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March 29, 2012


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Jamulians Against the Casino

Community Meeting

Wednesday April 18th

Jamul Primary School - Multi Use Room




JIV Environmental Evaluation Public Meeting

Tuesday April 5th

Cottonwood Golf Course


Court Reporter will be present to take your comments.

JAC will post more information as we receive it.


Past JAC Alerts can be found in our Archive: http://archive. constantcontact.com/fs025/1102073656829/archive/1109641323552.html


Respones from the Jamul/Dulzura Planning Group to the tribe's last EIR's. They can be found here:



The current "EE" addresses some of the issues but does not show the issues need any mitigation.
Links to the Draft "EE" can be found here: www.jacjamul.com right column under JIV proposal. (large files, may take time to load)


Caltrans has yet to produce their Traffic Study. The tribe hired Kimley-Horn and Associates for the traffic portion of the EE. The traffic study Appendix 10 can be found on the website www.jacjamul.com. The study is 801 pages long but still does not address the danger of Highway 94.



QUESTIONS Still Remain!!!!!


Where will the tribe get the money to build?

Where did they get the money to hire Summit Project Management and MJE Marketing?

Where did the tribe get the money to pay for the "Environmental Evaluation"?

Where will the tribe get the money to pay Lakes Entertainment back?

When will Caltrans present their "Environmental Review" of ingress and egress?

Has the Catholic Diocese been notified their landlocked cemetary will now have casino in front of it?

Rancho Jamul Estates. The tribe is tapped in before their neighborhood.  Will Otay Water put in more pumps to keep up the pressure? Who is going to pay for it?

SDG&E. Now that the substation is not going to be built on the Simpsons property, where will the tribe get enough power? Will Jamul experience brown and black outs because of the drain?


The past environmental reviews failed. What makes the tribe, let alone another developer and financier,

think this one will pass?




Send in those letters in opposition!


Please copy the Jamul/Dulzura Planning Group, Senator Feinstein, Duncan HunterBrian Jones, and Dianne Jacob on all communication to the tribe.


Please register and Post them for your friends and neighbors in the forum at:






Amicus Brief


The Supreme Court of the United States granted a oral arguements hearing on the case Salazar v. Patchak. Patchak, a homeowner in the State of Michigan filed a lawsuit against the Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, stating that a tribe that was not a federally recognized tribe in 1934, does not have the right to take land into trust and "A PRIVATE CITIZEN HAS A RIGHT TO OBTAIN JUDICIAL REVIEW OF FEE-TO-TRUST CONVERSIONS IN HIS OR HER NEIGHBORHOOD".


JAC was contacted by Cheryl Schmidt of Stand Up for California in January 2012 to join in an Amicus Brief to be read into the oral arguements. 28 community groups in California were added to the brief. It's time the Supreme Court enforce their decision on Carcieri v. Salazar.


No Casino! Not Now! Not Ever!


The fight is not over!
Community Meeting April 18th 7:00pm
Jamul Primary Multi-Use Room


Please send your donations for our community legal fund to:
P.O. Box 1317
Jamul CA 91935



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Please send your donations for the JAC legal fund.  



PO Box 1317

Jamul CA 91935


Write to your local government officials at the links in the left column. Or go to the website at www.jacjamul.com and click on the Contact your Government Officials tab.

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