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Issue: #43May 2014

     May, the true beginning of Spring in the Northwest, is the month we honor Mothers.

     It is also the Milestone Month for Crackerjack - this May 3rd is our 28th Anniversary! It's hard to believe that twenty-eight years have passed since that Saturday in 1986 when we opened our doors.

    And in all that time, our focus has not wavered; now, as then, we are committed to supporting the creativity of American artists and artisans. We currently showcase the work of over 200 artists, half of whom are local and regional. Over the years we have had associations with artists from France, Canada, Ireland, and Scandinavia, and Belgium supplies our Tintin department! It has been one of the pleasures of this business to meet and work with so many creative individuals, some in person, and others over the phone, and now, over the internet. And what a delight to finally meet in person someone with whom I've only worked long-distance.

     The second delight is our customers, those people - you!- who have chosen to shop with us because we are local, because we carry hand-crafted, amazingly unique merchandise, because we support American micro businesses, because we gift wrap, because we are helpful, because, because, because! And because you have shopped, we continue to exist for you, and are grateful for your patronage!

     And, I must say, we have the nicest customers, and the nicest vendors. Which is good, because life is too short to not be surrounded by nice people!

Our Mother's Day display, full of ideas for Mom!

New, Italian paper wrapped soap, from Honey House Naturals, in three scents!

And Hand-Marbled Silk Scarves

Lots of clothes to choose from....


And remember - Graduations are just around the corner! From Elementary School, to High School, to College, we all want to acknowledge both our students and their teachers with a thoughtful gift!

And for those University of Washington grads, look what Kristin Ford made - her Husky Collection! A very tasteful nod to alma mater pride!

Constructed from Amethyst and Citrine on Sterling or Gold Fill

Upcoming Events

June 20 - 22 - Extasia Trunk Show  Bigger and better than ever! Join us for an amazing selection of brand new pieces, new colorways, and some very special Extasia jewelry!

We've set the date for our Kristin Ford Trunk Show!
November 8 & 9
The big day is Saturday, with the collection remaining through Sunday - mark your calendars now for this not-to-be-missed event!
Crackerjack is a new member of NearbyRegistry.com,
a great way for you to register your gift preferences locally, even if your "gifter" is not!

     And don't forget we are open
      every evening until 8 p.m.,
       Monday through Saturday,
from 11 to 5 on Sundays.


Things to Celebrate!


May 1- Batman Day - my son loved Batman
                  when he was little (still does) so I
                  have a fondness for him as well,
                  and am always picking up Batman
                  paraphernalia for him
              May Day - it's traditional to give little
                  bouquets of flowers, often

May 2 - International Space Day

May 3 - Crackerjack's 28th Anniversary - we
                    opened on a Saturday in 1986 - a
                    lifetime ago!
May 4 -  Intergalactic Star Wars Day
May 5 - Cinco de Mayo
               Happy Birthday Judy from 4 Your
                    Eyes Only Optical across the hall!

May 6 - No Diet Day
               Nurses Day    
May 7 - School Nurse Day - I guess they
                     didn't get celebrated yesterday...
               Bike to School Day

May 8 - No Socks Day
               V.E. Day
May 9 - National Moscato Day
               Fintastic Friday: giving Sharks a

May 10 - Windmill Day
                 National Miniature Golf Day

May 11 -
      Mother's Day 
May 12 - Odometer Day               
                 Limerick Day 
May 13 - Frog Jumping Day

May 14 - Stars and Stripes Forever Day 
                 National Chicken Dance Day

May 15 - Nylon Stockings Day
                 Straw Hat Day          
May 16 - National Pizza Party Day


 May 17 - National Learn to Swim Day
                National Cherry Cobbler Day
May 18 - Neighbor Day
                 International Museum Day                                   
May 19 - Boys Club Day
                 Accounting Day
May 20 - Weights and Measures Day
                 Eliza Doolittle Day
May 21 - Victoria Day

                  I Need a Patch for That Day
May 22 - National Maritime Day
May 23 - National Taffy Day
                 World Turtle Day!                                 
May 24 - International Jazz Day
                 Morse Code Day
morse code

May 25 - Cookie Monster's Birthday 
                 National Tap Dancing Day

May 26 - Memorial Day
May 27 -
Cellophane Tape Day
May 28 - Sierra Club Day

May 29 - International Day of United
                      Nations Peacekeepers
                  Escalator Patented 1899

May 30 - Mint Julep Day
                 Hand-Cranked Ice Cream Freezer
                      Patented 1846 - thank goodness!

May 31 - Hug Your Cat Day
                What you Think Upon Grows Day

May is Gardening for Wildlife Month, Personal History Month  and Bike and Tennis Month!

Yellow Bird in Cherry Blossoms  



  Tintin Activities

Where's Snowy? Can you find him?

There he is! See?

Silly Snowy! He thinks he can hide in the flowers!

   A special Thank You for all the support over the past 28 years!
    Thanks for choosing to support the handmade, and for shopping small - it is the only reason we are able to be here!


Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts