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Issue: #39January 2014

  I actually really like January. Not only is it my birthday month (we all acknowledge that we have birthday months, not just days, right?), but it is the beginning of the year, full of hope and promise. The time for New Year's Resolutions.
   This year we will lose those extra pounds, exercise more, get organized. I start to crave plastic storage bins, shelves of books that are grouped by subject, shoes and purses in full view, neatly placed on shelves or on hooks.
   I always say my Capricorn self gets itchy, ready to go and organize. But somehow there is not enough time, or when there is time, not the inclination. I have tried to learn in the last few years, to savor small victories - one shelf in the cupboard, one drawer. I have a tendency to think "big project", but now realize we seldom have the opportunity. I put blinders on, give myself a limited time, say 45 minutes, and tackle one thing. I don't look over the whole project, just focus on that little piece of it.
   And it's amazing what you can get done in that small amount of time! And how much pleasure I can get from opening the cupboard door to savor one organized shelf, or let my gaze rest upon one area in the garden.
    January is a great time to get yourself organized!

    A new calendar - see our Tintin wall calendars and agendas, the fun Naos desk calendars you can re-arrange each month, or one featuring local artist Diana Aurigemmas's watercolors - is a must.
    A handmade album to hold your precious photos from last year, a new journal pretty enough to encourage you to write, or record your plants in the garden, your passwords, is a great choice, and we have some beauties to choose from.

   Maybe you need to change how you're storing your jewelry. We have several options, from various sizes of wood boxes, to racks for the wall or dresser.

   Small steps, little victories!
Upcoming Events

    Watch this space for info on our events throughout the year - our Anniversary Sale in July, specials, and trunk shows, especially our Kristin Ford Trunk Show in late Oct. or early November. Dates will be announced as they are determined!

     And don't forget we are open
      every evening until 8 p.m.,
       Monday through Saturday,
     and from 11 to 5 on Sundays.

Things to Celebrate!


Jan. 1- New Year's Day  
             Polar Bear Plunge

Jan. 2 - National Science Fiction Day
               National Buffet Day   

Jan. 3 - National Chocolate Covered Cherry 
               Drinking Straw Day       
Jan. 4 - Trivia Day 
               National Spaghetti Day
Jan. 5 - Bird Day 
               National Whipped Cream Day 
Jan. 6 - Blue Monday - First Monday of the 
                    Year that is not New Year's Day  
               Three Kings Day 

Jan.  7 - National Tempura Day
               Typewriter patented 1829 - stop by
                   the store to see our vintage model
                   Underwood No. 5 in our "Get
                   Organized" Display

Jan. 8 - Argyle Day - gotta love it!

               Bubble Bath Day  - sounds relaxing!      
Jan. 9 - Balloon Ascension Day
               National Static Electricity Day 

Jan. 10 - League of Nations Day

Jan. 11 - Learn Your Name in Morse Code

Jan. 12 - No Pants Subway Ride Day
Jan. 13 - Make Your Dreams Come True Day
                 Rubber Duckie Day
As visiting Sydney!

                 National Clean Off Your Desk Day                                                     
Jan. 14 - International Kite Day
                 Dress up Your Pet Day
Jan. 15 - Humanitarian Day     
Jan. 16 - Appreciate a Dragon Day
                 Get to Know Your Customers Day
Jan. 17 - Cable Car Day
                Hot Heads Chili Day

Jan. 18 - Polar Bear Swim Day 
                 Pooh (as in Winnie-the-) Day
                 Thesaurus Day                 
Jan. 19 - Popcorn Day
                Tin Can Day

Jan. 20 - National Sangria Day
                 Underdog Day
Jan. 21 - Martin Luther King Day Observed
                 Penguin Awareness Day
Jan. 22 - Answer Your Cat's Questions Day -
                     I think if you're hearing your cat
                     asking questions, you need to do
                     something other than answer
                     them - like call your doctor!                
Jan. 23 - National Pie Day - my paternal
                     grandmother lived with us when
                     I was little, and she would make
                     pies quite often. She was really
                     fast, and would always save the
                     dough scraps for my sisters and
                     I to make little jam tarts.  It
                     seems a bit of a lost art!

Pie Crust
Jan. 24 - National Compliment Day
                 National Peanut Butter Day
                 Yours Truly's Birthday Celebration
                     Day - my birthday is way too
                     close to Christmas, and right
                     when we are doing inventory. So
                     several years ago I decided to
                     hold any celebration three weeks
                     later. I highly recommend this -
                     by then, I am ready to go out to
                     dinner, and celebrate!  

Jan. 25 - Macintosh Computer Day - the
                     Mac was introduced to the world
                     in an ad during the Super Bowl
                     in 1984 - thirty years ago!

MacPlus Computer

Jan. 26 - National Peanut Brittle Day
Jan. 27 - Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Jan. 28 - National Kazoo Day 
Jan. 29 - Curmudgeons Day
                 National Puzzle Day 
Jan. 30 - Inane Answering Message Day

Jan. 31 - Chinese New Year
                Inspire Your heart with Art Day


January is  
Get Organized Month, 
Get a Balanced Life Month, 
and International Creativity Month!   



  Tintin Activities
          The new 2014 Calendar is in! And we have both pocket size and desk size agendas. The theme this year is weather - everything from snow to rain to what appears to be a hurricane!

Get yours today!
    Happy New Year!

      Thank you for supporting the handmade, for shopping local, and for being such valued customers!

All the Best,

Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts