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Issue: #48October 2014

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This week we celebrate American Craft Week!

Now, Crackerjack celebrates American Craft every week, but this week we are joined by craft galleries and studios across the country in showcasing people working at their craft and keeping the American craft traditions alive.

Our American Craft Week Display shows some tools and processes of some of the artists whose work we carry:

This is our marketing statement expanding on our mission:

Celebrating the handmade since 1986, Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts is a Seattle based shop committed to supporting American Crafts Artists. Our original offerings are carefully chosen to reflect the person behind the work, thus endowing each piece with integrity and uniqueness. We strive to represent a variety of artists working in a range of mediums including gems, glass, ceramics, paper and pewter. Crackerjack was, in fact, the first to collect such a diversity of media under one roof.


Niche Magazine recognized Crackerjack in their 100 Top Craft Retailers of the Year and we've joined the group chosen to be included in Seattle's Best Places. We are pleased that we've been able to bring the talent and imagination of over 200 local, regional and national artists to our customers. Recently, we've added work from France, Belgium, and Canada, continuing to seek hand-crafted items with a distinct voice.


We believe a reciprocal relationship exists between the artist and the art lover in that each is uplifted through enjoyment of the creative process. By bringing more beauty to functional items, we strive to enrich lives and extol the creative spirit in all of us.



A detail of our display showing tools and processes for ceramics, printmaking and silk marbling.





From a white silk blank to a one-of-a-kind marbled piece of wearable art! 



From branch to spoon, and a display of jewelry-making tools!  


Come in and learn more, and join in the Celebration!    




Upcoming Events

October 3 - 12 is American Craft Week

We are celebrating with an educational display of some of our artists' craft processes.
Stop by and enjoy!


Two great shows, each unique with different artists!


Kristin Ford Trunk Show!
November 8 & 9
The big day is Saturday, with the collection remaining through Sunday - mark your calendars now for this not-to-be-missed event!


Crackerjack's Focus on Seattle Pop-Up
Opening November 14

Plate by Seattle Artist Susanna Prince

We are taking over an additional space down the hall (toward the N. end, across from Yazdi) for the holidays! Featuring new artists and some you're familiar with, this shop will Focus on Seattle - both artists who live here, and those who depict our fabulous city!

More info coming soon!

Crackerjack is a new member of NearbyRegistry.com,
a great way for you to register your gift preferences locally, even if your "gifter" is not!

     And don't forget we are open
      every evening until 8 p.m.,
       Monday through Saturday,
from 11 to 5 on Sundays.


Things to Celebrate!


Oct 1- National Homemade Cookies Day 
            Fire Pup Day 
Oct 2 - National Habitat Day   
Oct 3 - Techies Day
             American Craft Week Begins
Oct 4 - Toot Your Flute Day - my son took  
                    flute through high school, and I 
                    sure miss him practicing while I  
                    was making dinner - he was good! 
              National Taco Day 
              National Golf Day               
Oct 5 - National Do Something Nice Day 
              National Apple Betty Day                                      
Oct 6 - Noodle Day 
             Mad Hatter Day

Oct 7 - National Frappe Day  

Oct 8 - National Pierogi Day 
             American Touch Tag Day
Oct 9 - Leif Erickson Day
             National Moldy Cheese Day - that
                 could be good or bad, depending on
                 the cheese!     

Oct 10 - Tuxedo Day - I heard this joke which 
                     just makes me laugh: The first 
                     penguin says to the second  
                     penguin, "You look like you're  
                     wearing a tuxedo!" And the
                     second penguin looks at the first                          penguin and says " How do you
                     know I'm  not?"
Oct 11 - Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day 
               National Sausage Pizza Day   
Oct 12 - Farmers Day
               National Gumbo Day - I'm getting
Oct 13 - National Train Your Brain Day
               Columbus Day
               Frustration Scream Day    

Oct 14 - Be Bald and Be Free Day
               National Dessert Day  
Oct 15 - National Grouch Day
               I Love Lucy Day
               National Cake Decorating Day

Oct 16 - Boss's Day 
               Dictionary Day
               School Librarians Day   

Oct 17 - Black Poetry Day
               National Pasta Day

Oct 18 - National Chocolate Cupcake Day -
                      have you tried Trophy's Triple
                      Chocolate? Oh my gosh - it's
               Sweetest Day - big where I grew up,
                      but I don't think Seattle is in to it,
                      is it?                                                         
Oct 19 - Seafood Bisque Day

Oct 20 - National Brandied Fruit Day  
                Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day - I
                      need to put this one on my
Oct 21 -Information Overload Day 
              Pumpkin Cheesecake Day - yum!

Oct 22 - National Nuts Day 
                National Color Day 

Oct 23 - iPod Day
                National Mole Day
                Swallows Depart from San Juan
                       Capistrano Day                                                    
Oct 24 - National Bologna Day
                United Nations Day              

Oct 25 - Sourest Day - is this a comment on 
                     Sweetest Day?   
                World Pasta Day - lots of pasta  
                      celebrations this month! 
Oct 26 - National Mother-in-Law Day 
                Pumpkin Day - get ready! 
Oct 27 - American Beer Day 
                Navy Day  - a shout out to my 
                     nephew Donald, a US Navy 
                     "Seabee", and all our servicemen 
                      and women! 
Oct 28 - National Chocolates Day 
                National Oatmeal Day 

Oct 29 - National Cat Day

Oct 30 - National Candy Corn Day               
Oct 31 - HALLOWEEN - come by Wallingford 
                     Center to Trick-or-Treat! 

October is
Positive Attitude Month, Spinach Lovers and Sausage Month
National Popcorn Poppin' Month! 
Candy Corn  


  Tintin Activities

Tintin Wall Calendars are Coming - Pre-Order Yours Now!

Our shipment is due near the end of October - reserve yours now!

Great Gift for your Tintin fans.


October is shaping up to be busy - and November promises to be even busier! Hope to see you soon!

hanks for choosing to support the handmade, and for shopping small - it is the only reason we are able to be here!


Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts