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Issue: #34August 2013

   Ah, August! The height of summer in Seattle. This is the month where you might have the opportunity to sit outside in the darkness of evening with a few candles, or twinkling lights and enjoy a drink or glass of wine without being cold!
   We Seattleites live all year for this! Of course, it doesn't stop us from complaining that it's too hot during the day, and that we have to water our gardens (forget the lawn - it's a lost cause!) at least once a day. And there are many who sigh with relief when we get a bit of rain and it's overcast - it's our comfort level, after all!
   In the store we see an up-tick in the number of people looking for wedding gifts, and pretty dresses and hats. We actually sell a lot of our Maralyce rainwear - perfect for traveling!
Cape Back Coat

- and fun fabric purses, which are lighter than leather, and pack easily.
   Summer is also when we get to meet our customers' guests, who are looking for gifts to take home, both for the person feeding the cat and for themselves. We always can suggest just the perfect thing, and wrap it as well!
Seattle Items

Our Current Zents Favorite 
for Everyone!

SAVE 20% off Body Oil when you buy the Lotion! We'll even give you 30 days to come back and save - just ask for the coupon!

   These two Zents products work wonderfully well when mixed together in the palm of your hand, being 3 times more hydrating and lasting 5 times longer! 
Just pat out some lotion in the palm of your hand, spritz on some oil, pat to combine and luxuriate in the most moisturized, non-greasy, healthy-looking skin you can imagine!

   Perfect for summer, and 10 scents to choose from! You deserve to look and feel Zentsational! 

  Have you joined our Birthday Club? We'll send you a gift during your birthday month, and a surprise when you come into the store. Next time you visit us, ask to be signed up!

Upcoming Events

Tuesday August 6 -   5:30 to 8:00
Night Out
  Wallingford Center celebrates National night Out!
  Join us on the Northwest Plaza
as we host an evening of fun and entertainment for our neighbors!
   Participate in a drum circle for kids of all ages with drums and other instruments provided by Jamtown and create sidewalk chalk art. And the wonderful Cheese Wizards food truck will be on-site!

Kristin Ford Trunk Show - Sat. Nov.2
                    and Sunday Nov. 3

   Mark your calendars now for this not to be missed event! Kristin will be here only on Saturday, but the collection will remain through Sunday.

KF Blue Topaz and Peridot Necklace

Things to Celebrate!

Aug 1- Spiderman Day
             WWW Day
Aug 2 - International Beer Day    

Aug 3 - Watermelon Day
              National Mustard Day

Aug 4 -National Chocolate Chip Day
             President Obama's Birthday
             Friendship Day

Aug 5 - National Oyster Day 

              National Underwear Day

Aug 6 - National Fresh Breath Day
              National Night Out - see below what
                      Wallingford Center is doing to
Night Out 

Aug  7 - Lighthouse Day 
Aug 8 - Sneak some Zucchini Onto Your
                      Neighbor's Porch Night  
Aug 9 - Worldwide Art Day

Aug 10 - S'Mores Day

                Smithsonian Day

Aug 11 - Play in the Sand Day

Aug 12 - International Youth Day
                Vinyl Record Day

Aug 13 - International Left-Handers Day                                                    
Aug 14 - National Navajo Code Talkers Day
                VJ Day

Aug 15 - Best Friends Day
                National Relaxation Day     

Aug 16 - Hug Your Boss Day
                National Airborne Day - and I don't
                    think they are referring to the
                    cold remedy!
Aug 17 - International Geocaching Day
                Meaning of "Is" Day   

Aug 18 - Serendipity Day
                World Daffodil Day - funny, you'd
                      think it would be in the Spring

Aug 19 - Black Cow - Root Beer Float Day
                Cupcake Day - and we know where
                      to get a good cupcake! 
Aug 20 - National Radio Day
Aug 21 - Poet's Day
                Senior Citizen's Day

Aug 22 - Be An Angel Day
                 National Tooth Fairy Day - we
                     have a beautiful Tooth Fairy Kit -
                     great baby or new parents gift!
Tooth Fairy Kit  
Aug 23 - National Sponge Cake Day 
                 Valentino Day    
Aug 24 - Pluto Demoted Day
                 National Waffle Day 
Aug 25 - International Bat Night   
                Kiss and make Up Day
Kissing Dolls

Aug 26 - National Dog Day
                 Susan B. Anthony Day 

Aug 27 -  Slow Art Day
                 The Duchess Who Wasn't Day


Aug 28 - Race Your Mouse Around the Icons


                 Dream Day 

                 Crackers Over the Keyboard Day                   
Aug 29 - National Whiskey Sour Day
                 According to Hoyle Day
Aug 30 - National Toasted Marshmallow
Aug 31 - Love Litigating Lawyers Day           
August is American Artists  Appreciation Month!     



  Tintin Activities
Snowy! Now where is he?

Tintin in Grass

There he is!

Snowy in Grass       
    Enjoy the height of Summer
             as always, thank you for supporting the handmade!

Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts