DAI engineering has spent the last eighteen months developing its next generation, high performance DS/SC core material for high end foundry applications. The group is scheduled to complete the balance of its major development work in December. Roll out of the new core material to the market will commence in Q1 of 2014. The goal of this new material is to improve core stability in the most severe foundry casting conditions. Testing on some of the final compositions has shown dramatic improvement in core stability at temperatures as high as 1580C (2876F). Our technical group projects that the final material will exceed the initial performance targets that had been set. Sag performance will be improved by more than 50% over DAI’s current best DS/SC formulation.


DAI Ceramics is pleased to offer Rapid Prototype Ceramic Cores as a compliment to our overall production core capabilities. With our vendor they have been developing additive manufacturing techniques for ceramic core making applications for over four years. They can typically provide cores already assembled in 3D printed wax, Voxeljet™ or QuickCast™ patterns for ease of use and mold assembly.

With this ability we offer our customers the opportunity to choose multiple core designs prior to cutting tools, perform casting metallurgical processes and present prototype cored castings to their customers in the shortest possible time. We can supply cores and cored patterns in as little as 3 weeks without the need for tooling or machining.

In addition we also have a vendor for rapid prototype machined aluminum core tooling that can be made in as little as 3 weeks depending on size and complexity. So with that we have a couple of alternatives to supply customers with rapid prototype cores. Call or email today for more information.


DAI is proud to announce the hiring of Walter Zukowski. Walt comes to DAI with over 30 years of industrial engineering and management experience. During that time Walt has served in various capacities including; Senior Pilot Plant Engineer, Process Development Group Leader, and Senior Engineer for Process Development. Walt's broad experience base along with his strong organization and leadership skills will make him a valuable asset for DAI and its customers.

In May of this year DAI brought on board Jyoti Chakravarty, to serve as Senior Process / Product Engineer. Jyoti comes to DAI with over 30 years of materials science experience, many of which have been spent at companies specializing in ceramic component manufacturing for various applications and industries. With his formal training in metallurgy and materials science and engineering, as well as his practical hands on experience Jyoti has proven to be a good addition to our already strong engineering team. He brings a fresh approach and viewpoint to some of the technical issues we face as a business. Jyoti's initial area of responsibility has been new material and process development. One of his main areas of focus has been on the development of DAI's next generation DS/SC core material.


DAI has been serving the investment casting industry since 1986. Our experienced staff stands ready to help with any of your ceramic core needs.

For a quote mail, email or fax your requirements for preformed ceramic or extruded cores. Or better yet you can go to our website and click on the RFQ icon to send a quote. The next time you are in the area you are invited to stop by and tour our facility or you can also take a virtual tour of DAI on our website.