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Issue: # 46
November 2012

Tintin 2013 Calendars are Here!
Can you guess this year's theme?


Thanks for Voting for Us! 
Best of Western Wa 
We placed 9th out of 146 Gift Shops! 
That's pretty good, and a lot of Wallingford businesses did well too! So thanks for your votes! 
I think Wallingford has some great small businesses, and if you haven't been to Wallingford in a while, Small Business Saturday would be a great excuse to explore, and shop and earn your American Express credit!  
Some photos from our Kristin Ford Event! 
A happy customer, Mary Pat, and Kristin
Part of set up for Kristin Ford Event
Almost ready - a selection of necklaces - so many!
Jane & Shirley, ready for the big day!
Colleen & Pat, two of Kristin's most ardent fans!
 Watch in the Spring for the date of our 2013 Kristin Ford Event - don't miss it!

    To keep up with what's brand new and fresh, Like us on Facebook. We often post photos of what's come in during the week, or new stock of old favorites. Find out first when new Extasia or Kristin Ford or Andrea Savar jewelry arrives. Let us know what you'd like to find out through Facebook!

Thinking About Family Christmas Photos?

Green Sweater w/ Snowmen
We have some adorable Hand Knit Baby sweaters!  

Each month we feature 
a different Zents scent.
In November we are featuring Earth.

Earth Zents Group


Thousands of years give life

to this one pristine moment.

Cool, unyielding stones decorate

this sacred space, adorned by nature's

fragrant curtains. Gossamer strands of light 

illuminate the clearing, reinventing your soul.


Come in and experiment with our testers to determine if Earth is
favorite Zents scent!

And check the bottom of this email for a coupon to save on this month's scent. 
Upcoming Events

Small Business Saturday Logo


Shop Small Logo

More of the money you spend with small businesses stays in your local communities because
you are supporting people who live in your local communities, not in another area or overseas. 

Shop at Crackerjack to receive a gift with purchase, and check out other offers from

Don't forget to register your American Express card after 
Nov. 18 to receive a statement credit when you purchase something at a small business with that card on Sat. the 24th!  
Sounds like Win-Win to me! 

Sat. December 1 - 
            French Christmas Market

    We are participating as a vendor at the Annual Marche de Noel put on by Alliance Francaise of Seattle and held at The Good Shepherd Center. Come by from 10 to 4 and enjoy song, stories, shopping, even a visit from Father Christmas! See here for details - click on Dec.1st.
Christmas Tree
Things to Celebrate

Nov 1 - Prime Meridian Day  
              National Men Make Dinner Day

Nov 2 - Cookie Monster Day  

Nov 3 -
Cliche Day
                Sadie Hawkins Day
                              Sadie Hawkins

Nov 4 - Use Your Common Sense Day                   
Nov 5 - National Donut Day 

Nov 6 - Election Day!

7 - National Bittersweet Chocolate  
                        With Almonds Day

Nov 8 - Cook Something Bold & Pungent


Nov  9 - Domino Day

Nov 10 -
National Day of Play
                  Sesame Street Day   
Nov 11 -
  Veterans Day
                  Origami Day

Nov 12 - Veterans Day Observed

Nov 13 - National Young Readers Day                                           
Nov 14 -
  International Girls Day
                 National American Teddy Bear Day

Nov 15 - I Love to Write Day
                  Great American Smokeout - do it!

Nov 16 - International Day for Tolerance


Nov 17 -
Homemade Bread Day 

Nov 18 - Mickey Mouse Day
                  Push Button Phone Day      
Nov 19 - Rocky & Bullwinkle Day                   
Nov 20 - National Peanut Butter Fudge
Nov 21 - World Hello Day       

Nov 22 -

Nov 23 - Dr. Who Day                                       
Nov 24 - Small Business Saturday - see
                          above for details! 

Nov 25 - Blase Day
                    (30 Shopping Days 'til Christmas)
                              - so don't be too blase!

Nov 26 -
Cyber Monday - have you checked
                         our website lately???        

Nov 27 - National Day of Listening


Nov 28 - Twenty-seven Shopping Days 'til   




Nov 29 - Electronic Greetings Day 


Nov 30 - Computer Security Day

Doing Business with People You Know

     November is the month of Thanksgiving, the first harbinger of "The Holidays" when our weather definitely becomes winter-like and we begin craving hot drinks, roast meat, squash and cozy clothes!
     For many of us November brings that last chance to get our holiday shopping done early. Years ago I would shop throughout the year, and spend Thanksgiving wrapping. Some of our customers do just that. But most, me included now, are just starting to think about it when - Wham! - it's Thanksgiving Day! 
    This year marks the third Small Business Saturday, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, created by American Express and catching on everywhere! It's a way to support your local small businesses on a day when it's being tracked, so it's sort of like voting with your dollars. The small businesses you support are the businesses that make each community unique and distinct. The dollars you spend with them stay in the neighborhood and support others living in your community. 
    I was talking recently to one of our artists, who was apologizing for needing to cancel an appointment due to her bad back. She'd been flat on her back for two weeks, in pain, going to physical therapy, etc. I told her not to worry - just get better. And she thanked me for being so understanding. Her thanks sort of took me aback! And I realized that this is one of the things I love about Crackerjack - we are dealing with real people, individuals, not big corporations. Sure, some of our artists have quite a few employees, and big studios. But so many really are a one or two person operation. They are struggling to make a living, put food on the table, send kids to college. They are dedicated to their craft, their art. We matter to them, and they matter to us. 
     Only today I received an email from Four Seasons, creators of Silver Seasons jewelry and Table Art home accessories. They are up and running after Sandy, but still without computers in the office. Here is a picture of some staff sitting outside in the cold to get orders out. They are outside because they were without electricity, so no lights! No power either, so the temperature was the same inside or out. 
4 Seasons Crew

This is a pile of damaged product boxes - they lost about 80% of them!
4 Seasons boxes 
     Crackerjack is very proud to support artists working in this economy, to keep our American crafts traditions alive, and to present a quality selection to you.

     And you, supporters of the handmade, should be proud, because you matter to all of us.

So thank you, thank you! 


Happy Thanksgiving!    
I hope you enjoy a restful day and can contemplate the blessings in your life. You are a blessing in mine, as is Crackerjack - and I am truly grateful! 

Thank you, thank you! 

Kathleen Koch
Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts

with this coupon 
The November Featured Scent
           is Earth!
Save 10% on your entire purchase of any Zents product in the featured scent!
Offer Expires: Nov.30, 2012