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NACCHO Releases New Accreditation & QI Resources 
for Local Health Departments 


QI Roadmap


NACCHO's Accreditation & QI Team is pleased to announce the official launch of the Roadmap to a Culture of Quality Improvement (QI Roadmap) Website. With input from local health department (LHD) practitioners and extensive review of the literature, this resource was developed to provide LHDs with guidance on progressing through six phases or levels of QI maturity until a culture of quality can be reached and sustained. For each phase, the Roadmap presents common organizational characteristics, strategies, and supplemental resources for transitioning to the next phase. The QI Roadmap also describes six foundational elements of a QI culture that LHDs should cultivate over time. Whether a novice or advanced in QI, any LHD can adapt the QI Roadmap as a guide to understanding the current state and identifying next steps for advancing toward a QI culture. Explore the website or download a PDF version of the QI Roadmap. NACCHO will be continuously populating the website with more resources so please check back frequently. Contact Pooja Verma at 202.507.4206 or for more information.  


Documentation Selection Tools


NACCHO is also pleased to release a new set of tools called the Documentation Selection Tools. These tools are designed to facilitate the process of accreditation preparation in local health departments. There are several tools available that highlight connections between measures that appear across different PHAB domains, simplify the preparation of major documents required by PHAB, and drive efficiencies in assigning and organizing the documentation collection process.

Several tools are currently available:
  • Selecting Programmatic Documentation Documentation
  • Programmatic Documentation Matrix
  • PHAB Prerequisites
  • Workforce Requirements
  • Project Public Health Ready (PPHR) Overlap
  • More! 
Please note that NACCHO recommends these tools be used in conjunction with PHAB's tools and resources. Although the Documentation Selection Tools largely use language verbatim from PHAB's Standards and Measures Version 1.0, PHAB's documents must be considered the official resources for all PHAB procedures and requirements. Some measures require more than one piece of documentation - always consult the Standards and Measures before submitting documentation
If you have questions about the Documentation Selection Tools or would like more information, contact Lowrie Ward at