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September-October 2013, Vol 5, Issue 5
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NIMBioS Welcomes New Postdoctoral Fellows
(Clockwise from upper left) Clemente Aguilar, Sean Hoban, Nick Matzke, Matthew Zimmerman
NIMBioS welcomes four new postdoctoral fellows whose research focuses on a variety of topics at the interface of mathematics and biology. The new fellows will model vaccine development for Chagas' disease, guidelines for plant conservation, the unification of phylogenetic biogeography and species distribution, and the evolutionary origins of complex institutions. Three new sabbatical fellows are also in residence this fall. December 11 is the next deadline for submitting requests for postdoctoral support, and March 1 is the deadline for sabbatical requests. All areas of research at the interface of biology and mathematics will be considered, but we are especially interested in activities in areas of molecular biology, cell biology, network biology, immunology and systems biology. Postdoctoral fellowships are supported for two years. Application instructions for postdoctoral support and tips for applicants are available on our website. This flyer announces the call for applications for postdoctoral fellowships.
Featured Science: Climate Change Threatens Turtle Habitat
Although a turtle's home may be on its back, some North American turtles face an uncertain future as a warming climate threatens to reduce their suitable habitat.

A new study that reconstructs the effects of past climatic changes on 59 species of North American turtles finds that the centers of the turtles' ranges shifted an average of 45 miles for each degree of warming or cooling. While some species were able to find widespread suitable climate, other species, many of which today are endangered, were left with only minimal habitat. Species in temperate forests and grasslands, deserts, and lake systems, primarily in the Central and Eastern US, were more affected by climate change than species occurring along the Pacific Coast, in the mountain highlands of the Western US and Mexico, and in the tropics, according to the study published today in the journal PLOS ONE.  


Citation: Rödder D, Lawing AM, Flecks M, Ahmadzadeh F, Dambach J, Engler JO, Habel JC, Hartmann T, Hörnes D, Ihlow F, Schiedelko K, Stiels D, Polly DP. 2013. Evaluating the significance of paleophylogeographic species distribution models in reconstructing quaternary range-shifts of Nearctic Chelonians. PLOS ONE. Published online 9 October 2013.

Education Spotlight: Workshop for Women in the Mathematical Sciences
Applications are now being accepted for the "Spring Opportunities Workshop for Women in the Mathematical Sciences," to be held April 9-11, 2014, at NIMBioS. This workshop will familiarize women in the mathematical sciences with professional opportunities in academics, industry and government labs and help them thrive in mathematics-related fields. Graduate students and PhD's in the early stages of their post-graduate careers are invited to apply to attend. Application deadline: January 20, 2013. Click here for more information and the online application forms.
Video Feature: Animals, Nutrients, and Toxins
In this video, NIMBioS postdoctoral fellow Chris Remien explains his research in developing dynamic mathematical models to understand the role of diet and metabolism on stable isotope ratios of animal tissues. Dr. Remien and his research partners have also developed a novel method to determine which patients will benefit from liver transplant in cases of acetaminophen overdose. The model explains the threshold with respect to acetaminophen intake and liver damage. You can read more about Dr. Remien's acetaminophen work here, which includes a link to his seminar on the topic. 
Upcoming Research and Training Opportunities at NIMBioS
Applications are now being accepted for the NIMBioS Investigative Workshop: Transmission of Vectored Plant Viruses, to be held March 17-19, 2014, at NIMBioS. This workshop will bring together experts in plant pathogens, agronomy, and vector and plant virology, physiology, and ecology with mathematical and statistical modelers to discuss problems in prevention and control of vector transmission of plant pathogens. Application deadline: October 28, 2013. For more information and how to apply, click here.
Applications are now being accepted for the NIMBioS Investigative Workshop: Animal Social Networks, to be held March 6-8, 2014, at NIMBioS. This workshop brings together empiricists interested in a diversity of animal social groups (ants, fish, birds, mammals) and quantitative scientists (network scientists, mathematicians, computer scientists, physicists) interested in the special problems posed by small social networks. Application deadline: December 3, 2013. For more information and how to apply,  click here.
March 1 is the deadline for submitting proposals for new scientific and educational activities at NIMBioS. Although all areas at the interface of mathematics and biology are acceptable, potential organizers are particularly encouraged to submit requests for Working Groups and Investigative Workshops in areas of molecular biology, cell biology, network biology, immunology and systems biology. Information is also available on our website for other categories of requests for support.
Are you a graduate student interested in getting more research experience in mathematical biology with top-notch scientists? The new Visiting Graduate Student Fellowship supports visits to NIMBioS for up to several months by graduate students interested in pursuing research with NIMBioS senior personnel, postdoctoral fellows or working group participants.Applications are considered year-round. For more information about the fellowship and how to apply, click here.


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