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Issue: #45July 2014

July is the month of The Fourth, of course, when we get to enjoy our flags and bunting and perhaps a reading of the Declaration of Independence.


In Seattle, July also marks the true beginning of summer, when we have to be vigilant about watering our plants, and the grass begins to turn yellow. The beautiful Spring flowers are now reduced to dried golden husks, ghosts of their former exuberance. Some days it seems the only things with any vigor are the weeds! I have certainly lost any vigor I had. It goes with the rising temperatures. I guess there is a reason I live here!

A new summer dress from Loco Lindo
Bolero Sweater from Feather, in back an easy breezy dress from FX, sewn on a vintage Singer machine by a young woman in Maine!

  Summer also brings out of town guests! How fun to show them our lovely city and favorite places. We feel honored that so many of you bring your visitors in to see us and to shop for special gifts and souvenirs to take home. And on the flip side, we sell a lot of things to be taken to far off places by our local customers. If it's important to you to find something made in Seattle, or the Northwest, let us know - we can direct you to the perfect choice. And we've expanded our Seattle selection - items depicting Seattle, favorite landmarks, our neighborhoods - in addition to so many items made right here!






And then there's the work by the other one hundred plus artists from around the country.....  


Upcoming Events


July 12 & 13

Customer Appreciation Weekend 
Bring in your postcard for additional savings on everything in the store!
Not on our mailing list? Come in and
register during the weekend to get your card and savings!

We've set the date for our Kristin Ford Trunk Show!
November 8 & 9
The big day is Saturday, with the collection remaining through Sunday - mark your calendars now for this not-to-be-missed event!

Kristin Ford Necklace with Amethyst Center
Crackerjack is a new member of NearbyRegistry.com,
a great way for you to register your gift preferences locally, even if your "gifter" is not!

     And don't forget we are open
      every evening until 8 p.m.,
       Monday through Saturday,
from 11 to 5 on Sundays.


Things to Celebrate!

Canadian Flag

July 1- Canada Day 
             Zip Code Day - do you know the extra 
                 4 digits for your home?

July 2 - Made in the USA Day - which is  
                 every day at Crackerjack!! 
July 3 - Compliment Your Mirror Day 
               Stay Out of the Sun Day

July 4 - Independence Day - Store Closed!
July 5 - Bikini Day 
               Phineas Barnum's Birthday, 1810    
July 6 - World Kiss Day
               Cherry Festival Day - Michigan 
July 7 - Chocolate Day
              Father-Daughter Tale a Walk Day

July 8 - First Public Reading of the
                      Declaration of Independence
               Math 2.0 Day
July 9 - Sugar Cookie Day                              

July 10 - Pina Colada Day  
                 Don't Step on a Bee Day 
                 Hot Dog Night

July 11 - Swimming Pool Day

July 12 - Customer Appreciation 
                        Weekend at 
              28th Anniversary Sale!  
July 13 - Customer Appreciation Weekend 
                 National French Fries Day 
                 Embrace Your Geekness Day 

July 14 - Bastille Day 

                 International Nude Day 

July 15 -Gummi Worm Day 
               Be a Dork Day - wow! Geeks and  
                     Dorks in one month!            
July 16 - Celebrate What You Want Day 

July 17 - Wrong Way Cardigan Day
                Yellow Pig Day
July 18 - International Nelson Mandela Day
                 National Caviar Day                                    
July 19 - Woodie Wagon Day

1952 Woodie Wagon

July 20 - National Lollipop Day 
                 Moon Day  
                 Space Exploration Day 
July 21 - Global Hug Your Kid Day 
                 Monkey Day 
Sock Monkey

July 22 - National Penuche Fudge Day 
                 Rat-Catcher's Day 
July 23 - Hot enough for 'Ya? Day
                 Gorgeous Grandma Day                                  
July 24 - Tell an Old Joke Day
                 Drive - In Movie Day

July 25 - Merry-Go-Round Day  
                 National Talk in an Elevator Day

July 26 - National Dance Day 
                  National Day of the Cowboy 

July 27 -
Auntie's Day 
                Walk on Stilts Day

July 28 - Hamburger Day
                 Beatrix Potter's Birthday
                 National Chocolate Day

July 29 - Rocket Day
                 National Chicken Wings Day
                 Lasagna Day

July 30 - Cheesecake Day
                  Father-in-Law Day
                  Paperback Book Day

July 31 - Uncommon Instruments Awareness
                 National Chili-Dog Day
                 Jump for Jelly Beans Day

July is National Grilling, Blueberries and Ice Cream Month, as well as Family Reunion Month!




  Tintin Activities



Have a Safe, Fun and Happy
           Fourth of July!!!

hanks for choosing to support the handmade, and for shopping small - it is the only reason we are able to be here!


Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts