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Making a Better Life for Children in Tobacco-Growing Communities
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Article in Tobacco Journal International 

The ECLT Foundation's work to progressively eliminate child labour was featured in Tobacco Journal International in their article Tackling Child Labour in Tobacco. The piece shows how the foundation is working with members and partners around the world to tackle the root causes of child labour in tobacco-growing communities.
Today at the ECLT Foundation
Global Progress to End Child Labour
Good Practices for Eliminating Child Labour in Agriculture

Drawing from key performance indicators and the direct knowledge of our partners working on-site in our project countries, the ECLT Foundation has published a Good Practices Manual. The new manual compiles 10 types of interventions, such as vocational training and social mapping, that have been proven to help reduce child labour. The good practices were determined based on their effectiveness, stakeholder engagement, and sustainability.

The manual can serve as a tool for governments, civil society, and international organisations and as a resource for the private sector in addressing child labour in supply chains. It can also build knowledge about the issue of child labour and solutions to address it.

As our projects go on, look for more good practices from the ECLT Foundation in fighting child labour.

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News from the Field
Free Supplies Help Keep Kids in School in Mozambique

One of the key elements of the ECLT Foundation's REACT project is to make sure that education is accessible to children in Angonia and Macanga Districts, which are major tobacco-growing areas in Mozambique.

As part of our efforts to keep kids in school, 350 children received free kits filled with supplies needed to excel academically. The kits also sparked conversation in the communities about creative ways to engage students and raise awareness about the importance of education.

Since the ECLT Foundation's work began in this country in 2013, the project has seen a significant increase in school attendance in 11 out of 12 schools targeted-in some cases up to 30%.

The school kits were made possible through special funding support to the ECLT Foundation by the Global Tobacco Networking Forum and Women in Tobacco donations.

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Message from the Executive Director
ECLT Foundation Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan 2016-2022


Over the past four years, I have witnessed the growth in depth and breadth of the ECLT Foundation's work, and our impact has been steady and strategic. The new ECLT Foundation Strategic Plan 2016-2022 provides a concrete roadmap to guide our work to significantly reduce child labour in tobacco growing over the next seven years.

The ECLT Foundation's new mission and vision are far-reaching, engaging people and institutions invested in progressively ending child labour and making a better life in tobacco-growing communities. With the talent and commitment of the ECLT Foundation team, our implementing partners, and our Board Members and Advisors, this new plan will help us continue making a difference in the lives of children in tobacco-growing communities.

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