American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem // Update #4: July 29, 2014
Gaza Update

The only power plant in Gaza has been destroyed. As a result, 1.8 million people in Gaza have no power, no running water, and no sewage treatment.


Disease is sure to follow. The bombing continues, and conditions worsen for Al Ahli Hospital and their heroic staff. Reports say that 72 United Nations schools, hospitals, and offices have been damaged in the fighting in Gaza. There are 11 full service hospitals in Gaza for 1.8 million people. Two have been destroyed and several are badly damaged. Several UN clinics are also destroyed. 


Urgent Al-Ahli Hospital Updates

  • A portion of the outer wall of Ahli Hospital has been destroyed.
  • The main steam line into the hospital has been damaged.There is now no hot water.
  • Large pieces of shrapnel have hit patients' rooms and the laundry facility. There is an immediate need for repairs to ensure patient safety.
Staff accept a new patient

Suhaila Tarazi, Director of Al Ahli, reports that 40% of her staff are unable to get

to the hospital because of dangerous conditions, personal injury, or family crisis. She has had to find replacement personnel to attend to the wounded, costing additional funds. The doctors, nurses, and support personnel who are there have been working nonstop for two weeks - providing compassionate care to all.  



Al Ahli has generators to provide power to critical areas such as operating rooms and the emergency room. But they need fuel to run. The cost of fuel rises each day, and with the power plant destroyed, they are completely dependent on their generators and their capacity to pay for the fuel to run them. The suffering is acute, as is the shortage of supplies and medication. Hospitals and clinics are working together to share supplies, personnel and whatever they can to provide the best care possible.


Our Role - How You've Helped little-boy-praying.jpg


Thanks to your generous support, Ahli Hospital will have financial resources to get supplies and badly needed medications.

Your generosity is part of $115,000+ AFEDJ is able to send to Ahli Hospital - with more expected to come. Thank you to each and every donor for making this possible.  

The Rt. Rev. Barry Howe, Chair of AFEDJ's Board of Trustees, spoke for us all when he said, "we're so very grateful for the outpouring of support at this critical time. 100% of each gift goes to those who are suffering and to support people who are ministering to their needs. The Episcopal Church is there to offer healing and the embrace of compassion to all God's children."


As more families are turning to the Hospital for care and now shelter, hundreds of people are relying on Ahli Hospital and on our important financial support. Please consider a gift now.



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