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March - April 2013, Vol 5, Issue 2
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Best Practices for Working Groups and Workshops

NIMBioS is supporting several new Working Groups and Investigative Workshops in the coming months. Organizers (and potential organizers) of Working Groups and Workshops will want to know what it takes to have a successful and productive meeting. The following web pages provide detailed instructions for how to conduct a successful Working Group and Investigative Workshop. Each page describes what Working Group organizers and Workshop organizers should do before, during, and after meetings to make them successful. Working Groups at NIMBioS focus on well-defined scientific questions at the interface between biology and mathematics that require insights from diverse researchers. Investigative Workshops focus on a broad topic or set of related topics at the interface of biology and mathematics and have between 30-40 participants. If you are interested in requesting support for a new Working Group or Workshop, the next deadline is September 1. For more information about how to apply online, click here. 

Featured Science: Bed Net Usage in Fight Against Malaria

Malaria, the leading cause of death among children in Africa, could be eliminated if three-fourths of the population used insecticide-treated bed nets, according to a new study from the National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis. The study, which uses a mathematical model, found that use of insecticide-treated bed nets or ITNs positively affected the infection's reproduction number, or R, which is the primary epidemiological number used to determine the degree which a disease can spread through a population. The model concludes that if 75 percent of the population were to use ITNs, malaria could be eliminated. Click to read more.


Citation: Agusto FB, Del Valle SY, Blayneh KW, Ngonghala CN, Goncalves MJ, Li N, Zhao R, Gong H. 2013. The impact of bed-net use on malaria prevalence. Journal of Theoretical Biology 320:58-65. Published online 7 March 2013.
Education Spotlight: Congratulations to the New Class of REUs
NIMBioS is pleased to announce the 19 participants selected for the 2013 Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program. The program will run for eight weeks this summer from June 10 - August 2. Participants will live on campus and work in teams with NIMBioS postdocs and UT faculty on research at the interface of mathematics and biology. This year's projects range from modeling fetal electrocardiograms to modeling animal social network dynamics to modeling protein translation and genome evolution, and more. To find out the 2013 REU participants and their mentors, click here. 
Upcoming Research and Training Opportunities at NIMBioS
September 1 is the deadline for submitting proposals for new scientific and educational activities at NIMBioS, including Working GroupsInvestigative WorkshopsSabbatical Fellowships, and Postdoctoral Fellowships. Although all areas at the interface of mathematics and biology are acceptable, potential organizers are particularly encouraged to submit requests for Working Groups and Investigative Workshops in areas of molecular biology, cell biology, network biology, and systems biology. Click here for details.
Are you a graduate student interested in getting more research experience in mathematical biology with top-notch scientists? The new Visiting Graduate Student Fellowship supports visits to NIMBioS for up to several months by graduate students interested in pursuing research with NIMBioS senior personnel, postdoctoral fellows or working group participants.Applications are considered year-round. For more information about the fellowship and how to apply, click here.


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