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Issue: #31May 2013

This Sunday is Mother's Day!
ow do you tell your mom thanks for all she's done for you over the years? Of course, she did what she did out of love, because she wanted to, so does it require thanks? Can we ever know the depth of love, the amount of sacrifice? How do you let her know how much you love her, even though perhaps you gave her a rough time when you were young, or moved clear across the country, not understanding, in your excitement about your own life, how you were breaking her heart? Is there a child or a mother alive who doesn't feel guilt to one degree or another, and faces this question periodically?
How nice that we have a special day, just for Mom, and for all mothers. It's different from her birthday, which is hers alone. Mothers Day celebrates all mothers, and often includes the aunts, special teachers, big sisters, mentors, who have been "like" moms - guiding us, coaxing us, loving us. On Mothers Day, each of these women feels a part of a big club, celebrated and honored for all those little things that often go unnoticed, but are the stock in trade of motherhood.

This year, we have a
Mother's Day Special

Buy a copy of the brand new Crave Seattle book, and receive 20% off a Mother's Day Special Package of a Zents Body Oil and Lotion in your choice of fragrance! That's a $14.00 savings!

These two Zents products work wonderfully well when mixed together in the palm of your hand, being 3 times more hydrating and lasting 5 times longer! And in May, Zents is donating 5% of the sale of these two products to the David Lynch Foundation.

Mom will enjoy perusing the Crave Seattle book to plan her next shopping trip or spa treatment - it's "...the ultimate guide to women-owned businesses in Seattle, featuring more than 100 entrepreneurs..." As an added bonus, there are discounts and savings for over 60 of the businesses at the back of the book, including one for 20% off at Crackerjack!

We have been receiving lots of exciting new clothing, jewelry, scarves, glass, you name it, just in time for Mother's Day and the first graduations. And don't forget to appreciate those teachers for their dedication!

Caron Miller Gloves  


  Have you joined our Birthday Club? We'll send you a gift during your birthday month, and a surprise when you come into the store. Next time you visit us, ask to be signed up!

Upcoming Events

Extasia Trunk Show - May 24 to 29 
   Come in to choose from a selection of
new designs and old favorites in new colors. We never know what Stephanie will send, but it's always something wonderful!

Extasia Azure Necklace

27th Anniversary Sale - July
 It's our 27th Year and what better way to celebrate with you than to offer you some great savings!

Kristin Ford Trunk Show - Sat. Nov.2
   Mark your calendars now for this not to be missed event!

KF Blue Topaz and Peridot Necklace

Things to Celebrate!

May 1- Batman Day
Batman Logo

May 2 - Roberts Rules of Order Day

May 3 - Crackerjack's 27th Anniversary!!

May 4 - Kentucky Derby Day - need a hat?
                    We have some amazing hats by
                    Ann De Vuono - perfect!

May 5 - Cinco de Mayo
              Judy's Birthday

May 6 - No Diet Day


May 7 - Accountants' Day 
               National Teachers' Day

May 8 - No Socks Day

May 9 - Lost Sock Memorial Day - see, if you
                    don't wear your socks, they are
                    lost forever!

Solemate Socks

May 10 - Windmill Day
                 Clean your Room Day

May 11 - Eat What You Want Day - I guess
                        that's reaffirming No Diet Day!

May 12 - Hug Your Cat Day
                 Limerick Day

May 13 - Frog Jumping Day
                 Tulip Day    
May 14 - National Chicken Dance Day 
                 Stars and Stripes Forever Day         
May 15 - Straw Hat Day


                Nylon Stockings Day - I'm afraid
                     I'm showing my age when I use
                     the term stockings rather than
                     pantyhose. Another woman said
                     something about stockings the
                     other day, and I was so glad!

May 16 - National Sea Monkey Day  
                 Biographer's Day

May 17 - World Telecommunications Day  
                 National Cherry Cobbler Day

May 18 - Rooster Day

                 International Museum Day

May 19 - Boy's Club Day 
                 Neighbor Day

May 20 - Weights and Measures Day
                 Eliza Doolittle Day
May 21 - I Need a Patch for That Day
                 Victoria Day 
May 22 - National Maritime Day 
                 Buy a Musical Instrument Day 

May 23 - National Taffy Day 
                    - try our Spokandy Taffy, 3 for
                               30 cents - such a deal!   
May 24 - International Tiara Day - need
                    your own tiara or crown? We
                   have some beautiful woven wire
                   crowns embellished with pearls
                   and gemstones, each a unique
                   work of art by Barrie D'Angelo 

May 25 - Cookie Monster's Birthday

May 26 - National Blueberry Cheesecake
                      Day - now that sounds good!

May 27 - Cellophane Tape Day     

               Scotch Tape  
May 28 - Sierra Club Day

May 29 - Escalator Patented 1899
                 International Day of United
                      Nations Peacekeepers 
May 30 - Hand Cranked Ice Cream Freezer
                      Patented, 1846             
  Banana Split
May 31 - What You Think Upon Grows Day    


  Tintin Activities

     Last month saw Tintin out in the garden...

Tintin w/ Moss 
What does Tintin see?

Tintin Mushrooms  
I hope you have a wonderful celebration of mothers this Mother's Day!

And, as always, thank you for supporting the handmade.

Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts