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Issue: #49March 2013

  March is the month for beginning to see  

Tintin w/ Primroses
The sun was out on Monday, so Tintin decided to see if anything was blooming. And it was! Faithful primroses emerge where there was nothing!

And the store is beginning to show signs of Spring:

Vintage-inspired Dresses by Loco Lindo in California,

Spring Purses
New Purses by Dana Herbert, of Portland,

and Glass in a sunny window!
Ornaments and plate by Seattle artist Susanna Prince, martini and beer ornaments by Bellingham artist Kristi Thorndike-Kent, vases by Henrietta Glass.    

Upcoming Events

March 8 - 17  End of Winter Sale- 
      Snag a great buy on Fall and Winter clothing, coats, scarves, hats and more, while it's still cold enough to wear them!
MF cape - red

March 23 & 24-
Spring 2013 BNW
     Stop by and say "hi" to those artists you recognize from Crackerjack! And look for me, too - I'll be around. One admission gets you in for both
     days, and you can park all day for only $5! 

March 30, Saturday - Wallingford Center's  Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

March 31 Easter Sunday -  
          Store is CLOSED -
                    have a Happy Easter!

April 13 - Book Signing!
Andrea Savar,  local jewelry designer, has just published her first novel and we want to help her celebrate by hosting a book signing and a day of pampering for you!        
Andrea's Book
     We'll be showing you how to use Zents products to improve the appearance of your hands, sampling some goodies, and introducing some blank books by the artist who did the art for Andrea's book cover. With beautiful hands, a new book to read, and some treats, you may be inspired to do some writing of your own!
Things to Celebrate!

March 1- National Peanut Lovers Day  



 March 2 - Dr. Seuss Day

       Cat in the Hat  
March 3 - Daughters' and Sons' Day 

March  4 - It Are National Grammar Day
        Toy Soldiers Day

March  5 - Unique Names Day  
March 6 - Oreo Cookie Day

March  7 - Name Tag Day
                    National Be Heard Day

March 8 - Day for Women's Rights and
                           International Peace
                   Girls Write Now Day
                   National Proofreading Day

March 9 - Panic Day - Oh No!!
                 Barbie Day - mine looked like this!
Barbie Doll

March 10 - Land Line Telephone Day
                     Daylight Savings Time Begins

March 11 - Fill Our Staplers Day - I'd think
                          the office supply stores
                          would be all over this one!
                    Dream 2013 Day

March 12 -  Girl Scout Birthday Day

March 13 - Ken Day - hey Barbie.....

Ken Doll

March 14 - Pi Day
March 15 - True Confessions Day
                    Ides of March
March 16 - National Quilting Day
                    International Sports Car Racing

March 17 - St. Patrick's Day - remember,
                     everyone's Irish on St. Pat's Day -
                     Erin go Braugh! And we have
                     new Irish Bells to celebrate - I'll
                     put a pic on Facebook!

March 18 - Awkward Moments Day
                    National Biodiesel Day

March 19 - National Chocolate Caramel Day

March 20 - Won't You Be My Neighbor Day

March 21 - National Common Courtesy Day
March 22 - As Young As You Feel Day
                     International Day of the Seal
March 23 - Corn Dog Day
                     National Puppy Day - awww...

March 24 - Palm Sunday
                     National Chocolate Covered
                             Raisins Day

March 25 - Passover
                     Pecan Day - I love pecan pie!

March 26 - Legal Assistants Day
                     Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

March 27 - Quirky Country Music Song
                          Titles Day
March 28 - Barnum & Bailey Day

March 29 - Good Friday
                     National Mom & Pop Business
                          Owners' Day

March 30 - Doctor's Day
                     Pencil Day

March 31 -

jelly beans


  Meditative Zents

   Oolong is the Featured Zents scent for March!  
                                  Zent Oolong Group


Silence broken only by the delicate
     whisper of the cherry blossoms, 
     imparting ancient truths.
An elegant cup clasped gently in your hand,
     gracefully raised as the tea ceremony

You are present. Life's many blessings,
     like warm liquid, pour into your soul.


    Receive a Gift with your Purchase of $49. or more of Zents products! 
    A sweet little organza bag holds travel sized Sun shower and hand wash and Ore lotion as well as sample  vials of three scents for you to layer and combine! 


Happy spring, happy Easter!

Watch for the little surprises in the garden as new life burgeons forth, embrace the sun when it's out, tap into your creativity and come in to Crackerjack to share and appreciate others' creations!

And, as always, thank you for supporting the handmade!

Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts