Coloring at Crackerjack!!
April 2016                                         Issue #63


It's not quite our anniversary yet, but it is our 30th year! 
I can't believe it! It feels like a major milestone.

And we wouldn't be here without all the support of our amazing customers and artists. In this era of instant gratification through online ordering of mass-produced manufactured goods, it's nice to know that many people are choosing to support local small stores and the handmade. The ability to come in to a store, see things in person, handle them and interact with a real person is something of value, and hopefully not becoming a thing of the past!

Thank you, thank you, for 30 wonderful years!

Come color with Us!  
The advent of adult coloring books has become quite a fad! You can find coloring books on many subjects and degrees of complexity, and enjoy some quiet time without having to make any decisions other than what color strikes your fancy!

See below for details on April's coloring evenings!  

    For many years I was on the Board of the Northwest Art Alliance (when I began it was the Northwest Craft Alliance), the organization that produces the Best of the Northwest art and fine craft shows here in Seattle. It was another way for me to support American crafts artists, and I thoroughly enjoyed being involved. At times it was a lot of work, but it was gratifying, and I came away with some wonderful friendships and experiences.

This is all in prelude to the excerpt below from a letter written by the current Board President. It makes sense to me to distribute Jody's appeal to my mailing list, as those of you who have supported Crackerjack over the years, by extension, are supporters of the arts! Perhaps some of you will feel intrigued enough to contact Jody or Dee, and find out where you can be helpful, be it as a member of the Board, as a volunteer, or as a patron!

By the way, the Spring show is this weekend, Saturday and Sunday. The show opens at 10am both days - click here for info and a link to buy tickets.

Artists, Patrons and Partners,
Since the founding of Northwest Art Alliance (and its predecessor organization) twenty-eight years ago by a group of working artists, the organization and its Best of the Northwest shows have been all about supporting artists. Whether guided by its founders or the non-profit Board of Directors, Northwest Art Alliance has been held in trust as an organization of, by and for artists. It has benefited from a talented and dedicated team guiding it forward.
Today, NWAA is at a crossroad. The current NWAA board members, who have served tirelessly for years to ensure the future of the organization, are ready to retire from service and move on to other pursuits. A board of directors is the one essential component for a 501(c)(3) to maintain compliance with state law. Without a board, a non-profit ceases to exist.
In the absence of new members to fulfill the positions on the board, NWAA will be forced to close. Ideally, a new group of people, consisting of artists and community members, dedicated to the mission of the organization, will step forward no later than April 15, 2016.  If not, it is with great sadness that I will announce that the Spring Best of the Northwest will be the final show for the organization.
If you have questions about board service, please reach out to me directly at 206-550-5500 or or contact Dee Carson, Executive Director and Board Member, at 425-657-0279 or
Please do not call or email Mollie, as she is busy with the details for the spring show and will not have information to share or capacity to answer your questions.
Jody McCrain
Board President, Northwest Art Alliance



News you can use!
       Join us on Wednesday evenings as we celebrate this new phenomenon! We have several options for you if you don't already have something to color, or want something new.

       Andrea Savar, known for her wonderful jewelry treasures, has published the Curious Coloring Book, a Faery Forest, full of enchanting images to color, and a story poem.

       Two artist/illustrators collaborated on the Pacific Northwest Coloring Book, each bringing her unique style to the drawings. Lucie Duclos and Melina Lamoureux have compiled a volume that brings you all sorts of favorite Northwest themes - fish and ferries, umbrellas, whales and even mermaids!


Need a family or group activity? How about a giant poster to color? measuring 31.5 x 45 inches, choose from two great destinations - Paris or New York!

Bring your colors, but we'll have some to share, as well as a selection of tea. Join us for companionship and conversation!

See you Wednesday!


Tintin News

Two mugs, both in the original drawn style.

Tintin on a bike,with a turquoise interior and handle, and Tintin on a horse, with a purple interior and handle!

One great guy, two modes of transport!

$34.00 for the set of two.

Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts  206-547-4983