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Riverbend Environmental Education Center teaches environmental principles to children in Southeastern Pennsylvania through a direct connection with nature, inspiring respect for our natural world and action as aware, responsible and caring citizens.

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Many thanks to our Philadelphia Children Access Nature (P-CAN) Program!

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Around the 'Bend Quarterly Newsletter
December 2010

A Note from the Executive Director

Last Friday, I was lucky enough to spend some "quality time" with the second graders at the Anna Blakiston Day School with the goal of seeing our new program, Philadelphia Children Access Nature (P-CAN), in action. For those unfamiliar, it is our newest and most comprehensive environmental education program serving children in low-income, urban communities. After more than a year of planning, curriculum development, and fundraising, we are now beginning a three-year commitment to roll-out a K through grade 5 program that integrates classroom learning with hands-on, experiential learning in nature. The program is robust and ambitious as it includes not only enrichment for the students, with two field trips annually, but comprehensive professional development for teachers, family science nights, and community service learning projects for a more powerful and connected learning experience.

The water cycle was the lesson of the day, including some pretty advanced vocabulary for second graders - evaporation, condensation, precipitation not to mention run-off and percolation! They had a hard time pronouncing some of the words, but they learned the concepts through story-telling: "Drip the Drop Travels the Water Cycle;" a song incorporating the words of the day along with hand motions to the tune of "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain;" and making terrariums so they will be able to observe the movement of water over time as well as water's role in helping seeds turn into grass. These hands-on activities make learning more memorable and science less intimidating. And, oh yeah, they are fun!

This is just the beginning for P-CAN, but we are off to a great start...I can tell by the smiles on children's faces, the curiosity expressed in their questions, the hugs goodbye for Miss Sammi, and the question 'when are you coming back?' 

As we start new and exciting initiatives, we look forward to a brand new year...and we wish you and yours the best for a happy and healthy 2011!
Laurie Bachman
Executive Director
Summer Exploration Camp: 
It's Just Around the 'Bend!

Winter may have just begun, but here at Riverbend we are busy planning for Summer Exploration Camp 2011!  Along with some of the same great offerings we provided campers with last year, Riverbend has some new tricks up its sleeve for '11.camp2010

Riverbend is offering some exciting special weeks this summer, including Wilderness Survival Camp and Nature Picassos Art Camp for ages 7-11, as well as Environmental Stewards Camp and Sustainability Camp for ages 11-14. Each week focuses on a different nature theme, from animal adaptations during "Creature Features" week to butterflies, millipedes, and more during "It's a Bugs World" week. With weekly programs for ages 4-14, you are sure to find the perfect opportunity for your child(ren).

Riverbend strives to make life easier for busy parents by offering 11 weeks of summer camp (weekly sessions begin June 13th and end September 2nd) and an extended-day option (drop-off as early as 8:00 a.m. and pick-up as late as 6:00 p.m.).  To learn more about Riverbend's Summer Exploration Camp, just visit our camp page.  Registration has already begun, and spaces fill up fast, so make sure to sign up early to get your camper's desired week(s)!

It's Not Too Late to Make a Gift!

Many thanks to those of you who have made contributions to Riverbend this year...your generosity is very much appreciated.

If you have not made a year-end gift to Riverbend yet and would like to, there is still time.  These gifts make it possible for Riverbend to continue planting the seeds of awareness, responsibility, and caring by providing children a direct connection to nature. 

Thank you for considering a year-end gift to Riverbend.  To make an online donation, visit the donation page of our website.

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