • Know your neighborhood and the homes your child visits. Is there a pool? Is it properly protected? If the children will be swimming, who will be supervising them?
  • Learn how to swim and learn proper rescue techniques.
  • Keep rescue equipment at near the pool. Do NOT use air-filled swimming aids (such as water rings) in place of life preservers. These devices can give parents and children a false sense of security, which may increase the risk of drowning.
  • Keep a portable telephone and emergency phone numbers nearby.


  • Pull the child from the water and place on his or her back
  • Check for breathing; clear mouth and nose of any obstructions
  • Instruct another adult to call for emergency help
  • Begin rescue breathing or CPR as needed until the child is revived or help arrives.
Community Partners
 United Way Inland Valleys

Fun Activities for the Month!  


1. Swing in a hammock-Swing away this summer as you read to your child, look up at the sky to envision the future, or simply look at the clouds!


2. Do yard work together-Use a kid size rake and enjoy some bonding time! Kids can help sprinkle flowers and help you grow a beautiful garden.


3. Play Dress-Up-Play super heros or create funny outfits and have a contest!


4. Eat Lunch Outside- Have lunch in your front or back yard as a picnic! Invite your kids friends and have fun snacks and fruits.


Remember be creative and have fun!  

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