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Threaded Ceramic Extrusions
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Winter 2010                                                                      March 2010
2009 was a challenging year for DAI Ceramics, Inc. as it was for most companies, but by working closely with our customers and vendors we came out a stronger company and are ready to build on our successes for 2010.  We hope we can be of service to you and your company in the weeks and months ahead.
Threaded Ceramic Extrusions
Threaded Cores 4
Last year we made some improvements and upgrades to our threaded extrusion process.  We added a new threading machine and had one of our first machines rebuilt.  With that we now have three threading machines in house that can produce tens of thousands of threaded parts per week or a couple hundred pieces depending on your needs.  If you have a requirement for a thread in a casting let DAI help.  We can tailor a core to meet your exact requirement and can make up some samples for evaluation without any special tooling.  Give us a call to learn more on how a threaded ceramic core can reduce the cost of putting a thread in a casting.
Investment in Automated Optical Inspection Technology   

Over the next quarter, DAI will be procuring and implementing new state of the art optical measuring equipment in its extruded core business unit.  The new equipment will be primarily used to inspect threaded cores manufactured for medical applications, but it is also capable of inspecting other forms of ceramic cores and materials as well.  The new equipment is accurate to +/- 0.0002" and can measure and record multiple dimensional characteristics simultaneously in less than one second.  The addition of this equipment will help DAI improve measurement accuracy and repeatability, as well as allow for more thorough real time statistical process control.

Updates for 2010 

Process Engineer added to Engineering Group

DAI is proud to announce the hiring of its newest Process Engineer, Jerry Hillier.  Jerry comes to DAI with over eight years of aerospace industry experience.  His background includes both process and product engineering experience related to the manufacture of ceramic core materials and core manufacturing processes. His knowledge of Six Sigma methodologies will be an invaluable asset to DAI to help reduce process and product variation and help drive down the cost of manufacturing.  Jerry also brings with him significant core tooling knowledge.  DAI's engineering group currently employs three full time process engineers and is led by our Engineering Manager Bill Sypniewski.
More About DAI 
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We have been serving the investment casting industry since 1986.  Our experienced staff stands ready to help with any of your ceramic core needs.
You can mail, fax or email your requirements for preformed ceramic or extruded cores.  The next time you are in the area you are invited to stop by and tour our facility and see first hand how we can help your company.  You can also take a virtual tour of DAI on our website.
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