American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem // July 2014
Photo Source: The New York Times
Gaza Update


Al Ahli Hospital has not sustained as much damage as some healthcare providers in Gaza. This means they are able to help more people in need of medical attention. We just received an update this morning that the number of wounded has exceeded the capacity of all state medical facilities in Gaza. The director of the Hospital reports that their ambulances are running non-stop, and now over 100 people are seeking refuge in the hospital compound because it has a higher level of safety and security.

But food and fuel and some medical supplies are desperately low - in some cases completely depleted
.This is a moment for compassion. You can help. You can immediately impact this humanitarian disaster. Your gift matters and will make a difference.  

So many of you have responded with your hearts and your support. Thank you, thank you on behalf of those we serve.


Ahli Hospital is one of 40 signatories and international humanitarian aid organizations calling for a ceasefire. In part, their statement reads: "Escalating violence hits particularly hard as Gaza's health sector has been suffering from an acute shortage of fuel and supplies, with 54 percent of medical disposables and 28 percent of essential drugs at zero stock."  Read full article here. 


A young girl receives emergency care at Ahli Hospital
Why AFEDJ & Why Gaza?


AFEDJ ensures that your support for Ahli Hospital is timely and effective. Unlike some emergency relief organizations, we honor all restricted gifts in full - making sure 100% of your support goes where it was intended to, at the time when people are in need.


Quoted from a NY Times article: "Perhaps most important, the vast majority of Gazans cannot leave Gaza. They live under restrictions that make this narrow coastal strip...unlike anywhere else." Read full article here.


This violent situation impacts the people of Gaza in a unique way - families and children cannot escape this conflict or seek refuge in a safe place. This is why we need to support people - especially innocent children - impacted by the violence today. 


Thank you, 

Anne K. Lynn, President




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