Easter Egg Sale
to benefit the
Children of TOGO
Dear Parents,

Borne of their intense imagination and passion for others, a group of elementary students have conceived of a timely project to decorate and sell hard-boiled Easter Eggs to benefit the children of Togo, many of whom suffer from malnutrition.   In researching Togo for their MMUN papers and projects, they learned of the plight of the children of Togo and wanted to find a way to help them. 


Imagination and love are two of the characteristics and tendencies of the elementary age child.  One of the very first lessons given to the elementary students is the "hand timeline".  In this lesson, the children learn about caring for themselves, their immediate family and also people that are just like them but who live far away. 

The MMUN students have clearly demonstrated these two characteristics and tendencies to me over the past few days with this project.  I am humbled by their passion and compassion.  Upper Elementary student, Maxime Depperois, has inspired the children to find ways to raise money for the children experiencing malnutrition.  The research has touched their hearts and now they want to take action to help make a difference.

MMUN parent, Stacy HozdeVila, has purchased (20) dozen eggs and her daughter, Isabela, has decorated many of them.  The students are going to be working on decorating more over the next two days.  They will be sold for $12 per carton of 12 eggs.  All proceeds will go to a reputable charity working to help the children of Togo.  Look for MMUN students, selling the cartons of eggs, during dismissal times beginning Wednesday, March 27th.

PS.  There are other ideas on the horizon to raise additional money, all created and inspired by the children!

Mr. Matt

Montessori Academy
28 Conrow Rd.
Delran, NJ 08075