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Issue: #40February 2014
Red is our favorite color for February!

  Valentine's Day is this month, and what a nice holiday it is! In the dark and cold of the winter is this heart-warming day filled with warm reds and pinks, flowers and lace. A hint of spring as the days almost imperceptibly begin to lengthen. A day set aside specifically to express love, friendship and admiration.

  Whatever your style of expression, we want to help! Of course we have a great selection of jewelry, beautiful cards and freshly made candy, but we also have just the perfect gift for that not-so-traditional recipient: luxurious scarves, pretty bowls, functional yet beautiful wood spoons and salad tongs - the list goes on and on. And for the guys, we have a few ideas, too - amazing knives from France and our Southwest, tie tacks, treats, finely finished wood boxes. We even have some Tintin mugs appropriate for the holiday!

  Come in and see, and fall in love with something! Scattered throughout the store look for our new "gifts to go", a selection of items in a box, beautifully presented, ready to go!

 Whatever your selection, we'll be happy to deck it out in a gift box and ribbons fit for your festivities!
Upcoming Events

    Watch this space for info on our events throughout the year - our Anniversary Sale in July, specials, and trunk shows, especially our Kristin Ford Trunk Show in late Oct. or early November. Dates will be announced as they are determined!

     And don't forget we are open
      every evening until 8 p.m.,
       Monday through Saturday,
from 11 to 5 on Sundays.

Things to Celebrate!


Feb. 1- Change your Password Day  
             Ice Cream fro Breakfast Day

Feb. 2 - Crepe Day
               Superbowl XLVIII - Go Hawks! 

Feb. 3 - National Carrot Cake Day 
               Elmo's Birthday 
Feb. 4 - Liberace Day - break out the sequins   
Feb. 5 - World Nutella Day 
               Western Monarch Butterfly Day 
Feb. 6 - Canadian Maple Syrup Day - I love
                 maple syrup - the real thing  - and
                 the candy made from it. My sister
                 likes Mrs. Butterworth. A client had
                 given her a big jug of real maple
                 syrup, so she shipped it to me!
                    What a nice sister I have!   

Feb.  7 - Wear Red for Women's Heart
                   Health Day - 10th Anniversary!
                     Raise awareness of the No. 1
                   killer of women, by wearing red,
                   and learn about the early warning
                   signs of stroke and heart attack.

               Maureen's Birthday - my sister! The
                   one who sent me the maple syrup!
               Ballet Day   
Feb. 8 - Opera Day - Ewa, at the store, also
                  volunteers fro Seattle Opera, and is
                  a big fan. So sometimes we listen
                  to opera in the store.
Feb. 9 - Read in the Bathtub Day
               Man Day 

Feb. 10 - Clean Out Your Computer Day -
                   boy, do I ever need to do that! I
                   never learned proper computer
                   housekeeping, so mine is a mess!

Feb. 11 - Get Out Your Guitar Day - now that
                  you've cleaned out your computer,
                  you can relax and play music!

Feb. 12 - Abraham Lincoln's Birthday

Feb. 13 - Get a Different Name Day  
                 Madly in Love with Me Day  
Feb. 14 - Valentine's Day

Candy Hearts

Feb. 15 - National Gumdrop Day 
                 Susan B. Anthony Day      
Feb. 16 - Innovation Day
                 National Almond Day
Feb. 17 - President's Day
Feb. 18 - Pluto Day

                 Cow Milked While Flying Day                
Feb. 19 - Chocolate Mint Day
                 International Tug-o-War Day

Feb. 20 - Love Your Pet Day
Feb. 21 - International Mother Tongue Day
Feb. 22 - George Washington's Birthday

Washington Map 
                 Open that Bottle Night
Feb. 23 - National Dog Biscuit Day       
Feb. 24 - World Bartender Day
                 National Cupcake Day in Canada
Feb. 25 - National Clam Chowder Day  -
                    white or red?

Feb. 26 - National Personal Chefs Day
                 For Pete's Sake Day
Feb. 27 - National Chili Day
                 International Polar Bear Day

Feb. 28 - Floral Design Day
                 National Tooth Fairy Day - we have
                    the cutest kit ever! 
Tooth Fairy Kit

February is African-American History Month and American Heart Month 



  Tintin Activities

     Show your love with an I Love ...Mug! We have Haddock, too. I know we all have our favorite characters! Show them you love them!

     We have a few calendars left, and they're now 30% off! A couple agendas remain, too, and are also on sale. Don't delay, there are still 11 months left!

Get yours today!
 Happy Valentine's Day!

      What a wonderful excuse to express love and appreciation!

      Thank you for supporting the handmade, for shopping local, and for being such valued customers!

All the Best,

Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts