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Making a Better Life for Children in Tobacco-Growing Communities
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Broad Commitment Against Child Labour in Uganda

At a national pre-conference workshop convened by the Government of Uganda, the ECLT Foundation joined representatives from all stakeholder groups in sharing good practices and sustainable approaches towards addressing child labour in agriculture.
Children from districts where the ECLT Foundation's REALISE project is working participated in the workshop, which was titled "Quality Education and Skills Development: A Sustainable Way of Eliminating Child Labour in Agriculture."
Today at the ECLT Foundation
Global Progress to End Child Labour
AU Spotlight on Rights, Education & Gender Equality

ECLT Foundation staff attended the 26th African Union Assembly, focusing on human rights, gender and education. There, heads of State adopted the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA 2016-2025). The strategy is a comprehensive framework for education and training in Africa, in line with objective 4 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Young adults "want to be educated and skilled, so that they can become the engine and the drivers of our renaissance and transformation," said Commission Chairperson Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini. He joined leaders from across the AU in committing to put a priority on quality education, giving young adults the skills to succeed and working toward gender equality.
News from the Field

Guatemala Teleschool Offers Classes Via Television

The new National Teleschool Institute in Guatemala offers classes via television so that children and teens in communities without secondary schools. 

The ECLT Foundation, through our partner DNI Costa Rica, plans to offer vocational training for youth through the teleschool, further adding to the opportunities available to children and youth. 

As part of the Education and Employability for Adolescent Workers in Agriculture Project, the ECLT Foundation has been working since 2013 to improve access to education for children in communities, including San Josť la Maquina. 
Message from the Executive Director
Two Largest ECLT Foundation Projects Conclude


Since 2011, the ECLT Foundation has led field projects in Malawi and Tanzania, where rates of child labour are among the highest in the world. Now, the Child Labour Elimination Actions for Real Change (CLEAR) and Promoting Sustainable Practices to Eradicate Child Labour in Tobacco (PROSPER) projects are coming to an end, and we are reflecting on the progress that has been achieved. 

Over the five years, the ECLT Foundation has worked directly with implementing partners on the ground, national governments, tobacco companies and communities themselves. It is through engagement like this that the CLEAR and PROSPER projects have enabled children in labour to be identified, get counseling, and take advantage of education opportunities.

The ECLT Foundation thanks the communities and partners who have made stories like this possible. 

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