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August 2012
A Message from the Executive Director


This has been one of the best summers I can remember here at Riverbend. Summer is what I would usually describe as a "long season" because we are so busy with camp from mid-June to Labor Day and the days are long for most of the staff. The transition September inevitably brings is generally welcomed but this year I find myself really appreciating every last bit of the season and feeling slightly nostalgic before it is officially over.


The children have enjoyed huge doses of fresh air, sunshine, outdoor exploration, learning about nature and fun. It is gratifying to hear that this is the favorite camp for so many children and I guess it is because Riverbend offers kids something unique yet necessary for their health and well-being. It is equally gratifying to have enthusiastic parents express their sincere appreciation of their child's experience, recognizing they have found a special place to nurture their child's love of nature.


Our thanks to the families who have made Riverbend a part of a wonderful summer and we look forward to seeing everyone 'Round the Bend all year long.


All the best,

Laurie Bachman
Save the Date for Shiverfest on Saturday, October 13th, 4 to 9:00 pmshivcat

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Riverbend's annual Halloween-themed event has become a local don't miss occasion for community families and it keeps getting better each year. Children delight in the array of activities scattered throughout our uniquely engaging site, with something new to discover every year. Kids of all ages enjoy the fascinating animal shows, nature-themed pumpkin decorating, campfire and legendary storytelling. Our younger visitors arrive in their costumes and love the moon bounce, face-painting and trick or treat trail while the older children look forward to the haunted trails and campfire stories.
Shiverfest is not only a great family occasion but Riverbend's largest fundraising event of the year. Want to get more involved? Learn how to become a Shiverfest Sponsor today! 
Our Outreach Education Program Has a New Face 

We are so excited to be welcoming Jennifer Jones to our Riverbend Staff this August. Jen will be the Program Director of our Philadelphia CAN (Children Access Nature) program, an environmental literacy model that integrates hands-on, experiential learning in nature with classroom learning in an urban environment.  


Jen comes to us from Minnesota where she spent the past year as a graduate assistant on a Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) project with the University of Minnesota. During her fellowship she taught early childhood educators how to incorporate science into their classrooms and provided assistance in facilitating lesson plans. She has a Master of Science in Natural Resource Science Management from the University of Minnesota and a Bachelor of Arts in Human Ecology with a concentration in education. We look forward to the work she accomplishes with our outreach programs as they grow and develop in the upcoming years.     

The Value of a Field Trip 


Big yellow school buses are a common sight at Riverbend from April to November. They bring groups of children for nature and science field trips. Just the phrase "field trip" makes most students excited about a day outside of school. However, a day out of the classroom does not equal a day without learning. "Field trips provide students with a window to the real world that they don't get in the classroom, and they can help students understand real-world applications of seemingly abstract topics in math and science," says Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers. Several research studies have shown that students retain more knowledge through the type of experience-based learning that field trips provide when compared to traditional classroom learning.


Riverbend field trips are designed to provide hands-on learning experiences that address the state academic standards and enrich the science curriculum, but the thing that the students like best is that they are a lot of FUN! Riverbend will even bring a field trip to the schoolyard, or local park, think field trip minus the big yellow bus.

Whether it is a field trip to Riverbend, or to a different location, encourage your children's school to take field trips. These real-world experiences could spark an interest in your child that will last a lifetime.
Volunteer Highlight  

What would we do without our volunteers? Maintaining a 30 acre property is a huge task, and we couldn't do it without the many individuals and groups that work with us each year. 


This summer we organized a weekly volunteer program for teens, who worked together on our 30-acre property.  In addition to having fun, we accomplished a variety of projects:  planting, weeding, mulching, clearing trails, cutting invasive vines, watering our gardens and the saplings in our reforestation area, and clearing sections of our property for our new meadow project.


Thanks to the following teens that participated:  Matt Bronstein, Spencer Cook, Graham Cuddy, Alex Herriott, Chris Lasprogata, Jesse O'Driscoll, Elijah Peake, Tommy Prim, Jessica Rosen, Ben Rowe, Lauren Rush, Melissa Rush, Chris Verdeur, Bruno Vogrig, Matt Williamson, and Ben Ynocencio. We really appreciate your help!


 Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Jeanne Angell, at if you are interested in volunteering.

Summer Habitat Intern  

Thanks to grant funding from Constellation, Riverbend benefited from a summer Habitat Intern to help manage our 30 acre site. Tom Andresen, an incoming senior at Wilkes University who will graduate next spring with an Environmental Engineering degree, provided the necessary skills, ability and attitude to maintain and improve our property. "Tom was great to work with; always cheerful, hard-working and strong." said Volunteer Coordinator, Jeanne Angell. "His main responsibilities were to look after the gardens surrounding the Snider Barn, including the Alex Williamson Bird Observation Area, and to keep our newly planted trees and plants watered." We thank Tom for his contributions to Riverbend and wish him well in his ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship.  
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Wish List
We appreciate every donation we receive at Riverbend. Our offices and garden equipment always could use a TLC. Help us by donating in-kind gifts from our wish list!

 Office chairs
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Behind the 'Bend  
To prepare for our 2012 Summer Campers, the camp counselors took part in a week long training workshop learning leadership and teamwork skills.
Here they are all tied up in one of our skill exercises.
Upcoming Family Programs
2012 offers some exciting programs that the whole family can enjoy. Check out some of our upcoming ones below!

Celebration of the Worldwide Day of Play 

Saturday, September 22nd

Play is so important to child, and adults to, so help us to celebrate the Worldwide Day of Play!  Bring your family out to Riverbend for some good old-fashion natural play.  From rolling down hills to building forts in the woods to stomping in the stream, be prepared for tons of fun. 
$15/ family

Saturday, October 13th

Full Moon Night Hike: Family Fun Night
Saturday, October 27th
Bring your family out for an evening of natural fun.  Join us as we learn about the phases of the moon and hike Riverbend's trails under the light of the almost full moon.  The hike will be followed by a campfire and roasting marshmallows.
$15/ family

Please pre-register for these programs by contacting  
or 610-527-5234 X106.
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Eco-Message and Activity

Summer Transitions 

Have you already noticed the slight relief from the scorching summer heat? Once again, it is that lovely transitional time of year between seasons. The summer is not quite over but our mornings greet us with a slight nip in the air. We are not the only species of animal that is noticing this transition. Continue Reading...  


How do honey bees communicate to each other that they have found a delicious flower or your child's favorite strawberry yogurt? They communicate by dancing! When a scout bee finds a delicious food source that is far away (over 300 ft) they return to the hive and dance in a figure eight. If the food source is close by (less than 300 ft) they simply spin around in a circle. Have some fun with your kids by spreading food (real or pretend) around your yard and send your "little scout bees" out to find it all. When they have discovered the food source they should return to you and do the appropriate dance to indicate its location. Before you know it they will be buzzing and giggling up a storm! Click for more fun  

 "Whilst August yet wears her golden crown, Ripening fields lush- bright with promise; Summer waxes long, then wanes, quietly passing. Her fading green glory on to riotous Autumn."
Michelle L. Thieme, August's Crown