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The Medicare Market - Demographics and Trends (6871), Continuing Education, 2 Credits
Melville, NY
Wednesday, June 17th 2015
Denisse Valcarcel-Davila
Director of Operations
(914) 909-2548

Empire BlueCross & BlueShield

3 Huntington Quadrangle

Conference Room 3SE

Melville, NY 11747

Wednesday, June 17th 2015
at 09:30 am



09:30-10:00am      Breakfast, 



10:00* -12:00pm   CE Course

*Class will start promptly at this time.

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You are invited to a NY Continuing Education course worth 2 credits, breakfast and registration is free. Participants MUST register for this class as security will only allow in those listed. Register early, space is limited.


Come, learn, get ready for AEP, and earn two Credits for you Continuing Education requirements.  




NYCR-246871 - 2 CE Credits From 10:00am - 12:00 pm

Certified Instructor:
Mr. Guiseppe Firenze
        Specialty Sales Broker Director

        Medicare Products

        Anthem/Blue Cross and Blue Shield

        Empire/Blue Cross and Blue Shield


Course Objective:

The primary goal of this course is to give producers who are interested in the Senior Market a solid foundation regarding the demographics and trends of these generations, along with a solid understanding of current market conditions and its history. This includes information regarding the funding of Medicare, the viability of Medicare Advantage plans and the enrollment opportunities available.


Benefit to Attendees:

This course will provide producers with a better understanding of the Senior population, how to connect and communicate with them. It will also provide background regarding Medicare funding and Medicare Advantage funding, and the different products available for seniors to choose from.


For more information you can call Denisse at 914-909-2548 or visit our website at .

We thank you for your attention and response, we are looking forward to seeing you at the event.

Gustavo N. Pacheco
Genesis Business Capital, Inc.