May 6, 2014 
Friday May 9, 2014 
CaLBOC Statewide Conference
"Citizen's Oversight: Protecting Integrity and Value"
Keynote Speaker: John Chiang, State Controller
Location: University of California - Sacramento Center

1130 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

Individual tickets $50  -  Table & Sponsorships Available 
Includes Lunch and Refreshments
C O N F E R E N C E    T O P I C S

Increasing Use of Long Term Debt to Pay for Short Term Costs 

Jon Coupal, President, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

Currently, there are efforts to circumvent Proposition 13's limitation on local government taxing and spending for regular operations by utilizing 55% voter approval school bonds to pay for annual technology budgets. Mr. Coupal will address how this financial shenanigan is nothing more than a legal strategy to circumvent Proposition 13 and additionally, is a costly waste of taxpayer funds, and what concerned citizens can do about it.


Development and Use of a School Debt Toolbox for COEs  

Mary Barlow, Assistant Superintendent, Kern County Office of Education

Dr. Barlow will address the role of a County Superintendent of Schools office and the exemplary effort made by the Kern County Superintendent of Schools to provide training and support of school districts to have responsible school bond programs, providing training and support to school districts in the areas of construction management, procurement, budgeting, legal, and most recently, creating a "Debt Management Toolkit" and providing direct advice and training to school districts on debt management best practices.


Pay-to-Play: What it is, and Why it is Wrong 

Lori Raineri, Principal, Government Financial Strategies Inc.

Dan Mierzwa, Treasurer, Yuba County
Ms. Raineri will present what "pay to play" is, current legal opinions describing what is illegal about it, her arguments (also presented multiple times to the Legislature) about why it is wrong, and finally, the academic research about what it really costs. The California Association of County Treasurers and Tax Collectors has been leading the fight against questionable school district bond practices and has made several attempts to get clear legislation illuminating in simple terms that "pay to play" is illegal. The Honorable Dan Mierzwa will share CACTTC's experiences in trying to forward this legislation.

Pay-to-Play |Assembly Bill 1971 | Hearing May 7, 2014
Awarding Bids on "Best Value" Not Based On "Lowest Bid"  
Critics say proposed school bill would create 'pay to play' culture
May 5, 2014 | By Kandiss Crone | 

EXCERPT:   ...A proposed bill could change how local school districts award contracts for public projects.   

     On Wednesday, state legislators will hold a hearing on Assembly Bill 1971, which would allow school bond-funded construction projects more than $1 million to be awarded to any company the district decides based on "best value."   

     Under the bill, schools could select a bidder not solely because they have the lowest bid, but based on other criteria for evaluating the bidder's qualifications.   

     "I don't think this bill should pass at all. I think it's a bad idea," contract attorney Kevin Carlin said.   

     Carlin analyzed the proposal. He told 10News he is concerned the bill would create a "pay to play" culture.  "Once you allow an elected body to choose to do other than the objective criteria of lowest responsive and responsible bidder you then introduce some subjectivity into the award of these contracts which then can lead to the fraud, favoritism and corruption," he said.   

     Carlin says the corruption would be similar to the Sweetwater Union High School District scandal. That is where board members were convicted of awarding contracts to people who had bribed them.   

     Assembly member Raul Bocanegra proposed the bill. His spokesperson told 10News the measure promotes transparency. He says it is in the school's best interest to still get the best deal. ...

To read the complete article, please visit: 

Assembly Bill                                      No. 1971 

Introduced by Assembly Member Bocanegra   

February 19, 2014
   An act to amend Section 52051.5 of the Education Code, relating to school accountability. add and repeal Article 3.3 (commencing with Section 20119) of Chapter 1 of Part 3 of Division 2 of the Public Contract Code, relating to best value procurement.


    AB 1971, as amended, Bocanegra. School accountability: Academic Performance Index. Public contracts: school districts: competitive bidding: best value.

    The Local Agency Public Construction Act requires the governing board of any school district to let any contract for a public project, as defined, involving an expenditure of $15,000 or more, to the lowest responsible bidder that gives security as the board requires, or else reject all bids.

    This bill would authorize the bid evaluation and selection for public projects that exceed $1,000,000 to be determined by the best value for the school district. The bill would establish various requirements applicable to the use of the best value procurement method for the evaluation and selection of public projects by school districts under this authorization. ...  

   To read the complete AB 1971 as amended, see PDF:   

Friday May 9, 2014 - CaLBOC Statewide Conference 
Citizen's Oversight: Protecting Integrity and Value
Keynote Speaker: California State Controller John Chiang
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AB 1971 -Awarding Bids based on Best Value, not by Lowest Bid
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Third Annual 

Statewide Conference


Friday May 9th 2014



9:30 am - Registration
Introductory Remarks  Michael Day, CaLBOC President 2013-14 

Use of Long Term Debt to Pay for Short Term Costs 
- Jon Coupal, President, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association 

Anton Jungherr Award for Service to Citizen Oversight  
- Senator Mark Wyland,
Vice Chair, Senate Education Committee
- Assembly Member Joan Buchanan,  Chair, Assembly Education Committee 

LUNCH, Catered by Plates Catering, an outreach effort of the St. John's Shelter for Homeless Women & Children     
Keynote Address:
John Chiang
California Controller

 1:00 - Break 

Development & Use of a School Debt Toolbox for COEs
- Mary Barlow, Assistant Superintendent, Kern County Office of Education

Pay-to-Play: What it is, and Why it is Wrong
- Dan Mierzwa, Treasurer, Yuba County
- Lori Raineri, Principal, Government Financial Strategies Inc.   

2:45 - Closing Remarks  


Mission Statement 

To promote school district accountability by improving the training and resources available to California's Proposition 39 School Bond Oversight Committees and educating the state legislature, local school boards and the public about the oversight and reporting powers these Citizens' Bond Oversight Committees (CBOCs) have, and to advocate on a state level, where appropriate, on issues of common concern to all CBOCs.

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