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Issue: #47September 2014

So - Do you wear white after Labor Day?

Seattle presents us with a bit of a dilemma where this axiom is concerned: it can be as hot in September as it was in August, so you will still want to be cool in your summer clothes. Sometimes I get worried that I'm still looking too "summery" and my husband will ask me what I would wear if I lived in Florida or southern California. Good point. So I try not to worry, but those old rules are quite ingrained.

I see it with customers, too. We were brought up to not let a bra strap even begin to peek out from a sleeveless dress. Now the young girls have so many straps showing, who knows what is underwear and what is outer wear? I guess that's the point. They even have headbands that emulate bra straps! I think it's time we relaxed a bit!

Anyway, it is a time of transition, and we see it in the store. New Fall clothes have been arriving! We have received some of our Niche order with some great new fabrics and a Fall take on our popular LBD (little black dress) from summer. And some nice transitional tops and easy jackets to take us into Fall without loading up on the heavy fabric.

Our favorite Dunlap Weavers boucle scarves just arrived, as did a fresh order of Hardwear by Renee bags - so sleek and clean and current!

And Dar - what can I say? Ever magical, feminine, special and oh so yummy! I want one of every piece!

And look at these sweet Pocket Sprites! Some have rattles for baby, and all are looking for pockets to inhabit! Just born in Portland!





Tiger, giraffe, horse marionettes from Maine are completely made by one family who actually use wood from their own property.



Earrings made of precious metal clay (in bronze) by mother and daughter Seattle artists Tribal Art. The clay is formed and then fired at a high enough temperature that the organic material burns away, leaving the metal. Pretty cool, huh?

Hoops in sterling and copper are by Portland artist Ashley May, who received a Niche Award this year in the jewelry category.


Stop in soon to see all our new-for-Fall items!   


Upcoming Events

End of Summer White Sale
    To make room for all our new Fall clothing arriving, we want to tempt you with a bit of a sale on some of our current stock while it's still warm enough to wear it!


October 3 - 12 is American Craft Week

Kristin Ford Trunk Show!
November 8 & 9
The big day is Saturday, with the collection remaining through Sunday - mark your calendars now for this not-to-be-missed event!

Crackerjack is a new member of NearbyRegistry.com,
a great way for you to register your gift preferences locally, even if your "gifter" is not!

     And don't forget we are open
      every evening until 8 p.m.,
       Monday through Saturday,
from 11 to 5 on Sundays.


Things to Celebrate!


Sept 1- LABOR DAY - time to go back to school  
Sept 2 - National Blueberry Popsicle Day   
Sept 3 - National Welsh Rarebit Day 
Sept 4 - National Wildlife Day
               Newspaper Carrier Day               
Sept 5 - National Cheese Pizza Day 
               National Be Late for Something
Sept 6 - Coffee Ice Cream Day
               Read a Book Day - so many to choose
Sept 7 - National Acorn Squash Day  
               Neither Snow nor Rain Day                  

Sept 8 - National Hug Your Hound Day
Sept 9 - Wonderful Weirdos Day - okay, this is
                    weird - why isn't weirdos spelled
                    weirdoes?? And why, if the rule is
                    "I before E except after C", is weird
                     spelled the way it is? Just crazy!
               National Teddy Bear Day    
Teddy Bear

Sept 10 - Swap Ideas Day  
                 National TV Dinner Day -
                      remember? And TV tables? My
                      favorite was the turkey with
                      stuffing - mmmm! 

Sept 11 - Make Your Bed Day
                Hot Cross Bun Day   
Sept 12 - Chocolate Milkshake Day 
Sept 13 - National Kids Take Over the Kitchen
                 Bald is Beautiful Day    

Sept 14 - Cream Filled Donut Day
                 National Pet Memorial Day  
Sept 15 - National Felt Hat Day  - come see
                     some new beauties by local
                     milliner Ann de'Vuono 
Sept 16 - Mayflower Day
                 Stepfamily Day  

Sept 17 - Constitution & Citizenship Day
                 National Apple Dumpling Day

Sept 18 - National Cheeseburger Day                                                       
Sept 19 - Talk Like a Pirate Day


Sept 20 - National Punch Day
                 Big Whopper Liar Day
                 International Eat an Apple Day 
And my youngest sister Linda's Birthday!                     

Sept 21 -International Day of Peace
                National Pecan Cookie Day - yum!

Sept 22 - American Business Woman's Day  -
                      51% of professional workers in the
                      US are women!
                 Autumnal Equinox 4:44 pm EDT 
Sept 23 - Great American Pot Pie Day
                 National Checkers Day                                                   
Sept 24 - Punctuation Day
                  National Cherries Jubilee Day              

Sept 25 - Math Story-Telling Day  
                 National Comic Book Day - here's
                       our favorite!

Sept 26 - Johnny Appleseed Day 
                 National Pancake Day 

Sept 27 -
National Chocolate Milk Day 
                 National Corned Beef Hash Day 
Sept 28 - National Good Neighbor Day
                  National Strawberry Cream Pie Day

Sept 29 - National Coffee Day

Sept 30 - National Chewing Gum Day
                 Hot Mulled Cider Day

September is...
 Fall Hat Month, Piano and Classical Music Month, Self Improvement Month, and Honey Month!




  Tintin Activities

Tintin "Oscar" Statues!

Every Tintin fan needs one of these! Three colors to choose from and only $33.00!!


Come check out our White Sale, and transition smoothly!

hanks for choosing to support the handmade, and for shopping small - it is the only reason we are able to be here!


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