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Issue: #37November 2013

November is especially busy this year - Hannukah begins on the 27th, the day before Thanksgiving. 

Then Thanksgiving -

     And then it's Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. By then we're into December!

     And we're ready for it all!

  We've been receiving shipments daily: lots of new artists, new items from your favorites, and the store is getting full to bursting!

  New this year is 11 Olives, a local olive oil and balsamic vinegar producer whose Raspberry Chocolate Balsamic we offered during our Kristin Ford event, sampled on pound cake - yummy! Their Espresso Balsamic I've tried as a glaze on grilled chicken, their lavender infused olive oil is made with Sequim lavender, and for those who can't decide, we have the four mini bottle gift box.

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   Another new culinary item is Forte Chocolate's Gusto bars. This is a chocolate that's great to eat, but the creator, Karen, also wants to encourage people to experiment with using it in their cooking.
   One of my favorites is the White Chocolate with Lemon and Pepper. I want to try it melted and drizzled over cooked asparagus, but somehow it doesn't last long enough in my house to go buy the asparagus!

    We have Bacon Chocolate and Rosemary Sea Salt White Chocolate, too, as well as your other favorites - wine candies, chocolate truffles, and huckleberry creams - lots of great gifts for the gourmands on your list, and perfect hostess gifts!


 We had a fantastic time hosting Kristin Ford a few weeks ago! Thank you so much to all who joined us!
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Ready for the big day.

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Kristin chatting with a customer!

How to choose?

And a drawing, too!

Don't forget, we always have a nice selection of Kristin's work on hand, and we're happy to work with you on special orders.
Upcoming Events

Shop Small Logo
Small Business Saturday - Nov. 30

    Register * your American Express Card to receive a statement credit when you shop with a small business on Small Business Saturday.

    Show your support for the local, small businesses that make our communities unique (like Crackerjack!).  

     * registration begins Nov. 24th                              
Things to Celebrate!

Nov. 1- National Authors' Day
              Prime Meridian Day

Nov 2 - International Game Day   

Nov 3 - Jellyfish Day
              Cliche Day
              Daylight Savings Time Ends

Nov 4 - Use Your Common Sense Day
Nov 5 - National Donut Day
              Guy Fawkes Day 
Nov 6 - Saxophone Day  
              National Nachos Day 

Nov  7 - National Men Make Dinner Day -
                      will someone please tell my


               National Bittersweet Chocolate with
                     Almonds Day 
Nov 8 - Cook Something Bold & Pungent
               X-Ray Day  - it's fun to say! 
Nov 9 - Berlin Wall Opened, 1989

Nov 10 - Area Code Day
                Sesame Street Day

Nov 11 - Veteran's Day

                Origami Day

Nov 12 - National Young Reader's Day
Nov 13 - World Kindness Day                                                      
Nov 14 - National American Teddy Bear Day
                International Girls Day
Nov 15 - I Love to Write Day
                America Recycles Day     
Nov 16 - National Button Day
Nov 17 - Homemade Bread Day - mmm,
                   warm from the oven, with butter!

Nov 18 - Mickey Mouse Day - do you
                   remember the Mickey Mouse
                   Club on TV? My younger sister
                   Marianne knew which day was
                   Round-Up Day, and she'd be all
                   ready to watch the show in her
                   cowgirl outfit. If it was a regular
                   day, she'd be ready, too, with her
                   red skirt, white top and mouse
                   ears - a real participant!

Nov 19 - Rocky & Bullwinkle Day - another
                     old show!

Nov 20 - National Peanut Butter Fudge Day
                 Universal Children's Day
Nov 21 - World Hello Day
                Great American Smokeout - okay,
                       all you smokers - here's your
                       challenge - and you can do it!!

Nov 22 - Humane Society Anniversary
Nov 23 - Dr. Who Day 
                 National Adoption Day    
Nov 24 - Celebrate your Unique Talent Day  
Nov 25 - Blase Day - don't be blase - there's
                    only a month 'til Christmas, and
                    Hannukah begins in two days -
Nov 26 - National Flossing Day                  
Nov 27 - National Day of Listening

                 Hanukkah Begins


Nov 28 -

Thanksgiving Day




Nov 29 - Black Friday - so called because 
                     that's about when retailers begin
                     to get out of the red for the

Nov 30 -
Small Business Saturday  
                 Shop Small Logo      



  Tintin Activities
              It's getting colder, Tintin!
                    Time for your overcoat.

    The Northwest Art Alliance, which produces the Best of the Northwest Art and Fine Craft shows here in Seattle, celebrated their 25th Annual Fall Show in 2013!
     To help with the celebration, Crackerjack provided these treats for the first 100 patrons through the doors Saturday morning
of each show.

     Didn't they turn out cute?

     I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, which is upon us yet again!

      Thank you for supporting the handmade, for shopping local, and for being such valued customers!

All the Best,

Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts