Coloring at Crackerjack!!
June 2016                                         Issue #65


Father's Day is June 19th!
My dad passed away almost fourteen years ago, now, and I still miss him. I think he tethered me in this world. I looked up to him even though we didn't always agree. He unkindly teased me once about having failed as a parent because he'd raised a Democrat. Needless to say, we avoided that topic of conversation afterward!
He was someone a person could rely on, and I think he instilled a sense of the importance of integrity in all his children. None of us takes things on lightly - if we agree to do something, we do it, even if it kills us! A member of what is now termed The Greatest Generation....
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Make Your Own Terrarium Workshops

June 17, 18 & 19    
Welcome Urban Sprouts owner (and former Crackerjack sales associate) Jen Stearns as she shows us how to create some lovely terrariums! Workshops will be throughout the weekend, but stop by or call Crackerjack to register for a 2 p.m. class on Saturday and Sunday. Can't make that time work? Jen can help at other times throughout the day - you're welcome to stop by.
Wouldn't these be great additions to a terrarium or fairy garden?
locally made ceramic houses - did you see the fairy??
seashells and sea creatures
They spark my creativity - I think I need more than one terrarium - each with a different theme! 

This would be a great 
Dad or Grad gift,  
or a fun shared

To register for other times, visit  

Come Color with Us! Now extended through June!

It's fun and relaxing, we enjoy tea and conversation, and would love to have you join us! Stop by for a while any time from 5 to 7:30. 


News you can use!
Extended through June, then we'll take a summer break!

Let me know what days and times are desirable - we can change this up to work for you!
       Join us on Wednesday evenings as we celebrate this new phenomenon! We have several options for you if you don't already have something to color, or want something new.

       Andrea Savar, known for her wonderful jewelry treasures, has published the Curious Coloring Book, a Faery Forest, full of enchanting images to color, and a story poem.

       Two artist/illustrators collaborated on the Pacific Northwest Coloring Book, each bringing her unique style to the drawings. Lucie Duclos and Melina Lamoureux have compiled a volume that brings you all sorts of favorite Northwest themes - fish and ferries, umbrellas, whales and even mermaids!

  Need a family or group activity? How about a giant poster to color? measuring 31.5 x 45 inches, choose from two great destinations - Paris or New York!

Bring your colors, but we'll have some to share, as well as a selection of tea. Join us for companionship and conversation!

See you Wednesday!


Tintin News
Tintin with Basil
Hmmm.... can you imagine a Tintin Terrarium?

Tintin in the jungle........   

Tintin Taking Off Coat

                             I'm loving it!!!!

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