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Issue: #35September 2013


   Inspired by the County Fair, this display features the bounty and traditional crafts of the American Farm - fruits and vegetables, crochet, jams and candles, woodworking, and that County Fair indulgence - saltwater taffy!

    September always brings a mix of feelings for me. Left over from childhood is the sense of new beginnings - a new teacher, a new school year, perhaps even a new school! A mix of anticipation and dread.
     Would I like the new teacher, how much homework would I have, would this teacher be a "Hard Marker"? The end of long summer days, the closure of the pools, the screens came down and the storm windows went up.
     A transition. I don't do that well. As much as I love the different seasons, I mourn the passing of the old to the new. Right about now, when you begin to sense fall even in the warmest days, I go through my clothes, wanting to wear certain items just one more time, and fretting over those I neglected to wear enough during the summer. And while I love my boots, my toes are so happy in sandals, my nails painted a bright red.

     But I will transition, I will wear my boots, and tights, and fall in love all over again with my fall and winter clothes.

     And I will keep my toenails painted a bright red just for me!



 New Seattle Tea Towels by Trilby Hainstock - a great gift for a departing guest, the friend who moved away, or to spruce up your own kitchen! Accompanied by Cyn Moore's necklaces in a variety of Seattle neighborhoods, as well as cities around the world, and a photo by Doug Tostenson and fun little buttons of our favorite city!   

It's that time again!

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Upcoming Events

Kristin Ford Trunk Show - Sat. Nov.2
                    and Sunday Nov. 3

   Mark your calendars now for this not to be missed event! Kristin will be here only on Saturday, but the collection will remain through Sunday.
   This is your opportunity - once each year! - to hobnob with one of Seattle's most well-loved jewelry artists.
   Those who are Kristin Ford fans, know what I'm talking about when I say that you will be almost overwhelmed by the quantity and variety of the collection she brings. All her newest designs as well as a multitude of one-of-a-kind pieces!

KF Blue Topaz and Peridot Necklace

Things to Celebrate!

Sept 1- National No Rhyme Nor Reason
              Calendar Adjustment Day

Sept 2 - Labor Day   

Sept 3 - Skyscraper Day

Tostenson Print
    A photo print by Doug T. in the store and online 

Sept 4 -Newspaper Carrier Day
Sept 5 - Be Late For Something Day
               Babe Ruth Hit 1st Home Run 
Sept 6 - Read a Book Day  
               Pilgrims Set Sail From Plymouth 

Pilgrim Ship  

Sept  7 - Salami Day
                Neither Rain nor Shine Day 
Sept 8 - International Drive Your
                   Studebaker Day
               International Literacy Day 
Sept 9 - Teddy Bear Day
Teddy Bear

Sept 10 - National Swap Ideas Day

Sept 11 - Patriot Day
                National Day of Service and

Sept 12 - Video Games Day
Sept 13 - International Chocolate Day
                 National Peanut Day
Sept 14 - National Kreme-Filled Donut Day
Sept 15 - Felt Hat Day
                 International Dot Day     
Sept 16 - Collect Rocks Day
                 Mayflower Day
Sept 17 - Citizenship Day
                 Time's Up Day   
Alarm  Clock

Sept 18 - National Cheeseburger Day
                Hug a Greeting Card Writer Day

Sept 19 -  Talk Like a Pirate Day 
Sept 20 - National Student Day
                  National Punch Day
Sept 21 - Boys and Girls club for Kids Day
                 World Gratitude Day

Sept 22 - Dear Diary Day
                  Elephant Appreciation Day
Sept 23 - Native American Day 
                 Innergize Day    
Sept 24 - Punctuation Day !@,?&."#;
                 National Cherries Jubilee Day 
Sept 25 - Math Story Telling Day    
Sept 26 - Johnny Appleseed Day
                  Shamu the Whale Day 
Shamu the Whale

Sept 27 -  Ancestor Appreciation Day
                  World Tourism Day


Sept 28 - Fish Tank Floor-Show Night  

                 International Lace Day 

Sept 29 - National Coffee Day - this is every
                      day in Seattle!
Sept 30 - National Hot Mulled Cider Day
                 Flintstones Premiered, 1960                                    
September is Be Kind to Writers and Editors Month, Fall Hat Month and Coupon Month! (look for ours in the Chinook Book!)     



  Tintin Activities
              What has Tinitn discovered?

Tintin with Basil

Mushrooms in the basil??

    Enjoy this month of transition, fall clothes, pretty leaves and back-to-school!
             And, as always, thank you for supporting the handmade!

Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts